His family is a martial artist, and he is also very clear about this matter.

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If he is allowed to stay in Laoshan, he is reluctant to part with his family, and he will be taught by others. If he can’t do something, he will feel uneasy.
In this way, you can not leave your hometown, but also live up to the beauty of your legacy.
Naturally, there is no reluctance
Lingqing is going to go home and pack a piece of land, and at the same time improve the druid’s ability and earn some money to practice on his own.
Building a Taoist temple is just changing the original plan to build a hospital, which is very difficult.
When also should come.
"arranged by senior brother"
Zhu Guang and Sun Yuling also should come in succession.
Tian Ying turned to look at Tian Yong. She also studied nature and didn’t get distracted for too long.
Tian Yong nodded to her and said to the Taoist Ling, "We are brothers and sisters."
Road flyover spirit heard replied with a smile
"You are supposed to have achieved at least seven teacher younger brothers in fairyland practice. Every teacher younger brother is full of branches and leaves.
But after all, I also got halal in Laoshan, and I must not lose my face.
Therefore, let these five younger brothers establish the legal system of respecting others and respecting me.
If you want, Brother Yu can either stay in Laoshan or join the five-seat sub-view, or travel around the world to promote the majesty and clear name of Laoshan.
Stay until later, or you can find a way out of it or achieve a fairy tale, and then you can spread your branches and set up another view.
Still hope you teacher younger brother don’t take offense. "
Everyone naturally thinks that Bai Lingqing and others have won the fairy practice.
Although there is no 100% saying, you can achieve something if you practice step by step.
And you have to practice self-study in the fairyland, but you are missing a point.
It’s ok to set up a secular sect, but it’s a bit reluctant to set up a Taoist vein.
Why don’t you stop thinking about yourself first and then figure him out?
Afterwards, according to Taoist Ling Qing, Li Li, Tian Ying and others, they need to set up another Taoist temple in different places, and choose talents to spread their branches and leaves.
He also promised to send someone to help you with the corresponding procedures.
After all, he has a deal with the Secret Service before he bian borrow it.
In this way, it is also convenient for everyone to help each other and help each other to regain the prestige of Laoshan Mountain.
Chapter ninety-five Willingness to Contract
In addition to the six of them, others have chosen to stay in Laoshan, such as Han Fu and teilen.

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