Will you jump or not?

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Wu Chi squinted at the foot nebula half ring again.
This look shows something else. Isn’t the shape of this nebula the pentagram? There is also a blood-red crack in the center of the nebula, which is always ferocious.
Sweat! Don’t you just jump into that thing and really be reborn-not a dog
Can choose
NPC’s will is equal to the high god-the game designer’s Oracle can’t be disobeyed or disobeyed.
high diving
Bend your knees, bend over and jump.
This jump didn’t jump out of three realms or nine days.
Wu Chi’s feeling of being on cloud nine and feeling warm permeates the body, just like lying in bed and receiving MM hand massage.
In a short time, it has been down to earth.
The scenery in front of us is very classical, and the rustic houses, the flags of hotels fluttering in the wind, and the chickens and ducks jumping around all give Wu Chi a rare and warm feeling. I have been in a reinforced concrete city all the year round, and I haven’t seen such pastoral scenery for a long time from Wu Chi in the forest.
As soon as Wu Chigang appeared around, the players kept chattering.
"Ha ha, another one."
"Welcome to Dog Tail Village to add another animal."
A dark and strong player pushed the crowd and shouted, "What are you yelling about? Let me show the new brother around."
Wu Chi was obviously happy to see many players dressed in green cloth and earth clothes laughing around their faces.
It seems that my charm is quite high. These players welcome me so much, and the simple faces are marked with the word kindness. The virtual game world is much more human than the real world. No wonder so many people are addicted to the virtual world in the game or have its own advantages.
Wu Chi couldn’t help but feel warm and sighed when he saw everything in his eyes.
"Brother, come with me. I’ll show you around the familiar places." The big black man held out his hand with a sincere face.
It’s hard to refuse.
People are so kind, you just don’t want to and can’t refuse people away. Isn’t that chilling? You’re new here, so you should lay a good job first.
"Thank you, big brother." Wu Chi smiled and asked him to shake hands.
"Don’t, don’t players can’t touch this handshake system, and they will judge PK according to the player’s initiative, and then the two of us will become enemies."
The black man hurriedly waved his hand to stop and stepped back to pull the distance.
"So that’s it. I’m reckless." Wu Chi retracted his hand and wandered around like a big black guy.
"This is a hotel where you can spend money to stay overnight, and all kinds of bad conditions can disappear. That’s a small meeting in Cui Hua. That’s a drugstore that specializes in qi and blood medicine. When brothers want to fight monsters, they can buy some supplies. This is to fight blacksmiths. Do you want to fight a weapon?"
The black man pointed at some buildings and NPC in detail, and finally took Wu Chi to the blacksmith who was naked and covered in muscles.
"Eldest brother, stop it. I just entered the game. Where is the money?" Wu Chi looked at this big black guy. He spoke clearly and enunciated clearly, but he didn’t expect to be so careless. He was just a new couple.
"Ah, I forgot, but this cow blacksmith is not expensive, brother. You can have money to buy weapons by playing a few monsters outside the village. There are three kinds of money in the game: one is copper coins; The second is silver; Third, gold now explodes monsters can give coins, and we and monsters are too low. "
The big black man repeatedly apologized for his negligence, and finally decided to send a knife to Wu Chi. He took out a rusty knife and said cautiously, "Brother, I tried my best to kill monsters and finally saved money to buy weapons. I’ll lend it to you first and then pay me back when you have money." Then I put a knife in the trading bar.
Good people, good people.
This big black man has a good heart
Wu Chi was grateful to accept his knife, and his evaluation of Black Big was higher. Now he has been promoted to Lei Feng level.
"I’ve already said that it’s the right way to improve my strength as soon as possible, brother. If you have nothing to do, go and blame the knife. I still want it. Now I’m only level 3, and I have to live on that knife." The big black tunnel is earnest.
"Well, I’ll go and fight monsters. Return your weapons as soon as possible. What monsters are there outside the village?" It’s really bad to bring the only weapon of others by yourself. It’s not good to get one as soon as possible to delay others’ company level, especially when such a good man Wu Chi made up his mind and asked about the monsters around the village.
"Ha za, this is a novice village. It’s nothing to blame on some monsters. It’s even more simple. There is a strange thing around the village of dog tail-wild dogs." The big black man replied with a smile.
"Go down this dirt road and you’ll get to the village entrance. If you go out, there will be wild dogs. Go by yourself. I won’t accompany you if I have work." The big black man raised his finger and said goodbye to Wu Chi.
Wu Chi discovered that he had forgotten to ask the name of the kind-hearted man when the black man walked away. The other party didn’t say that he would do good deeds without leaving a name. He brushed his clothes and went to be an antique hero. Wu Chi discovered a little black man and couldn’t help sighing again before cleaning up his feelings and walking towards the village entrance.
At the entrance of the village, there was a young man who leaned against the earth wall and looked at the sky and the ground, looking at the west and looking at the east in every way. He saw Wu Chi coming over and looking at it for a few times and said, "Newcomers, be careful when you go out to fight monsters. Puppies are easy to kill, but you should hide from your brothers and be careful when you meet crowds."
Woo hoo, this dog tail village is really a good cloud. Wu, a scum, met many players along the way. Everyone saw him nodding and smiling. He was very kind and kind. Wu, a small landlord who is used to human indifference in the real society, felt that he was so touched in heaven. Bae dog tail village is really a paradise.
"Well, well, I’ll be careful to thank my brother." Wu Chi quickly thanked the scum and was soon influenced by Lei Feng.
After bidding farewell to the young people, Wu Chi smelled a strong scent of blood not far from the village.
Looking at the people ahead, Gao Ma Cao posed from Wu Chi.
"Puppies, I’ll abuse you! Come out and die!
Before he could finish, the grass roared and jumped, and he was born with black sideburns and stiff muscles. He glared at a pair of copper-ling monsters with big green eyes, and the half-foot-long Senli fangs stood out and growled the first two words-"wild dog"

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