Under the condition of the same combat power, Chen Han can certainly grind him alive with the endurance of the flesh.

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At first, he regretted that he had spent most of his time on loan to HarmonyOS magic soldiers to buy blood, Tianjin and inverse pulse pills. Now that he thinks about it, it is simply too wise. Otherwise, today he will definitely die broke, even if he is arrogant again, he doesn’t think that he can play more Junlong, the abnormal descendant, with the same combat power.
"Ha-ha … how great a contribution it is to slay you, a descendant of forbidden Junlong?"
"Sacred jade brand, HarmonyOS magic combat knives, just a little purple Xuanxian has such a magic weapon, so it’s cheaper for this seat!"
Kong Liu was almost carried away by the sudden surprise. How much benefit will killing Chen Han bring him?
Can only be described as endless!
First of all, killing your enemy is what you want. Secondly, winning the sea of clouds will greatly change your attitude towards him. These are not important, the key is to kill the descendants of Junlong, the benefits are incredible, and you will get two rare treasures from Chen Han.
This thing is a powerful magic weapon that even a big sect like Youquanmen may not have, and it is also the most precious forbidden hallows.
He began to rejoice in his heart, and there were too many things to rejoice in.
Since fighting with the sea of clouds for more than three years, the last time he was defeated on the unique star, he decided that he had fallen into the blood mold and met the two brothers. But now he is glad that he met them because he was blessed by eight generations. What are the lost men? What is the accumulation of losses for hundreds of years? Compared with any of the benefits this time, it is like the contrast between ants and mountains.
This is really developed!
It was Chen Han’s unparalleled fighting power that settled Kong Liu’s hanging heart: the increase in strength reached a great level, and the number of movements was synchronized on the original increase, which once again formed an amazing increase, and there were superb mind tactics and combat knives, as well as the sacred aid that weakened the opponent ten times. The war situation on the unique star and the killing of more than 100 immortals all had a good explanation.
In other words, he no longer has an unknown fear of Chen Han, and knows his real power. The other party is still worse than him. What is there to be afraid of?
He’s going to lose!
He’s dead!
At this moment, Kong Liu never worries about it again. The power gap of more than one grade is enough for him to kill each other. Even if the other party’s physical defense is strong, it can’t be settled within three to five strokes.
As for the sea of clouds, in this level of fighting, it doesn’t matter whether you join or not. What’s the use of his little strength?
The blood fog once again spread around the cold, and Kong Liu, whose confidence soared, suddenly fell into the fog, but now he has no fear.
The curtain of the amethyst sword enveloped the whole body, and he laughed loudly: "It’s cold, let your secret method reach the sky, and we won’t believe that such secret method can be released unconditionally and indefinitely. When you can’t release it, it’s time for us to kill you, and we can escape from the first day but not from the fifteenth, haha …"
Empty print!
Ban yuan yin!
Thick earth seal!
Broken gold seal!
Fairy knowledge completely lost its function. At the moment when Kong Liu couldn’t find the target, four Xuanyin successively burst above his head, and the gap between the two sides was a big realm, still within the scope of Xuanyin effect.
Unfortunately, after all, the gap between the two sides is too big. Except for the effect of the blank seal, the other three kinds of weakening Xuan seals have relatively limited effects.
"It was emperor extremely shake day record, it was JunLong that fellow experience, XuanYin? Ha ha … "
"You and I are a big realm apart. How much can Xuanyin weaken this seat?"
Kong Liu shouted loudly without fear, even though he was hit by many weakened Xuanyin, the gap between the two sides was still more than one product, and he was not afraid of Chen Han’s mischief at all.
He just forgot a very important thing, that is, when he can’t attack the target, Chen Han can take the opportunity to decorate other dangers.
Eighteen gourmet fairy swords were suspended around him, tens of thousands of handprints were printed one after another, and a large number of gourmet fairy stones and jade spirits were integrated into the circle. The cadence voice floated from Chen Han’s mouth, and the light on the fairy sword became stronger and stronger. It was the Qingtian Sword School that sent Juexue Qingtian to kill the God Array.
This is a sword array that can be arranged regardless of the number of people. The difference is that the more people, the greater the power.
At the beginning, the battle for the immortal rainbow was besieged by a large number of masters. Qi Xianer thought that Chen Han was seriously injured and dying, so he used the giant array that had already been arranged in the cave. Later, it was because of the stronger sword potential that Yuan Shen was overwhelmed and almost stunned.
There are two ways to display this sword array, one is that many people are instantly arranged into a powerful war array, and the other is that a single person is arranged.
However, if a person wants to control more flying swords to form a war, it is impossible to fight on the spot, only by arranging in advance and taking the opportunity to provoke. However, as long as the enemy is a little more careful, he can miss the existence of the sword array. Who will rush into the sword array foolishly?
Therefore, it is difficult for a person to display the effect by arranging the array of gods. Fortunately, Chen Han is different from ordinary immortals.
With the help of the magic spell, both sides can’t leave in and out of the enchantment here. He can completely arrange such a beautiful sword array in the battle while his opponent is lost in the blood fog. More importantly, since this array of gods can be arranged in advance, its characteristic is that when it is launched by a single person, the requirements for immortal power are not very high, and most immortal power comes from immortal stones and jade buried in advance.
The premise of giving full play to the power of the sword array lies in the power of the Yuan God who controls the sword array, just like when Qi Xianer leaped over the sword array, he almost passed away.
What about Chen Han?
His Yuan God strength is two products higher than his own realm, which means that he can completely control it, which is equivalent to the powerful sword array of Ziwei Xuanxian in his later period.
This is the secret array of the Heavenly Sword Sect. Only the core clique can cultivate it, and its power is unparalleled. From Qi Xianer, who only had the realm of Luo Jinxian in those days, it can be seen that the sword array has a shocking power far beyond conventional attacks.
Even though the enchantment space is limited, the scope of the sorcery spell cast is not large, but it also consumes more than 40% of the power of the gods. There is only one target for the seal seal of the earth treasure, not the limit of ten people, so the power of the Yuan God is not the most, but it still consumes nearly 20%.
Today, Chen Han has less than half of the Yuan God’s power. He knows very well that the Yuan God’s power consumed is extremely amazing if he wants to control the array with power comparable to that of the Qing Tian Zhu God in the later period of Chinese Xuanxian.
He only has a chance to strike. If he can’t kill Kong Liu, he will be exhausted by the power of Yuan God, and there will be no chance to kill him again.
The eighteen fairy swords release unparalleled strong light, and the blue brilliance covers the sky and slowly rotates around him, just like the planets revolve around the stars.
Hands interweave into many mysterious seals, but the last handprint is played, and the sword array finally completes all the steps.
"Brother, are you ready?"
Chen Han’s voice rang in Duanmu Yunhai’s ear, where the sea of clouds was already holding the tactic seal tightly. He also took the opportunity to spread the immortal thunder of the day after tomorrow, which was more powerful than the conventional attack: "Well, the five-element technique won’t produce anti-shock. I’ll give it to that bastard first, and then you attack!"

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