Fu Chen took a step back when he saw grandpa’s face rain or shine. Good morning, Grandpa.

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Well, Fu Haotian suppressed his anger and tried to smile kindly, but in Fu Chen’s eyes, it felt a hundred times uglier than crying.
Fu Haotian said Chen Er, wash your horse. Today is an important day.
On the important day, Fu Chen looked suspicious. Did you really want to give me a blind date today?
Fu Chen proudly said, what important day is it to give me a blind date? I’m not going.
He remembered that the general big family and big family ignored the happiness of women because of family interests, which forced them to combine, and the two of them were unhappy all their lives, so they backed out.
Fu Chen, who came through the 21st century, thought that happiness must be in his own hands.
That is, that woman is beautiful and sexy, and she is a piece of shit if she wants me not to.
Fu Haotian a listen to Fu Chen words almost didn’t come and smoke in the past.
This little Wang egg has forgotten the clan comparison.
There is no Fu family in his heart.
God, isn’t this little bastard too messy for the Fu family?
While stroking Hu’s right hand, he grabbed a pinch of Hu, but he didn’t know it. At this time, he had already reached the limit of his patience. He roared, Xiao Wang’s egg is a race every three years for four families of the Empire. Wash your horse and get ready to come with me.
Fu Chen woke up at once. No wonder Grandpa got up so early this morning. It’s the four big families.
Fu Chen scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly, blaming himself for being careless and forgetting this matter.
Isn’t it the family that pays so much attention to it?
In fact, Fu Chen’s iq is 251. He knows very well the importance of pairing the Fu family. If the Fu family continues to sit firmly in the first place of the four families, then Wan Di Fang will also forget the Fu family.
Fu family will also continue to play an important role in embossing the Li family.
And grandpa, the gods and the generals will not be cut off, so the Fu family will not have any big twists and turns in the next three years
Similarly, if you don’t play well in this race, you won’t be able to be the first grandpa, the god and the warrior, but where can you get 100 prisoners if he wants to form a hacker army?
Fu Chen knows that if he wants to win the first place in this race, it’s a sure thing, but he doesn’t care about it at all.
At this time, I immediately remembered what Fu Haotian said. Although it is not a big deal for myself, it is a great opportunity for others to make yue longmen famous.
Grandpa doesn’t know his true strength, so it’s no wonder that he is worried.
If you don’t know, let me surprise grandpa in the race.
Fu Chen busy made a face at Fu Haotian. Hey, hey, smile. Grandpa just now, I was joking with you. Of course I remember the importance of today to the Fu family.
Say that finish before Fu Haotian talk immediately turned into the room to wash up and have breakfast, and Fu Hao Tian’s face was still when you were sad after Fu Chen washed up.
The importance of race ratio in Fu Haotian’s mind Fu Chen knows that Grandpa is busy laughing. You can rest assured that race ratio will definitely achieve a good result.
Fu Haotian remembered that the strength of these people in Yi Lee was stronger than that of Fu Chen, and Fu Chen’s qi was the weakest among the contestants, and he was even more worried. Let alone winning the first place, Fu Haotian would burn incense and worship Buddha, but it was not easy to say that these people were ambitious enough to destroy their grandchildren. Pat Fu Chen on the shoulder and smile. I will take you to the race.
Then pale Fu Junzhan Xiao You came along together.
Fu Chen knew that his father, Fu Junzhan, won the first place in the second race and was seriously injured by Li Jia and Li Gang. For three years, he has been in healing and maintenance. If it were not for the care of Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor in Zhongyuan City, he might have died by this time.
Now I see that my father’s face is paler than before. Obviously, the injury has increased. Many people have been angry with the Li family and secretly decided that I must let Li Gang lose a penny in this tournament, which will hurt my father.
Yi Lee, please wait for me. Today will be an important day for Fu Chen to make a million empires.
Chapter ninety-two Evil Li Gang
Chapter ninety-two Evil Li Gang
Zhongyuan City, the most luxurious and prosperous city in the ten thousand empires, is destined to be a day in enter the dragon today.
At the moment, there are five stone platforms in the center of Zhongyuan City’s noisy and lively big square, and hundreds of hands around the stone platforms are sending out sen Han’s sword spirit and taking knife guards to watch entertainment and embarrassment.
Around the center of the stone stage, there are about 10 thousand chairs arranged step by step, and at this time, tens of thousands of chairs are dark and full of people
People who can live in Zhongyuan City are all big people who have huge money in the empire and can shake their hands and feet.
These people are all famous people in Zhongyuan City. If ten people can get together at ordinary times, it is already a big news.
But now, almost all the wealthy businessmen, businessmen and nobles in Zhongyuan City come to this square in unison.
Because today is an important day to rank among the top ten families in the ten thousand empires, the ranking has been directly attributed to Li Gang, who smiled slightly. These six families know that they can be humiliated when they come, but I didn’t know this would happen in advance.
Li Gang looked at an old man with a thin face behind him and said with guilt, I brought my personal doctor, Mr. Gu Qing, here this time.

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