Before the foot step, his figure disappeared directly and disappeared again. Now he is outside the golden door, and his figure directly enters it and roared away in another direction.

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At the moment, Agoudas, the courtier of the Barbarian Emperor, has entered the field of beasts without attracting attention. He chose the direction of the Sixth God fighter.
Outside the realm of beasts, Huaxia Emperor watched Meng Fei four people go away, and his eyes flashed with a little meaning.
Now that you’ve got the attention of Tianjunshan, I’ll give you a chance. Whether you can get what you want depends on your means.
It was those people in Tianjunshan who became so enthusiastic about a small kingdom that they took the initiative to intervene.
The Chinese emperor frowned slightly and then pressed his thoughts in his heart.
At the moment, looking at the Sixth God Fighter, his face shows a faint smile, saying that the Sixth God Fighter’s strength is getting more and more pure. When he really sets foot on the gods in the future, China will have one more strong.
When Dao Linggong heard this, he laughed and said that he was lucky enough to get into many talents. I, the talented people of China and China, are so worried that I can’t rise in the great struggle and achieve great achievements.
Haha, the teacher’s words are very prosperous in the heart of the Chinese emperor. It suddenly occurred to him that the Lan family, Lan Guifei, is now destined to be a virgin, and soon a kiss can fill the national fortune.
At that time, he will certainly be promoted if he stays stagnant.
It’s a sight of the rise of the country and the prosperity of the world to break through the difficulties of China and attract talents
Huaxia dadiran
Huaxia Tianchao Digong
Meng Guogong’s eyes suddenly looked up at the virtual low mouth, and the large array in the field of beasts and beasts has already started. Presumably, you have entered it at this moment, but I don’t know that you have no chance to get this chance this time.
Here he thought a little and then shook his head slightly.
This thing he didn’t wake up Meng Fei because even if he woke up, he wanted to provoke the chance and needed him to show enough strength.
Moreover, although his veins are pure, they are not complete. It is not easy to do this.
It’s just that it’s lucky to get this opportunity, but it’s also unlucky to force it.
In a whisper, Lord Meng slowly closed his eyes and the temple was quiet again.
There are tens of thousands of mountains in the field of beasts, but the distribution of wild beasts is not in the mountains.
In the mountains, the vast floating islands may hide wild animals, many of which are powerful.
Be careful enough to move forward, and you may fall into danger if you don’t pay attention.
Four dodging lights roared from a distance.
There are many monks pouring into the field of beasts, but compared with this vast world, it melts into the sea with the stream.
Looking up at the surrounding area, except for four people, the monks were there again.
Meng Fei’s first Lin Weiyuan followed closely, while Chuxiong and Chushan were slightly behind, and they kept a certain distance.
And at this moment Meng Fei forward figure suddenly stopped slightly raise my hand behind three people at the same time the folding of the dun light.
Meng Xiong, however, has noticed something wrong. Lin Weiyuan’s eyes swept ahead, and the detective did not notice it. However, after god was buried’s experience, he doubted the inductive power of Meng Fei Yuan Shen again.
Chuxiong Chushan frowned slightly, and they both repaired Meng Fei for quite a moment, but they didn’t find that Murphy could perceive anything.
Thoughts turn two faces and suddenly show suspicion.
Lin Weiyuan frowned slightly, but after all, they were repaired by his brother, but he was not good at talking.
Fortunately, Meng Fei has never seen the look of two people change slowly, and there are wild beasts hidden in front of him. Four of them are quite strong, but you and I should be able to leave them all together.
Wei-yuan Lin smell speech since Meng Fei this mouth must have been grasped.
This time, they entered the field of wild animals to get a high ranking and a prize by hunting wild animals.
It’s worthwhile to meet wild animals and eat them.
Chuxiong Chushan is still in doubt, but seeing that Meng Fei’s calm and indifferent face is not false, he pressed his thoughts in his heart and did not say much.
Meng Fei was not in a hurry. He mused slightly. Now that you and I have joined forces for the time being, we need to make rules first. Now we will trouble our prey in the future. We will join hands to determine the merits of strangulation, and finally we will not know what you mean.
Xuanyuan Wang Yan is extremely recognizing that this move is extremely hidden in Chuxiong’s mouth and face.
According to the merits, it is best to judge whether it belongs to him or not, and it has to be taken advantage of by others.
Chushan face dew faint smile nodded in agreement.
It is this person who still gives people a gloomy feeling even if he smiles.
Lin Weiyuan’s wry smile in his heart knows that Meng Fei has a good impression on his two brothers. This statement has already drawn a line between business and business.
Looking at the appearance of the two senior brothers, he shook his head slightly and said, "We all disagree according to Meng Xiong’s words."
Meng Fei nods, since you and I will immediately hand these savage beasts to gain twists and turns.

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