Yin Yan looked back at Xie Hengyan and asked, "Where is Wu Nian?"

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Kang asked, "Who is Wu Nian? !”
Xie Hengyan shook his head and said, "I don’t know if I’ve just arrived here and I haven’t seen my son."
Chapter 59 Back to my mother’s house
As far as I can remember, Tongjing Island is not so rich. Almost all islanders depend on fishing for a living. This is the case year after year. In addition, people in remote islands can’t get out, and outsiders don’t want to come in. Once it is long, even wealth can gradually become poorer.
Xie’s father and mother lived in such an island, and Xie Hengyan was never allowed to go out. Most of the time, she was in their hut, quietly lying by the window, watching the waves beating on the beach outside the window and fishing boats docked on the shore from time to time.
Although those fishing boats have gradually disappeared.
Tongjing Island was nearly a deserted island in the last period. However, in the final analysis, it is also the homeland where Xie Hengyan lived for 20 years. No matter whether it is barren or dead, Xie Hengyan remembers it, and that is a generation. Even a grain of dust and marl in the sand can be recognized clearly.
"It’s not like … it’s coming," Xie Hengyan said almost surely. Then he walked forward and tapped his heel on a broken board in the sand. "This used to be a dock."
After that, he pointed to a vague path in the depths. "If you go further, it will be my home."
"What is your home?" Kang Wen looked at the white sand in amazement. "How do you know that’s your home?"
Xie Hengyan said, "Of course I know my own home." Then I broke my seal and poured my hand across a flat sand to see the appearance.
Printing and pouring Kang Wen is also confused. I can follow Xie Hengyan all the way in a hurry. I don’t know in what direction. Before me, it is still a large piece of sand. Xie Hengyan’s lame feet step on the gray soft sand and leave a series of impressions with different shades.
It turned out that he had to keep walking like this. Kang Wen was a little impatient, but it didn’t take long to go forward. Suddenly, a building like a house appeared in front of him. Xie Hengyan didn’t know how to speed up the pace, but he almost rolled and crawled towards that place.
Fortunately, Yin Yi’s reason stopped Xie Hengyan’s shoulder and asked, "… What are you running around for?"
Xie Hengyan said drily with a pair of almond eyes, "That’s my home …"
"What is your home?" Kang Wen glanced around for a while, surrounded by a vast expanse of illusion. The shadow of the half-empty house in front of him seemed abrupt, but it seemed as if a strange shadow suddenly appeared inside and outside, mixed with an indescribable shaqi. "… I think you are also fascinated. Where is this family? There is sand all over the floor, and you have the courage to come out of a room suddenly."
It’s also that they walked all the way, let alone a house along the way, not even a tree, flowers and plants. Now, suddenly, there is an empty shadow of a house, and it is impossible to say that there is nothing strange in the middle of the gray gravel everywhere.
So the seal is poured back to Xie Hengyan. "Don’t panic first. This is in the boundary, not its original place … Is it true that what you see and hear in front of Tongjing Island is illusory?"
"No … you print it and you accompany me to see it in the past."
Xie Hengyan couldn’t take his eyes off the house. He was almost sure that the wooden fence outside the hut and the wooden door with the familiar carved window looked exactly like when he left home a few years ago, but he didn’t know whether he could keep moving forward by feeling, just like he lingered along the road home several times many years ago.
India poured bear Xie Hengyan request two people in the direction of the unique abrupt wooden house near Kang Wen is a grain of salt with a question in the rear Yang "hey, you are crazy! Try to get out of bounds. What are you going to do in that place? "
I don’t know that Xie Hengyan is really crazy. After years of wandering outside, his desire to go home has never been so urgent.
All the way, he dragged the seal forward through the cold and thick sand path and went straight to the door of the house in the distance, and finally stopped panting and said nothing.
"This is really my home!" Xie Hengyan trembled and said, "There is nothing wrong with Tongjing Island!"
-Xie Xie used to be the only carpenter on the island. Their wooden house was built by Xie Xie himself. There was a circular flower garden around the front, where Xie Xie Xie’s favorite flowers were planted. The door was still made of wood, and the carved handrail windowsill included those familiar and simple lines, and there were traces left by Xie Xie Xie.
But …
What, their home will appear in the boundary established by Wunian Institute?
Chapter 6 People in Painting
In a short moment, Kang Wen almost made the strange face so scary that he saw that the sword in his hand was about to come out of its sheath. Indy reached out and stopped in front of Kang Wen, saying, "Don’t go!"
Then, deep in the backyard surrounded by hay, Xie Hengyan sadly called out "Dad … Dad, what’s wrong with you! ! !”
Xie Yun is still in that wooden lounge chair, a blue-gray gown has faded slightly at that time, and his thin five fingers are hanging on one side of the armrest. He has never made the slightest movement, especially the haggard face, which looks like a skeleton. If you don’t check it out carefully, it is difficult to distinguish the handsome outline.
I remember that although Xie Xie is old, he has five facial features, but his brother is as beautiful and delicate as a puppet. If it weren’t for Xie Hengyan’s face, ordinary people would probably be able to tell the difference between his father and his son.
