Aotian Long’s ferocious and terrible smile spread over his face. He organized a cleaning team to study human beings in order to study and stimulate human potential without any side drugs.

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He just took that red pill, which he has studied for several years.
In the Yuan Dynasty, because of the scarcity of spiritual fire, refined pharmacists were scarce, and because of this mainland, refined pharmacists became an extremely precious profession.
There are hundreds of millions of people in the Yuan Dynasty, and their wisdom is limited. Although the conditions for becoming a pharmacist are extremely harsh, since they can’t become a pharmacist, it is also a great achievement for them to settle for the second best and become a doctor.
To call a doctor is to make up for the scarcity of refined pharmacists, but now there is a new occupation. People who engage in this occupation do not need to devour spiritual fire, but need a smart brain.
In the yuan dynasty, the saying that doctors are refined pharmacists is another kind of existence
Of course, because doctors don’t have spiritual fire, they are furious in the process of removing drugs by refining drugs, because after the successful refining, all drugs contain a lot of mate, and after eating them, human beings will lose their minds and become animals, so the profession of doctors will be despised.
However, it doesn’t rule out some talented people who can benefit from the mutual compatibility of some medicinal materials to eliminate the rage in medicinal materials and achieve the efficacy of refining perfect pills.
And Aotian Long is such a person, his brother Long Shutian was sent to the blood red prison for killing people, and Aotian Long’s younger brother swore to save his brother, so as to accumulate strength and become a doctor.
Just after eating the crazy Dan medicine, it immediately turned into a fever. Aotian Long closed his eyes and felt the rising strength of his body
It is the blink of an eye that Kung Fu Long proudly ate the growth agent, and the skin became harder when it was exposed to two meters, which made Fu Chenfa believe that the eyes turned into purple. Aotian Long’s face showed off in the meridians, as if earthworms were crawling slowly and disgusting.
After a burst of bone explosion, Aotian Long laughed horribly and let you see that the doctor is terrible
Suddenly more than two meters, Gao Long covered the sky and turned sharply. With a wave of his hand, the house was harder than tofu and collapsed.
over here
As soon as Long Aotian grimaced, his right hand shrank and a five-meter-long white silver gun was held in his hand. With the silver gun in his hand, his momentum was even higher.
I want your department to die
A wave of Long Aotian’s hand in the silver pike swept Fu Chen and others with a strong strong strong breeze.
Fu Chen, Wu Bo and Li Qingshan, three people just reacted. Fu Chen said, Wu Bo and Li Qingshan, you two attacked me from left and right.
Smell speech is in shock. Wu Bo and Li Qingshan finally woke up and escaped the blow. Two people have been waiting for each other, but because of the other time, their white monsters have consumed most of their true qi in fighting, and they are seriously injured at the moment. Now, whether they can compete with entering the crazy state is still two different things.
Ha Halon is so proud that he is grinning with two purple eyes and shining with fierce eyes. None of you will escape today.
Aotian Long’s silver pike in his hand turned dark blue and the true qi exploded, and he entered the arm holding the pike and wrapped around a dark blue five-meter-long python.
True qi condensate
Wu Bo and Li Qingshan were stunned to see that Zhang Ju’s mouth was showing fangs, and the blue python’s true qi condensate was the symbol of Geo-Yuanshi. Aotian Long’s strength rose unexpectedly after taking Dan medicine.
Fu Chen also believes that looking at the blue python, the python is actually condensed by the dragon proud celestial qi. How much is this guy’s body qi?
Long Aotian laughed wildly all his life. The blue python flashed the snake head and attacked Wu Bo on the left, but his tail grew eyes. He generally swept Li Qingshan on the right with a strong wind.
Be careful Fu Chen roar a way
Bang bang.
Although Wu Bo and Li Qingshan tried their best to resist it, it was good to be able to wrap their lives at the moment because the true qi of the body was close to the point where the oil was exhausted.
Two people like a broken kite flew to 20 meters away.
Fu Chen shook his eyebrows and knocked down two Taiyuan in Li Qingshan, Wu Bo. This still didn’t force the dragon to enter the crazy state. Less strength is the peak of the virtual yuan scholar
You kill me, test me, guard me, and I’m going to take you to pay homage to me today. I’m going to study Jackie Chan’s face when he opens his mouth, and those earthworms are crawling slowly. The scene is extremely terrible
It’s against humanity for you to experiment with orphans, Langhan and other vulnerable groups. You deserve to die today.
Fu Chen coldly looking at not far ahead more than two meters Gao Long proud that he knew that he had met a rival this time and entered the crazy state, and Aotian Long’s skin turned black like a rock.
Clenched in the hands of Biyuanyang sword force to mobilize 14 thousand volts high-voltage blink of an eye at the tip of the sword and condensed into a white ball the size of a basketball, in which the filar silk arc forks back and forth strangely before
On what monster Long Aotian has become? If he is still a person, he will be knocked down by me.
Fu Chen’s body qi was rapidly encouraged, and then he suddenly and violently drank the bullets.
The ball of light cut through the virtual place, and the darkness became blurred.
Aotian Long around python suddenly disappeared, but his bowl fist suddenly hit the ball of light.
Fu Chen, Wu Bo, Li Qingshan and others exclaimed the power of this light ball together. They all knew that Aotian Long had to reach out to this thing directly. Wouldn’t that be a death?

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