I said there was still a lot. You said this man didn’t have her chance.

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Dawn said give it up. There’s no chance at all. She snored slightly and fell asleep again.
The door of washing hands was pushed, and Shengmei came in carelessly.
I was shocked. What am I supposed to do if I am in a convenient situation?
She came up to me and said, "Hold on, don’t move." Then she kicked off her slippers, stepped on my thigh and sat on the windowsill. She sat on the windowsill with her knees in her arms, looking calm and angry.
I twisted my teeth in pain and stroked my thigh and said, Miss Shengmei is coming to see the night scene again. It’s really a good pastime.
She said that I agreed with the plan in August.
I’m ecstatic. That’s great. Shengmei, what do you want?
She gave me a look and said she didn’t want to be paid.
I looked at her doubtfully. I know her too well. A dollar can be counted as a hundred dollars owed to her. How can a person not get paid?
She said that my grandparents called me again just now. They seem to miss you. I really don’t understand why they are like you. Mr. Fish, you are timid and cowardly. You can’t even do well at home. You have a bad temper and are always disobedient.
I looked at her stupefied. Didn’t I have any advantages?
Shengmei thought about it carefully and said that it is really disappointing that there is no one in the world who has an advantage.
If I say something to a man, I should bully others outside. When I get home, I should be bullied by my family. I will be timid and cowardly.
She hit me on the head-is that an excuse? How dare you defend yourself, Mr. Fish? I can’t believe you want to prove yourself to be a brave man.
I cover the place where she knocked, Miss Saint-Mei. If I bully you outside and want to be bullied by others, that’s the worst.
She put her hands on my head and kneaded my hair. Do you dare to bully me? Where are you going? People like you don’t want me to stay in the same room.
I got up and tried to go back to my room and wrap my head with a pillow before I went to the door. She said she couldn’t come back and sit down. I want to see you.
I looked at her. She bit her lip and seemed to want to laugh but didn’t.
I asked her if you want to eat water, or I’ll make you a cocktail
She said she didn’t want you to sit down. I want to talk to you
I climbed the windowsill and sat next to her.
She said, tell me what you are going to do in August.
I said that my father must go back for his birthday in August, and we won’t stay for a long time. Three days is enough, because I brought Xinran this time, and that girl went back this time. You know that she doesn’t want me anymore, so I have to bring a girl back to make my parents sad. You have to act like my wife, that is to say, you have to act.
How can she behave when she blushes?
I am sorry to say that we are always more intimate than when we are going to eat hand in hand.
She looks confused. Isn’t that what we are like now? Don’t we often eat with each other?
I said that we should hold hands.
She hesitated and put her hand near the window sill.
I took a deep breath and put my hand on the back of her hand.
First cover it gently, then put every finger in her fingers and hold it tightly.

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