Then the five people drew the boundary line of the area in charge of each other, and formally stipulated that the border resources would be discussed by the two forces, and the resources in charge of the area would belong to the monks in charge of the area

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Except for individual cultivation resources, for example, a medium-sized Lingshi mine appears in the area under the responsibility of a certain power, so this medium-sized Lingshi mine must be taken out and shared by all forces. Whoever discovers it first or the area under the responsibility of that power can get more shares, and it must never be swallowed up by a large power because a large power is short of roots, and even several large forces can’t eat it. The large forces of the whole terran will participate in the cross-division.
Of course, these are the first rules. If you have something to hide, you can really pick it silently.
Ling chose to expand the island. There are a lot of islands in the north. When the Ling family and the Yan family divided the boundary, it was still quite atmospheric. It was required that the island should be responsible for Cang Li Ling’s three thousand miles to the south and Cangfeng Yan’s to the south.
After the division, several Yuan Ying bodhi old zu left in succession, leaving Cang Li Ling’s Cang Feng Yanshi.
Just a few days after the end of the five-person meeting, family representatives of family alliance members have also gathered at the headquarters of Baigui Island.
Because Cang Li Ling’s Cangfeng Yanshi deliberately concealed the roots of each family and didn’t know that this map was actually divided into two parts. When the whole family alliance expanded the island, the root didn’t consider the issue of choosing the side.
After half a day, hundreds of families in the family alliance have already determined that their families want to expand the islands, but even so, there are still many islands without monks to expand.
When expanding, it doesn’t mean that the more islands there are, the better. If you want to truly expand the islands in the east, it will take at least a hundred years for Rio Tinto to do it. When the larger islands are born for hundreds of years, it will be a thousand years. When the families of the expansion company concentrate on one island, they will expand at most one pedestal island near the island.
Instead of occupying the island everywhere, it will lead to the dispersion of the people. Once the demon family monster beast strikes, it will be easily overthrown by the demon family.
It is the best choice to expand an island monster. Even if hundreds of families choose to expand the island, there are still many islands that no one wants to expand, and many good islands are built.
Seeing this, Yan Wenyuan looked at Ling Yuansheng with a sigh and said, "There are still too few families in the alliance to form a line of defense."
Family alliance, each family’s expansion of the island is actually to build a direction. Cang Liling’s Cangfeng Yanshi is the largest node of the defense line, and each medium-sized family is the second-level node and the last-time node of each Zhuji family.
However, the chain of ten thousand islands is too big, and the sea area that the family alliance is responsible for is too big. It is still difficult for hundreds of families to form a line of defense by choosing islands.
Smell speech Ling Yuansheng said, "There are also strong people in Sanxiu and good people in Xianmen. We can release news that Fantuo Island will be returned to the people."
Such a big temptation is bound to have a lot of scattered cultivation of immortals, and the lack of manpower will be solved. "
Yan Wenyuan laughed when he heard this. "Ling Daoyou is really good at taking advantage of them over there."
Soon, Cang Li Ling’s Cangfeng Yanshi announced that the northern part of the Fanwan Islands chain was owned by individuals in the name of family alliance.
Once the news came out in just half a year, it caused a great sensation, and many scattered repairs rushed to the northern section of the Wanshi Islands chain to join the extension team.
And those who are interested in Rio Xianmen are also secretly preparing.
However, after the news was released by the Ling family, the three forces, namely, Xiuyimen, Fumozong and Xianxia Sect, also released the same news successively, so that all the Xianmen families will be owned by the Godsworn who expanded the island in the northern section of the Wan Islands chain.
A large number of monks from the Sanxiu Xianmen family flowed into the northern section of the Wan Islands chain, which caused a short-term surge in the number of monks in the northern section and then extended to the west with enough personnel.
The method of five large-scale forces in the northern part of the chain of ten thousand islands soon attracted the attention of the forces such as the true Xuanzong Ziyunzong, which did not appear as the five large-scale forces in the northern part for a long time
True Xuanzong, these fairy gates are too long and profound. There are many people in the gates and there are many forces directly attached to them. Even if the forces such as the true Xuanzong Ziyunzong are too busy, they can still get some benefits from those who are attached to their own power contracts. There is no need to learn from the five large forces in the northern section to recruit monks from the scattered forces to expand.
However, these forces are also very aware that it is also very important for the group to refine those first-and second-order symbols and sell them to whom? Without those scattered practices, the source of materials would be fixed, and it would be difficult to spread them widely, which is an important link in the cultivation of immortals.
