Shu Lele reclined in the quilt heart, although it was still disgusting, but the feeling of chest tightness disappeared. After drinking a few mouthfuls of soup, she couldn’t drink and sighed, "Sister-in-law, I’m afraid we don’t have many days to get along together."

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"ah? What? " After this period, Yu Cuihua has long regarded Shu Lele as the closest relative and has become the backbone of her life.
Hearing her suddenly say that she was going to walk in Cui Hua, I felt as if someone had dug a piece.
She couldn’t help but stay and stay with the bowl, and her hands trembled slightly.
Shu Lele is a little sad, too, but she must go back when she finally has a child. It’s not certain that the emperor will stay outside for a long time in the future, and she will regret it for life if something goes wrong.
So I took Yu Cuihua’s hand and smiled. "Sister-in-law, I have a husband who has been married for a few years. My husband and I are very worried. Now I am finally pregnant. I want to go back and have a good baby and let the baby be born safely."
These words are reasonable, and it is not good for Cui Hua to say anything, wiping away tears. "Then where is your hometown?" Let me take you back, okay? It’s very reassuring that you are now alone. "
"But this embroidery workshop can’t do without people. Sister-in-law, don’t worry. We’ll just find that reliable person in the village to drive me back to Beijing in a carriage."
"Beijing? Sister, are you from Beijing? " Yu Cuihua envied her eyes and naturally expressed her longing, which made Shu Lele feel slightly sour.
But her identity is that she can’t let them know that she can abandon them now.
Shu Lele nodded but no longer revealed his situation in Beijing. He gave Yu Cuihua silver and told her to go to the village to find a driver and send her back to Beijing.
After a few days, Shu Lele arranged everything in the Beauty Workshop and set off for Beijing.
When he left, Lotus followed him for a long time, but when he couldn’t catch up, he stopped crying and fell into her mother’s arms.
Embroidery workshop embroidered ladies are also sad in their hearts. Don’t they all feel tired when doing things on this day?
Yu Cuihua is now the person in charge of the Beauty Workshop. She held back her sadness and gritted her teeth. "Miss Feng has a baby and wants to go back to raise a baby. This is a great event. We all appreciate her kindness and information, so we can double our embroidery. When she comes back, we will have the face to see her. If everyone has no vitality and fighting spirit like now, we will take the face to see her when Miss Feng comes back?"
When this statement came out, everyone was silent for a moment and then wiped away the tears in the corner of their eyes. "After we listened to you, everyone Qi Xin worked together to make our embroidery workshop prosperous and didn’t live up to Miss Feng’s heart!"
Meirenfang will continue to run with great prosperity, and everyone’s day is getting better and better.
But everyone told Yu Cuihua to keep the extra silver and give it to her when Shu Lele came in the future.
The reputation of Meirenfang has gradually spread all over the streets.
When Feng Yichen and others hear the word’ Beauty Square’, they can’t help but get excited.
"Jun yan less did you hear them talking about beauty Fang! Meirenfang! "
Jun Yan played with the teacup in his hand and looked at the teahouse with faint eyes and smiled. "Feng Gong is calm! Be sure to be calm! "
"Your grandfather is calm!" We Ren Huang cursed swearing.
Conveniently kicked the gentleman less yan "is not your daughter-in-law you don’t know the pain? Stay back in Beijing and see how I can separate you and your wife and children! "
"Don’t!" Jun Shaoyan screamed, "Feng Gong forgave his life and never dared again!"
Paused to see someone’s face softened a little bit and smirked again. "As I said, since this beauty signboard Tianshuang has already affirmed that it is her phoenix male who will be in a hurry?" We have to find a way to do it once and for all, otherwise she will go to another place to open a beauty village, a beauty den and what else will she have to find? "
Phoenix dust stared his one eye "you are right! But those are the last words. It is urgent to find my wife! "
Two people asked the beauty Fang specific location exposure and ran there.
When I looked up and saw that it was a remote and dilapidated village, my heart sank, and I couldn’t move.
Shu Lele actually ran to this hinterland! Thanks to her, she managed to turn the stone into gold and turn this place into a place that everyone talks about.
