After the briefing, Xiao Wen was waiting in the courtyard. He was flattered to see Gao Chenglan coming from afar and meeting him in person.

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Xiao Wen hurried forward and bowed before saying, "Uncle Gao."
"Oh xiao asked which. Why do you think of Uncle Gao? There must be something wrong? " The high by haze is not stupid, direct way with a smile.
It is impossible for Xiao to say it directly. He said directly, "I suddenly miss my master Shi’s tightness, and I think that Uncle Gao is familiar with the literary chaos of my grandmaster, so I came to visit Uncle Gao."
"Well, drinking water. I can’t reach my goal, very good, very good. Come and talk with me in the hall. "
As he walked in, Gao Chenglan laughed and said, "Xiao asked, your performance in the J Ο ng English competition this time should surprise even your master and the patriarch?"
"Maybe, but they didn’t show it in front of me, probably because they were afraid that my tail would go up in the sky." Xiao asked with a smile.
Although Gao Chenglan has lived for hundreds of years, his mentality is not aging, and he is not the kind of person who is full of scheming, otherwise it is impossible to become close friends with a monk. At this time, it was easy to listen to Xiao Wen, and then I became more fond of Xiao Wen. It was really reminiscent of the old days. The service road said, "It is difficult for young people to have the name of self-knowledge. Young geniuses are really a dime a dozen, but how many can persist until the end as always?" Zong Zongzhu and your master are doing this for your own good. "
"Well, I know."
When I was talking, I had arrived at a lobby called "Shensi". At first glance, it was specially arranged for the Korean British faction to take advantage of Lan. While there were no outsiders, Xiao Wen quickly took out the gifts he bought from the fairy collection from the storage ring. He said awkwardly, "I don’t know what uncle Gao has hobbies, so I just filled some things from the fairy collection to show my respect."
Gao Chenglan couldn’t help laughing. He generously took the gift, looked at it and put it into the storage ring. He was quite sure: "You definitely came to see me for something."
Xiao Wen-suo xìng accepted, and nodded, "Well, this time I actually want to discuss the knowledge of Tao with Uncle Gao."
"oh? Your accomplishments are extraordinary. Do you still need me to learn from you? "
"High ShiShu joking, I still have a long way to go on the device, how dare you be conceited. A threesome must have my teacher, and any fairy has a big basket of things to teach me. "
Gao Chenglan can’t help but face Se. Look at this. Xiao Wen, the god of words, is very sincere. When he really didn’t take the amazing performance in the internal competition of the instrument seriously, he was still a humble person.
That’s great! Many people in the celestial realm have stopped in their cultivation and knowledge after reaching the celestial realm. It is not that there is no room for improvement, but that they have lost their initiative and consciously reached the highest point in this realm! Like Xiao Wen, if you can keep your eyes on this mentality after reaching the fairy realm, soaring is simply a certain thing!
"I only know that you have achieved outstanding results, but you still lack understanding of your accomplishments on the road. Even if there is anything I can give you some advice, I don’t know how to start. How about this? I’ll call more disciples here, and I won’t say who teaches who. Let’s discuss it here, but if you don’t understand, I’ll know everything. "
"So good."
Xiao asked his mouth to say that, but his heart was dark scold Gao Chejīnglan. It’s really age j and ng! Gao Chenglan lacks understanding of him and doesn’t know what to give him advice, but how can he not know it himself? He has already prepared questions to ask! As a result, Gao Chenglan didn’t want him to benefit without contributing a little. He just wanted to call other disciples of the Chao Ying School, obviously trying to set up his knowledge and knowledge …
It’s true that you get what you pay, but if I had known this, I would have bought a fart gift …
Gao Chenglan immediately called a disciple to come in. After two sentences, the disciple took another look at Xiao Wen and flew out.
Gao Chenglan and Xiao Wen chatted irrelevantly in the meditation hall, but the place where the DPRK was stationed in Britain had long been a mess!
The sent disciple ran like the wind. Once he was far away from Shensi Hall, he tore open his throat and shouted, "Oh, no, Xiao Wen is here! !”
"Xiao Wen is here" is easy to understand. The "bad" in front of it is a bit ridiculous, just like Xiao Wen is a heinous villain … This guy still misunderstood the meaning of Gao Chenglan. He thought Gao Chenglan was embarrassed to say that Xiao Wen was here to play in front of Xiao Wen, so he used words like "discussion and learning" …
"What’s the matter? ! !” Someone stopped him and asked.
"Xiao asked in Shensi Hall, talking to Gao Shi’s granduncle. Granduncle Shi asked me to call some Taoist disciples over and ask that Xiao Wen for advice! "
“! It’s not enough to show off in the official competition, and it’s fucking here again? I’ll call someone! !”
"Go, I go to another direction. Oh, no, here comes Xiao Wen! !”
Not long after the conference, hundreds of people gathered in the British garrison, and rushed angrily in the direction of Shensi Hall. Among these people, there are not only the Tao, but also many others.
When these people arrived at their destination, Xiao Wen and Gao Chenglan inside were all startled. Although the Shensi Hall was not small, it could not hold so many people.
Gao Chenglan, like J: ng, just understood what was going on, so he came out and scolded those people, driving away six or seven out of ten people and letting the rest into the hall.
Then, a special seminar officially began …
In the first half, Xiao Wen really only made a unilateral contribution, shocking, inspiring and reminding the disciples of the Chao Ying School with his own knowledge reserve. Zheng Jiandong, who used to be very wrong with him, was also there, but at this time he really took orally to Xiao Wen.
Time passed a little, and finally the most critical topic for Xiao Wen was the selection of materials for refining fairy wares.
As he spoke, Xiao Wen pretended to be casual and said, "I don’t know if Uncle Gao and the founder of Wenluan had ever seen other true fairy wares as excellent as Huoyuanzhuang, and how did they choose materials?"
Gao Chenglan said with a smile, "You know the refining method of fire element, and you also know the other one. At that time, I was very impressed. Liang Xinzhu’s pulse has two pieces of true fairy wares that are ingenious, which can already catch up with the level of the Big Five. One is a fire element, and the other is a fire cloud knife! "
Seeing Gao Chenglan looking at him, Xiao asked, pretending to be calm, and nodded, "It turned out to be a fire cloud knife."
When Xiao asked, he fell silent, but Tan Xing of Gao Chenglan was very excited. At this time, he was just talking about the selection of fairy wares, so he said directly: "This fire cloud knife is unreal, and its attack methods are not stick to one pattern. Sometimes it is crazy and sometimes it is ethereal. In the final analysis, it lies in its selection and design ideas. The material needed for refining this fire cloud knife is … "
Xiao asked immediately to play an extremely j and jīng god, and wrote down all the 20 kinds of materials that Gao Chenglan said next. Then he hem and haw to cope with the problem of Gao Chenglan with his own knowledge. It can be seen that Gao Chenglan can’t actually forge this fire cloud knife. He just knows its material composition and general design ideas.

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