The true Xuanzong and other forces don’t have to do scattered repairs, but it will be better to enter their own expansion area with scattered repairs. Therefore, after seeing a large number of scattered repairs and influence monks entering the northern section of the Wandao chain, he was worried that it would affect the southern extension of the northern section, so he issued the same order, but the true Xuanzong and other forces made some changes to the order because they had to take care of their own interests and attach themselves to their own interests.
That is, after the expansion, 30% of the island resources will be handed over to the individuals responsible for the large forces in the region to obtain 70% of the island resources. Of course, the islands will also be owned by individuals.
After the news was released, the monks in the middle section and the south section still passed away. The forces such as Zhen Xuanzong knew that this could not be done, and they continued to go to the retreat, and a large number of people passed away, so they found five large forces in the north section to discuss.
Five large forces in the northern section are in urgent need of scattered repairs to help the war, while in the middle section and the southern section, it is hoped that scattered repairs will not pass away and it is best to increase slightly. The two are in conflict, but who is the true Xuanzong and other forces? The five major forces in the northern section have made concessions
In the end, Zhen Xuanzong and other forces changed the order to expand the islands in the south section of the middle section of the Fanwan archipelago chain, and 30% of the islands expanded by the individual forces were owned by the large forces responsible for the region.
The five major forces in the northern section issued the same order, but they did not realize the restriction in the order, that is, they checked and accepted the island’s resources at one time to determine how many lingshi to add, and then collected 30% of the value at one time to expand the island’s alcoholic personal power.
After the release of the two orders, it really blocked the flow trend of Sanxiu’s body to the north. After all, the southern part of the middle section is the true Xuanzong and other powerful forces. Compared with the five new large-scale forces in the north section, the southern part of the middle section is suspected to be more secure. All the more careful people chose to go to the southern part of the middle section to explore with the hands of the true Xuanzong, Ziyunzong and Riyuezong.
But the cultivators are greedy. They are eager for more cultivation resources. They are willing to take risks. There are many scattered practices in the northern part of the chain of ten thousand islands.
Cang Li Ling’s family is also actively preparing for westward extension.
On the other side, Ling Youdao arrived at the branch of Ling’s family in the northern ice field and met his daughter Ling Renyao. It was only a few decades ago that she turned out to be a monk in the later period of then and became one of the strongest people in the northern ice field.
After decades of development, the strength of this branch of the northern ice field of Cangli Lingshi has also soared. Now there are more than a dozen monks in the foundation period alone, and even two monks in the late foundation period.
This branch is not the strongest strength of the northern ice sheet, but it is definitely a force that can rank numbers.
Wu Ling Renyao looked at Ling Youdao and asked, "Father, why did you suddenly come to the northern ice sheet?"
Ling Youdao hasn’t been to the northern ice sheet since he left for decades, and now it’s expect the unexpected’s arrival. Ling Renyao is very confused in his heart.
Ling Youdao laughed. "Forget about me. How are you? Is the family like this? "
Hearing this, Ling Renyao smiled. "My daughter has already done this. What does my father think of my daughter?"
Ling Youdao couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. "Yes, this is my daughter."
Laughing, Ling Youdao said, "Your grandfather and grandfather have achieved Yuan Ying’s family crisis in the past."
"Really? That’s great. "
"Well, now the true Xuanzong cloud Ziyun Zongyun is too successful to turn the demon clan into a deity. Although the overall strength of the demon emperor Terran is not as good as that of the demon clan, the top combat power has exceeded that of the demon clan. The deity has decided to expand the family to the west. This matter is actively preparing to transfer you back to participate in the westward expansion."
"Who will replace my daughter when her daughter is gone?"
"Nobody takes over"
"You should leave the family center at home instead of here after the crisis is over, and keep it as it is."
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-two The problem of stationing in the northern ice sheet returns to the meteorite sea area!
Ling Renyao will be transferred back to the family, which is definitely a great event for the people of the Ling branch of the northern ice sheet, because the main family has not sent a new elder, that is to say, after she was transferred back to the family, the Ling branch of the northern ice sheet will take the place of the real person then.
Although the northern ice field fairy road is far less prosperous than the southern fairy road, there are more than 20 branches of the Lingling family that can be compared with the reality of the elixir. There are many ice field industries in the north, but those Lingwu don’t pay attention.
It will be very dangerous for those Lingwu to really stare at the Ling family branch, and the whole Ling family branch is not an opponent.
Before he left, Ling Renyao needed to explain something and make some personnel arrangements. He called the deacons of Zhuji, a branch of Ling’s family.

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