Yang day and couldn’t help cursing way

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In order to help the jade workers set their goals, the jade workers’ handbook introduces the celestial order from low to high, fairy fairy, fairy fairy king, fairy emperor and fairy emperor.
Among them, the fairy is divided into twelve levels, and each level of ascension can not be separated from the physical strengthening, and the physical strengthening can not be separated from the crystal.
It takes 100 fairy jade to refine a crystal. For a fairy, every liter of a body will increase 10 thousand crystal, which is 1 million fairy jade
Fairy twelve wants to reach the top of the fairy body, you must get a armor to reach one yuan, which is 129,600 armor.
According to the current salary, you earn 300 cents a month, and you have to work for 300 years to earn 10 thousand yuan, and you can’t lose one in the crystal period.
However, Yang Tiangen never thought of relying on fairy jade to increase the number of physical armor. Fairy jade is a good thing to buy and sell hard goods, but it is necessary.
Yang Tian, who is wearing a brand-new jade worker, is a fake jade worker. He left the door and hurried to Liu Da Xiaolou.
At this time, Liu Da has been waiting for him in front of the small building with a wick in his hand and a smug mouth.
Look at Liu Da’s facial expression. Yang Tian knew that he could never have arrived before the incense burned out, because Liu Da was determined to deduct his salary for one month.
But Yang Tian still had to do a look of panic to get there.
However, just before Yang Day arrived, the incense was extinguished.
Yang Tian looked at it and immediately cooperated with Lou’s self-effacing chagrin, which made him look more nervous and cramped.
Shide, you are late.
Liu Da’s face is crowded with a smile to show that he is very public.
Yang tianxian’s look of recognition and punishment
Good. Let’s get to work at once. Fifty cents a day must be finished. You should know when it’s not finished.
Liu Dawei smiled a little and immediately disappeared with an expression.
Yang Tian respectfully brought life to join those jade workers immediately.
In fact, these jobs of jade workers are very simple, that is, refining fairy jade from ore with real fire.
These ores are all collected from Qiyuanlei prison, and special forces are responsible for mining and selling them.
The colors of mining stones in different mines are different because they are washed by different seven forces, but the fairy jade contained in them is the same.
The ore in front of me is dark green, so it must be a mine prison for mining wood.
Before coming to the hill, Yang Tian sat here in a corner, and three or two old people seemed to be alone and inconspicuous.
Touch the fast ore and feel a little bit. One of them really contains the breath of wood force. When you move your palm, you will immediately take up a gray flame and burn it in the ore.
Seeing the ore melting like snow around the flame, Yang Tian felt that he could refine the ore in his hand instantly if he wanted to, because it also contained wood power and increased flame power.
After the impurities in the ore melt, what remains is the white fairy jade.
In order not to shock the world, Yang Tian’s surface is slowly refining with others’ sample.
But secretly, the fairy jade was thrown into the Black Lord of the Rings, and it was thrown to Yiyi, Jules, the little black and white, which made them happy.
There are a lot of anti-ores, all of which are piled up by ores, and nothing can be seen without a little bit.
But after sitting for a short time, the three of them came to Yang Tian’s back, one small monty and two twos. They are strong in this jade work.
Yang Tianzhuang didn’t know the head and didn’t return. He noticed that several old men around him were a little nervous.
Xiao ni is new here.
Two people sat down in the Yang days on both sides and one person sat down in front like a head staring at the Yang days light asked.
Yang day very honest nodded his head.
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Secret decree

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