Xiaojie has been reflecting on himself since he was born in Tongtian. Although he doesn’t have many skills, he is still flexible. He has been thinking about when and what kind of skills are the most suitable and practical, especially last night’s World War I super magic light made Xiaojie more white about the beauty of skills.

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Xiaojie’s killing move is to move the mobile technique behind the other side when forcing the succubus Lord to the edge of the blood fountain to kill him. At this time, the violent Lord’s sneak attack on Xiaojie startled Xiaojie, but in the form, Xiaojie almost gave people the illusion that Xiao was swallowed up by the raging fire of the prison at the moment. Xiaojie was face to face with the succubus Lord. At this moment, when he woke up, he had already taken a very sharp blade on his chest.
Xiaojie turned his hand and threw the goat Lord into the blood spring, but the goat Lord made a dying scream when he was about to fall into the blood spring
Liu Yueshen’s most and best skill is teleportation, so she really felt Xiaojie’s teleportation skill when the violent Lord attacked Xiaojie. She didn’t close her eyes like others, but confidently saw everything on the battlefield.
After the lust Lord sank into the blood spring, the other fire lords were all stupid and stabbed by the artifact Extreme Sky Blade. Is there still hope? This was the first thought of the lust Lord. Secondly, it thought of what it would be like for the Extreme Sky Blade to pierce itself as a chest. It dared not think about it. Now Xiaojie has become a devil in the eyes of the lust Lord, and it seems to be like a lamb facing the devil.
Xiaojie walked towards the violent Lord step by step with the pole blade. A grimace appeared on Xiaojie’s face. The distance between the two sides was more than ten meters. Xiaojie hit the violent Lord with a sledgehammer at every step.
In the fifth step of Xiao Jiemai, the spirit of the violent Lord completely collapsed. It plunged into the blood spring and fled. When other fire fighters saw the violent Lord escape, they chose to escape, and the battlefield became quiet.
At this time, Wang Po and other talents struggled to open their eyes in front of them. The fact made Wang Po and others point out that Tang Xiaojie stood proudly in front of the blood with a pole blade. The last one or two fire days just jumped into the blood spring to escape. The demons are now out of sight. A battlefield is already quiet. Liu Yue looked at the old lady and two other partners and secretly laughed.
This is what’s going on? Abortion Wang Po ke Baba asked Liu Yue.
Wang Popo, it’s all over. This Tang Xiaojie is our savior. The lust Lord was assassinated by his sword. The other satans all fled. Liu Yuebian said with a happy look in his eyes.
Oh, Wang Po marveled and trembled slightly. Is Tang Xiaojie okay? His old lady said the second half of the sentence and swallowed it back into her stomach. Because he was asking, he was an idiot. If Xiaojie was really attacked by the violent Lord, it would not be like this now. After thinking about it, the old lady laughed. Anyway, this campaign was very successful.
Finally, Xiaojie woke up in the old Wang Po with a spell, a blood spring in the frozen sea turned into an ice spring in an instant, and finally it was blown into a deep pit in a flashing silver light of destruction. After that, the earth shook and the land moved into the deep pit, and all the people flew to the middle to watch this great change image.
About thirty minutes later, the earth recovered its appearance, the blood spring has been flooded by the land, and the flat earth has no traces of blood. At the same time, the old lady Liu Yue, Sun Chongwu and Bobby Chen fell into happiness and joy. They cried and shouted that they would be trapped in the bottom of their hearts. This is a victory from despair.
At this time, both young Sun Chongwu, Bobby Chen, Liu Yue and old Wang Popo cried tears of happiness. Xiaojie was still infected by four people, although he didn’t have a personal meeting. He knew that this person was the same as when the Armand people got rid of the rule of Morgada, and they had gained a new life.
Xiaojie stared at the four lucky animals. He hoped that this would make them enjoy this atmosphere. The old lady was the first to wake up from happiness. He looked at Xiaojie with a smile. His eyes were wet again. Grandma Wang went to Xiaojie and took Xiaojie’s hand and said, thank you, son. Thank you so much. On behalf of the people of a country, I thank you.
