"You are the black spirit when Zhengde escaped from an unknown dharma circle and came to Yanghua in seven years!"

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In the seventh year of Zhengde, blood and rain poured down on the tenth day, and I didn’t know how to turn a black fox into a human figure from the legal circle. I pretended that Zhou Sheng met a black fox and turned it into a monster. After it was killed, it set fire to villages and towns to kill hundreds of people.
In Zhengde’s time, Zhou was born in Zhongnanshan and got a spell. He was chased by Zhongnanshan people and disappeared.
In the thirteenth year of Zhengde, Zhou Sheng responded to the disaster and bathed in dragon blood, killing several villages and towns to replenish blood gas and disappearing again.
She looks serious. Black gas is a famous disaster. No wonder she can’t see through this person’s realm. She feels that the other person is not alive, but a humanoid monster!
"Think I’m unknown? That’s right, you elves are a little biased towards yin before you are pure yang. This is the bone and origin that determines when you meet me. "
Zhou Sheng, a bloodstained man, smiled. At this time, there were several brilliance or clouds around him. These were the dark clouds rolling in the fairy fairy fairy of Jianzhou boundary, the old lady with black iron temple and a dense haunting accompanied by the breeze.
Fairy Mouth in Clouds and Clouds Guanghua
"Chow Sang, we know that you are not a person, so we won’t talk to you! It is said that although you are a black monster here, Tianhong Shengdi can come here in a flash in the mountains. We don’t believe that you are not afraid of pure yang! "
"It’s also good for you to put a few Nuerhachi children in our faces, otherwise none of these little ones will live today. Even if we kill them, we will never let you take them out of the state boundary!"
Another person said, "The knife in your hand is a Louguan Dao Tai Chi knife. You stole it from Zhongnanshan, and now you dare to swagger so that no Louguan people in the real mountains and rivers can handle you?"
Chow sang immediately smiled, "Then you can come and kill all these children! Anyway, don’t people behind you want to support the new dynasty? Kill them all. Let’s laugh at each other with big eyes and small eyes! "
There was no sound in this cloud Guanghua immediately. It was a long time before someone asked
"Is it true that you said Nurhachi was dead?"
Chow Sang pointed to the south. "Of course, it’s true. His soul was beaten into feng du Dharma circle. Would you like to go back to our immortal temple? It’s probably crushed into dross."
"It’s not so easy to run away if you offend the soaring master."
Suddenly out of shock in the cloud brilliance.
"What did you say soaring master? ! Where is the soaring master in the mountain river! "
Chow sang ha ha laugh also don’t mind "there is no existing in the past! The Great National Games has turned back two soaring masters. I advise you, the Tianhong Shengdi, to give the Xu Guo the title of Emperor himself as soon as possible. Don’t spread it around. "
"After all, now that Nurhachi has been killed, maybe the brain can’t control the sword soldiers and have another Wanli Plough Court."
"Another day soaring master hit the door … that Changbai Mountain you can want to prepare early! Pure sunshine hey! Is it amazing? "
"But then again, this soaring master is a hindrance before the establishment of a new dynasty. You might as well put your energy on dealing with me to deal with them. After all, I didn’t kill Nurhachi …"
Many immortals in the cloud brilliance were suddenly angry.
"Nurhachi will die sunchon. This must be done with you! Don’t leave yourself here! We remember the name of Changsheng Tiangong! "
"Zhou Sheng! Tell your fellow disciples in the Immortal Heaven! Don’t step into the state after that, or we will kill them too! "
Chow Sang-soo saw that there was no way to bring trouble to the east, and he groaned in his heart. These guys are bullying and afraid of hard work. Why don’t you vent your dissatisfaction with the rising master?
So I lost a few children at random, and the clouds on the other side of the snow rolled up these children and took them away
Hong taiji, on the other hand, was of course kept by Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng recognized that this child must be Cao Taixu’s VIP.
A sullen sound appeared in the clouds and brilliance.
"The statehood has changed a lot. Nurhachi is dead, and Shulhachi should be dead, too?"
"Old Mrs. White helps me to calculate one!"
Look at those fairy from Zhou Sheng also left here, but don’t think in my heart.
(I didn’t encourage the immortals of Jianzhou to hate them. Now they won’t attack the big Hui Zhe to protect themselves.)
(The era of pure sunshine has passed … These two new soaring masters are really a great deterrent to neighboring countries. One is Zhang Tianshi, and the other is a mystery. It is said that they are from the end of the Han Dynasty. Who knows?)
(But if you want those people around you to benefit from creating a troubled times, you must first attack the target … you must kill these two soaring masters and at least one of them …)
"I don’t know who I will join hands with to attack the master of Ascension?"
"But if you want to let the soaring master fail, you have to …"
"Gathering all the people’s wishes can have a certain influence on the soaring masters … in this way, the branches of Bailian Sect are very good choices."
"Ting wouldn’t have thought that after different sects were defined by their department, although the doctrines of Bailian were completely confused, the shallow believers of Bailian were growing stronger and stronger."
"Rightness rightness Cao Taixu said he would change your name …"
Chow sang suddenly remembered that things looked at the little doll hong taiji and thought for a while to name it
"Your fortune won’t change because your name changes, but if you change your name, you won’t be divined. I’ll hide your real name and make a new name."
"From now on, you will be called-Shenkui."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Virtual friends
Nuerhachi’s escape in front of the meridian gate of the Forbidden City was also discovered by Ji Xiang and Lao Zhang.
"Running really fast … it seems that it was someone who helped Nurhachi. This person is very strong … although I don’t want to believe it … this person may be the pinnacle of soaring."
Of course, the reference object is the Great Sage of Yuan Miao.
For the speed of the disappearance of the wish, we can refer to the speed when the wish of the Great Sage of Yuan Miao appeared floating.
Lao Zhang’s appearance here is the incarnation of Yang God, and there is no way to stop the sudden disappearance of that wish. Lao Zhang also confessed that even if he took back all the incarnations to stop the disappearance of that wish, he still couldn’t catch it.
"Flying to the peak?"
"Um … days of mood"
Lao Zhang explained, "The seventeenth state of mind! The so-called "people’s hearts will change from time to time, just like the heavenly heart" means that there is no such person in the middle realm. "
"The middle of the heart is a piece of earth, so nature grows in the body. At this time, Xianwei’s brilliant contribution can temporarily affect the direction of some things, such as the need to think about the result of a thing in your heart, and then it will gradually happen as the strong person in heaven thinks."
"False things, heavenly heart, continuous thinking will also become true. According to my Dragon and Tiger Mountain classics, when I reach the heavenly heart, most of the strong people will close their minds and try to touch the source of the avenue."
"Therefore, what the strong people fantasize about will come true in some cases, which will greatly affect people’s making wrong choices."

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