"Dad! !” Xie Hengyan shook the cold palm of Xie Xiebing’s hand and couldn’t help but call out, "Dad, what’s wrong with you? Talk to me … "
Kang Wen couldn’t get used to it long ago. He stepped forward to the recliner, reached for Xie Lai’s ghostly nose, and then Xu sneered, "I’m out of breath, but I can’t talk to your father!"
Xie Hengyan suddenly turned to be red and shiny, with a pair of bloody eyes. It is easy to see the evil spirit. I will ask Kang Horror, my heart will jump wildly, and I will draw my sword and drink "What are you staring at me for?" Will you and I be afraid? "
India poured cold way "Kang Wen!"
"At this time, you still have the heart to protect him!" Kang asked, gnashing his teeth and hating, "Did you forget everything you taught me at the beginning?"
Xie Hengyan’s sharp finger claws just passed Kang Wen’s sword before crashing a step, and Kang Wen was still waiting for the sword to come out. At this time, the seal was poured out again, and one hand was buckled on Xie Hengyan’s wrist and the other hand reached Kang Wen’s sword. Lingran Xie Hengyan said, "Yan Yan, stop and don’t hurt him!"
Xie Hengyan nature has nothing to say to push away the seal and ask Kang to hold Xie Xie’s gaunt wrist back and continue to call, "Dad! ….. Thank you, thank you, wake up! "
"Can’t wake up" printed on Xie Hengyan shoulder low way "haven’t you found? Everything around here is still dead … No matter how you push him, he won’t wake up. "
Xie Hengyan’s eyes suddenly turned red and she asked Yinzhu, "But … thank you, why did this happen?"
Kang Wen couldn’t help saying, "It’s just a boundary. What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?"
"If it’s true, it’s said that this house was stationary when it happened for a certain period …" Xie Hengyan trembled. "Then this picture of Xie Yun now must be true! He’s really hurt, or he’s sick, or he suddenly leaves me without saying goodbye? !”
"You calm down!" Inuya could not help but pull him into her arms and put a heavy voice to calm her down. "Maybe it’s just an illusion. Don’t be confused … Let’s go somewhere else and see what clues you may find in other places in your family."
"Naturally, there is." Although Xie Hengyan got up, he never left his eyes for a moment. "But my dad …"
Yin Yan patted him on the back and said, "It’s not too late for us to look elsewhere first and then come back to find your father … He won’t get up and leave anyway. Don’t be afraid to have me with you, but if there is anything, it will be my fault."
Xie Hengyan sank his eyes and sighed, "India pours … You know I can’t blame you."
When the words fell, I let Yin pour even drag and get up and slowly push away from the backyard. At first, Xie Hengyan refused, but he turned into the wooden house and saw that all kinds of decorations were unchanging. There was a bit of suspicion in his heart. If this scene was once a place in Tongjing Island, everything happened in front of him, but in the final analysis, when will it be Tongjing Island?
Yu Xie, is he like this?
Xie Hengyan couldn’t understand why. In the end, she could return to the front hall of the wooden house with the seal and pour. She entered the front hall and left a wooden corridor with a length of more than one foot. There was Xie Xie Xie’s bedroom where she went to live. Xie Xie’s personal preference was very obvious. There were nearly half a person’s tall wooden machines on both sides of the aisle, and at the end, there were other unusual people hiding extremely complicated chains. It must be a crack.
In the past, Xie Hengyan never stepped into Xie Xie’s room or made him feel bad about it-so most of the time, Xie Hengyan would try to avoid Xie Xie personally, but he would not take the initiative to disturb Xie Xie when he was alone.
But now the situation is quite different.
They are in the backyard of a strange wooden house, and the man is Xie Xie. There can be no mistake. On the one hand, he is still in Xie Hengyan and vaguely hopes that he can find another place, and then he can successfully find a complete and unharmed Xie Xie, which can make him feel at ease for the time being.
It is this expectation that brings courage to Xie Hengyan. Finally, at the end of the corridor, Xie Pingri’s bedroom is slowly pushed open by half a slit.
Chapter 61 Huang Feng "how"
"where is this key?" Yin pour asked
When Xie Hengyan held the keychain and tried to think back for a while, he said, "It should be … underground room?"
"Your home and room? !” Kang asked the appalling surprised way
Xie Hengyan said, "Why don’t we all pile up sundries? Who doesn’t have a basement?"
Yin Yan added, "Can you go and have a look?"
Xie Hengyan thought for a moment and finally nodded and said "… can"
Xie Xie’s wooden house is surrounded by a circle of flower beds connected to the backyard, and the basement is covered by a half-thick wooden board at the entrance at the outer end of the corridor just now. Several jars of old wine are piled on the surface, and now it is covered with a thin layer of ash.
"I won’t go in." Xie Hengyan bent down and moved the jar aside. In the end, he lifted a layer and a half of thick wooden boards outside and raised dust all over the sky. "Xie Xie used to put waste wood here and rarely went to the bottom to clean it up … occasionally, he had to go to dot two."
The seal tilted, glanced at the deep mouth and asked again, "Where’s the key?"
Xie Hengyan said, "The key should be another door further inside."
Kang asked in surprise, "Is it still inside the door? How many doors are hidden in your house? "
"Of course the basement should be locked," Xie Hengyan said. "Otherwise … go and have a look?"
With that, he stretched out a foot toward the escalator, but Yin poured it and took Xie Hengyan’s wrist and whispered, "Wait."
Xie Hengyan "What?"

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