Smell speech small mink is zheng claw in front of the light scratched immediately blame laughed but head beast hiding here, I didn’t expect this deep xuan Yin jian can monster beast to live.

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Look, I forced it to move across the mind, and the spirit of the powerful horse surged, but it was directly condensed into a huge spiritual spear with dozens of feet in front of me, and a little spiritual spear whipped and violently shot into the dark crack.
The spirit giant spear shot into the crack, and suddenly a shrill scream rang out, and then the earth suddenly trembled. A huge shadow swept through the crack at an amazing speed, and a black light beam containing gamey smell shot at Lin Dong.
For the sharp attack on Lin, it was a cold hum. When the palm of your hand was turned over, a black hole appeared. It was directly swallowed up the black light and then it looked at the huge figure.
At this time, the huge figure crawled on the ground to see that its shape turned out to be a huge black demon spider with dozens of feet. This demon spider almost had dozens of claws like blades on its head, and its black eyeballs were ferocious and ferocious.
Ophthalmic spider
Looking at this monster beast, Lin’s eyes are also slightly twisted. This beast is also a very strong monster beast. I’m afraid that its breath is comparable to that of the heel. Even compared with the original ancient dragon ape, it’s not too much.
Hey, the monster beast in the depths of the Xuanyin River is powerful, and the mink is obviously surprised. Immediately, he smiled and gave it to me. You go and devour the cold of the detective.
it may not be a bad idea
Lin just a thoughtfully is nodded little mink body day mink for these monster beast is some coercion and look at this appearance obviously this guy is also interested in this eye to the spider.
After agreeing to a move, Lin’s body shape is directly taken away from the source of the cold of the detective. The magic spider suddenly became angry and screamed, but it didn’t wait for it to rush to the small mink to stop it before it.
When the two beasts meet, there is no need to move. Directly, it is fierce to rush. Suddenly, a fierce energy fluctuation suddenly swept wildly. When the two beasts atrix, Lin Dong has gone now. The source of the evil spirit cold has not the slightest nonsense. Ling Pan sat in a circle and a huge black hole spread rapidly. Suddenly, the earth shook several times like a black dragon, and the evil spirit cold roared from the huge crack and flooded to the black hole behind Lin Dong.
I don’t know how many times the chill of the detective here is stronger than that of Fang. Every chill is as huge as a dragon. Even if it is a great success in this cold, it is doubtful that Lin Dong will die, but it can be swallowed up by swallowing Zufuli.
The magic ape changed his throat and growled, and his body instantly expanded. The virtual shadow of the magic ape now absorbs the cold that is almost horrible outside his body.
in a grand fashion
Accompanied by the dragon-like cold pouring into the body, the great breath stopped in the gas-making environment actually showed a slow growth again
This kind of growth is subtle, but it can really break through the trap door of nature. Chapter three hundred and twenty-six Danger
A steep giant mountain in the Xuanyin Mountains, many figures flashed away, and finally the order was scattered and faint, as if forming a large formation to block the top of the mountain and live there.
These figures are hidden deeply, and their breath is specially suppressed to a minimum. However, judging from the skill of those guys, they are obviously not weak, and they are all dressed in uniform robes with a gray skull badge on their chest, which is a sign of Yin after Zong. Obviously, these guys are all Yin after Zong Qiang.
At this time, it is evening, and the blood-like sunset hangs in the sky with a hint of cold light hanging over the huge Xuanyin mountain range.
These Yin after Zongqiang quietly lurked in the lush forest and didn’t make the slightest difference. Look at this appearance as if they were hunting something.
Everybody listen and be careful. We’ve been pestering this damn monster beast for almost half a year. This time, we have to capture it and live it in the jungle. An elder of Yin after zong looks gloomy and looks at some Yin after zong Qiang behind him. Anyone who screws up this matter and blames the patriarch can’t protect him, you know?
Is the elders smell speech that Yin after Zongjiang is also quickly low should way.
Looked at the elders who were satisfied with this, nodded and waved, saying that they all occupied a good formation position. When the time came, they immediately formed a law to envelop the patriarch of this mountain, and they have also arrived. Then the evil animals will inevitably find it difficult to fly.
After hearing this, the Yin Zong Qiang quickly dispersed and retreated into the jungle in an orderly manner, occupying hidden positions everywhere. When the signal arrives, they will immediately start work and complete the plan perfectly.
And the same situation like this is happening all around this mountain at the same time. From the point of view of the moving horse of Yin Hou Zong, it is obvious that he attaches great importance to the monster beast.
In that mountain, there are several figures here, and the first one is the one who forced Lin to move into the Xuanyin stream that day, and the two elders around him followed closely behind him.
Patriarch, it took us a month to confirm that the evil animals are used to this mountain, and it is also its most foothold. The evil animals are bound to vote for us here. At this time, the left elder laughed at the front Teng Brake.
If the beast ran away again this time, you two would be too disappointed with the patriarch. In the past six months, I have been killed by this beast. If I do it again, I will say that my face is cloudy and cold.

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