By this time, the fourth thunder had fallen, and the altar of Baal looked intact, but it was hard to see the baby inside

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At this moment, Yang Tian can no longer communicate with them, which will distract him and distract him from Du Jie.
Master, don’t you feel strange?
Unique cloth was put on the slowly rotating altar in the thunder and finally asked.
Strange what?
Yang day doubt way
Can a baby really go to Du Jie together
Never asks
I don’t know about this, but the facts at hand say everything, right?
Yang day indifferently way
Although the fact is that the old slave still feels something is wrong
Juebu nodded first and then shook his head as if he had fallen into my contradiction.
What’s wrong? Tell me about it.
The idle Yang Tian casually asked.
It is already the fifth thunder.
Du Jie, the magic weapon, is still an instrument spirit, and Du Jie, the instrument spirit, is also an intelligent creature. In fact, how different they are? The instrument spirit can get together in Du Jie. Isn’t that to say that human beings can get together in Du Jie? Is this possible?
No cloth is not affected by thunder, and his eyes are staring at the slowly rotating altar, as if looking for some flaws.
It is impossible to say this, but it is absolutely impossible for human beings, maybe a magic weapon can or maybe.
Yang Tianwen also raised a little doubt in his heart, but his mouth still said this. I hope that Juebu can say more powerful answers.
Old slave several magic weapons together, Du Jie, it is impossible to help others together, Du Jie, it is possible.
When I was staring at the altar, I suddenly found something in the eyes of the altar.
Help who, Du Jie? Would my baby be happy to do such a thing?
Yang day finally also feel wrong when staring at the altar mouth still understated way
Of course not, but they unknowingly take others as their own. It’s hard to say, isn’t it, Magic Emperor?
The perfect tone suddenly sank to the extreme, gnashing its teeth, which meant that it contained extreme anger.
Just as he said the last word, the sixth thunder came crashing down.
Ha, ha, ha. I can’t hide it from you, but you find it’s too late. This baby has been completely integrated into the altar and can’t be separated anymore.
Suddenly, an altar burst with laughter.
At the same time, Yang Tian suddenly felt a baby’s anger, and they found out at this moment that they were cheated and taken advantage of.
However, in order to resist the thunder robbery, they have suffered huge energy losses at this time, and they don’t know the enemy’s hiding place and can’t even fight back.
Yang Tian immediately looked at the unique cloth and knew that he knew the altar very well. Now that he who sees through the hidden magic emperor may be able to save the opportunity.
Master, hurry up. He’s hiding in the center of the altar. You immediately dive into the center of the altar and go directly through the polar world and enter the polar region to kill him. Remember to leave nine drops of blood in the pagoda of the gods after killing him, and then you must come before the ninth thunder arrival.
However, as soon as the magic emperor’s words fell off, he immediately said the rescue method very quickly, and his expression was more nervous and anxious than Yang Tian’s.
Yang Tianwen didn’t hesitate to directly turn a colorful light into a circle of mixed world in the middle of the altar.
Just as he entered it, the seventh thunder had arrived, and when Yang Tian left a thunder.
As soon as we enter the confusing world, the sacred scriptures are rapidly turning in vain, and there are bursts of eager readings. However, in those sacred scriptures, snakes crackle and explode from time to time, and every time they explode, they can tear a piece of scripture.
Root don’t want to Yang who knows this is a magic pen world at this time which also scruple mind move immediately device spirit communication teleported away.
The scenery in front of us suddenly changed, and the golden light and thunder were everywhere, and the emperor was dignified. This was a golden lotus, and Yang Tian immediately roared and knew that he had to send Yang Tian away in a hurry.
Then came the heavenly king’s order to kill the world, the blood king, the blood sea world, the ghost king’s tricolor world, the white ghost evil world, the holy hand and the thunder world, and finally the world.

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