Xiaojie looked excited, and Wang Po was also very happy. He smiled and said no thanks to Wang Po. Consider it fate. Don’t forget that I came here. Xiaojie knows that saying this at this time destroys the atmosphere, but Xiaojie also misses his own world, and he is still waiting for him to think about others. He is also very anxious.
The old lady looked at Xiaojie excitedly and said, I won’t forget the young man. You are our great benefactor. How can I break my promise to you? Then Wang Po shivered and touched the light ring from her arms and gave it to Xiaojie.
Xiaojie took the light ring into his hand and carefully watched this simple and precious treasure. He put the ring on his left hand and middle finger, and his heart was full of success. This is a sense of accomplishment. He completed the light test of hope.
When Xiaojie put the finger on his hand, the beautiful and mysterious light wall behind him became beautiful, and the bright sound of hope sounded in Xiaojie and others’ hearts. You succeeded. Congratulations to you and my master.
Xiaojie turned to hope light and said, it’s time for us to go home. We still have many future challenges waiting for us.
I hope so, but grandma Wang has something to say to you.
Hearing the words of hope, Xiaojie looked back at Wang Po puzzled.
Wang Po looked at Xiaojie with a smile and said, Don’t you want the ten pieces of equipment?
Xiaojie woke up. Yes, how could I forget this? He smiled and said to Wang Po, Old Lady, now that I have finished my work, should I get paid?
I’m the one who told you that the ten pieces of equipment are ten crystal necklaces with elemental strength. It may not be great for you to be so strong, but it should be an absolute treasure for your companions. Wang Po seems to be a little tempting when he says this.
Xiaojie hurriedly said, of course, should I have these ten necklaces according to the agreement? Xiaojie said, thinking that this trip was really a big success.
Wang Po laughed, but I can give you one thing. I didn’t say you have to do one thing if you want to take these ten necklaces.
Xiaojie was a little anxious at this. Why are you still like this? How can you not keep your word when you are so old?
Wang Po see xiaojie sample hurriedly said you hear me out is a good thing.
Xiaojie, tell me what’s good. I’m in a hurry to get back. The fact on your side is over. There are still many things waiting for me on my side.
Wang Po looked around Liu Yue Liu Yue suddenly became nervous. She caught a glimpse of Xiaojie and then hid behind Sun Chongwu and Bobby Chen.
Wang Po smiled and said that these ten pieces of equipment are Liu Yue’s wedding clothes. You know, if you want to take ten necklaces, you have to marry Liu Yue, too. She can be a flower in China, our country.
Lure. Absolute lure.
Xiaojie’s fire is on the top of his head. He never thought that the old lady was still waiting for him in one hand. Now Xiaojie looks at him more and more like selling Pan Xinlian Wang Po to Ximen Qing. Isn’t this taking me as Ximen Qing? Xiaojie drummed for half a day and didn’t say a word, but his eyes are burning with fire.
Wang Po, of course, has seen Xiaojie’s mind at such a big age. She knows that this promotion will not succeed. In fact, she really wants to marry Liu Yue to Tang Xiaojie. She has clearly judged Xiaojie’s strength. If Xiaojie can marry Liu Yue, it will be hopeless if she pays attention here. But today, it seems that Xiaojie’s attitude seems to be legal.
Wang Popo, you don’t know Xiaojie, and I don’t know your mood. Forget ten pieces of equipment, but Xiaojie has helped you so much. Can you give Xiaojie a gift? I hope the sound will help Xiaojie at the same time.
Wang Popo looked at the mysterious hope light and sighed, yes, I am white.
No, just give Tang Xiaojie the earthen ring. You didn’t keep the ring, but Xiaojie can help him a lot when he gets it. When he returns to his own world, he has to face the black brother May. You should understand Xiaojie’s world. Although May is a gangster, he is also a master of earthen magic. We will soon make him hope. This statement is a big shock to both Xiaojie and Wang Popo.

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