"hey!" After a sigh, Feng Yichen suddenly felt relieved and smiled smugly. "My mother is able to shine everywhere!"
"This sentence is right! If it is gold, it will shine and be happy. This gold will not be buried no matter where it is! "
Two people clap their hands and laugh, and the pace is much lighter immediately.
Especially when I saw the golden words "Beauty Square", my heart was full of joy.
"Lele!" Feng Yi Chen Yang called out and jumped into the courtyard.
Jun Yan is naturally unwilling to fall and fly in.
Suddenly, two handsome and handsome men appeared in the embroidery workshop, which startled all the embroidered mothers. Jade Cuihua rushed out and asked, "Do you want to buy embroidery?"
Look at them, they are dressed with extraordinary bearing. Naturally, everyone regards them as the door to buy embroidery guests.
Then set out to put out the embroidery and let them pick it.
Feng Yichen’s eyes swept into the house. After he didn’t see the familiar face, he looked a white cold way. "What about your boss? I want to see her! "
He came to the door and still avoided it. It seems that she needs a good rest tonight.
Yu Cuihua stopped when he saw that his face was not good. Everyone smiled and replied, "I am in charge of this guest beauty shop now. Do you need any help?"
"Now? What about the past? Who was in charge in the past? "
"What are you looking for is our phoenix girl? She has gone home to have a baby when she is pregnant! "
"….." Feng Yichen and Jun Shaoyan were surprised for a long time before they hesitated and asked, "What did you say? Say what you just said again! What’s the name of your shopkeeper? "
Yu Cuihua didn’t want to inquire about their benefactor so much. Who knows what they are worried about? So he sank his face and posed for Fujian.
"The two young ladies have made it very clear that if you buy embroidery, we welcome it, but if you want to play tricks, we will not be afraid of you even though we are women!"
Feng Yichen and Jun Shaoyan are in distress situation. They are looking for a wife thousands of miles away and are regarded as bad people.
But the phoenix girl they said went home to have a baby. Isn’t that Shu Lele?
Jun Shaoyan saw that Feng Yichen’s face was heavy and heavy, sighing secretly. "This eldest sister-in-law, we don’t mean any harm. We want to inquire about this phoenix girl because she is very similar to one of our friends. Please also ask her eldest sister-in-law to truthfully tell her what her name is and where her people look like."
The expression of Yu Cuihua and others eased some of the words, "Miss Feng’s single name and one word of music is that Beijing people are very handsome in their twenties. She is very kind and good to all of us. There are no people here who don’t like her!"
"How long has she been away?" Phoenix dust this is hoarse.
Guan Feng’s single name and one word of music are not exactly Shu Lele!
"I’ve been away for several days. If it goes well, I should be in Beijing soon!"
Feng Yichen smell speech and turned to go. Jun Shao Yan was busy saying thank you to Yu Cuihua and others to act quickly and follow.
"Phoenix male, are you so sure that Phoenix Music is Lele? Lele is beautiful, but it doesn’t match this phoenix music! "
"Who can not she have? Don’t forget that she will be easy to operate now! " Feng Yichen grumpily Qiangbai his sentence only to find that his mouth was joking and he couldn’t help but stare at him mercilessly.
"Jun Shaoyan, are you looking for a fight?"
"Dare not! It is serious for us to hurry back to Beijing, otherwise Lele will be anxious to go back and find no one! "
When they returned to the inn, they immediately found highland barley and others to explain the good photos, and then they galloped back to Beijing on horseback.
But this running all the way very not easy to back to the capital but didn’t see Shu Lele.
Everyone said that Shu Lele didn’t come back, and it was even more urgent. "Are you really sure that that woman is Lele? Could it be a coincidence that someone is borrowing our beauty name? "
Jun Shao Yan Mo seems to say everything is wrong at this moment.
Fanwai (Raw) 5
I hope that all the spirits of the phoenix are gone, and I am unhappy and unhappy. I look around the house and I am familiar with everything, and I finally let it out.
"Ow-"The whole Beauty Manor heard a roar.

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