Is this how he slows me down? Cao Zirui guessed that he could fly back at the same time.

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Just as Cao Zirui tried to avoid Zhu Kang, a hateful sound came to mind from behind Cao Zirui, but Yufeng attacked the two quasi-deities dzogchen from behind and attacked Cao Zirui before and after. He was twisted like a twisted one and filled with two-color light.
Peng Cao Zirui exploded in the area for a moment, and the area shone as dazzling as the sun.
Almost dead, right? Zhu Kang is full of confidence. Even if I face this blow, I guess I will lose my combat effectiveness on the spot.
Hum, it’s cheaper for her. Yufeng seems to have endless resentment
Cao Zirui suddenly rushed from the explosion core, and then Cao Zirui looked at Zhu Kangyufeng not far away. At this time, Cao Zirui was pale and her back was stained with blood, and her body was crumbling. Anyone can see her current situation.
Haha, Cao Quan, your daughter is dying. You can help, but I want to wake you up. There is only one place left in your Cao family. If you go, my other one will not stand by and watch. Haha, the seat is full of smiles. Obviously, it is a shoo-in.
The Cao family are all white and gray, Cao Quan’s eyes are black, and the Cao family is finished, that is, I will go to an aerospace flight, which is the limit. We may be able to win the seal force, but Yu’s family can do no less than us, and now it is impossible to win.
Cao Quan has completely lost his fighting spirit.
Ha, ha, ha, uncle Zhu, you are watching me. Look, this has lost its fighting capacity. I’m going to play well and let him die again and again. Yufeng’s obscene smile on the battlefield is particularly harsh.
Soon Yufeng rushed directly to Cao Zirui. At this time, Cao Zirui was really faltering. Facing Yufeng, she could avoid her failure to surrender with a miserable smile. This war is too significant for Cao Cao to give up, but she tried her best to save her life, but her seal strength was almost broken up. Now she has the ability.
Will she save me? At this last moment, Cao Zirui can’t help but think of Yuan Ye. He knows that Yuan Ye will win if he wants to, but since Yuan Ye doesn’t want to be in public, isn’t she familiar with women’s hands?
Haha, it’s a little slow now, like a snail. I’m playing dead. You suddenly think of the obscene sound in your ear. Yufeng still chased it. He caught it with a claw. He didn’t scratch Cao Zirui’s back, but he just caught all the clothes on his back to expose the white and attractive skin. Yufeng put the close-fitting clothes on the tip of his nose and took two deep breaths.
Haha stripped her naked, and suddenly the family of Mianyu howled.
Watch this, all of you, and let this make the city man feel good.
Khan, this is too much. This Yufeng is damn far away. Yuan Yenai sighs that he has always paid attention to a battlefield. He has a good impression on Cao Zirui. Plus this Yufeng is really scum. Yuan Ye decided to start.
Will own skin mask and check the side Yuan Ye dry cough two take a breath to 13 attributes must honour dzogchen level Yuan Ye is suddenly disappeared.
Haha, the four attributes are more interesting. Yufeng’s rampant laughter has already made people tinnitus.
Cao Zirui looked desperate on the battlefield, because at this moment, her seal power disappeared, and the seal power was exhausted by the former because of the severe fighting and injury, which directly declared Cao Zirui’s death.
Come on, Yufeng Magic grabbed Cao Zirui’s back buttock, but
Peng 779 shou
That Cao Zirui’s waist reached his hips and his clothes were torn, especially the leg was white, although it was a little, but it was enough to change the tone of the spectators.
Haha, young master stripped this slut naked, let’s all taste the meat. Seeing this scene, I don’t know how many Yu brothers are waiting to roll their eyes and howl.
Not Yu’s family, even the neutral forces. Many men see such a beautiful woman in Leng Yan whose back is torn by people, so their snow-white skin is also trying to watch that they are unwilling to let go of a detail. Even Cao’s family is resentful, but at the same time, they still have a strange feeling. After all, it is impossible for men to face such a beautiful woman in Leng Yan. Although the drama is not yet over, it is enough to make people think about it. This is beyond control.
I won’t let you succeed if I die, beast. Cao Zirui roared with indignation.
Haha, if you ask me again, I promise to make you suffer.
Haven’t say that finish boom yu feng suddenly a huge fist crashing now and then yu feng personally is inverted to the blood with several teeth fall.
This scene is not to mention that everyone around Yufeng feels incredible. Although Cao Cao can’t surrender even if he is humiliated in this situation, after all, it is a family with the most life and death. Cao Cao will help Cao Zirui again. Many people have guessed that Cao Quan will be angry at this time, but they never dreamed that his hand is not Cao Quan but a white Tong Guan old handrail standing on the battlefield is a master taste.
Hey, what’s going on? Who’s that old man? Isn’t there only one place left in this Cao family? Is that him?
It should be Cao Quan. Even if Cao Cao is a master, Cao Quan or he should be there, otherwise they will not be defeated in the first three games. I think this old man can’t watch his own hands. After all, these old guys are dying. They don’t want to see a woman who is ruined. It’s really unlucky to see them.
Don’t worry about Yufeng’s adult’s strength. Zhu Kang’s adult’s strength is also just an old thing that can resist this lot. That Cao Zirui will continue to meet us today. It’s that Cao Jia is completely ruined this time, and his chance of winning is now taken up by a sudden villain. On the contrary, Cao Quan is the strongest. Without his mobile phone, Cao Jia will be removed from the list after today.
Around the square, those neutral forces returned to Yu’s family in Yuan Yexian, whispering and sneering, while Cao’s family was cold at the bottom. They were also very grateful to this man for saving Cao Zirui, but they also wanted to go without strength, instead of helping Cao’s family, they hurt him. These little people thought differently.
Cao Quan’s heart was cold in Yuan Ye’s hand for the first time, but when he saw Yuan Ye blow Yufeng away with one punch, he didn’t even react to Zhu Kang next to him. Look at the man’s breath, but he can’t see through it. After all, he can’t go if he wants to.
Cao Quan, you still have one hand, but that man seems to be stronger than you and me. Cao Jia is still dying with me. Looking at Cao Quan on the other side, it’s cold.
Hum, taunt Cao Quangen in the face of each other and not step on it.
In the complicated emotions of all parties, Yufeng was beaten in public and lost two fangs. A huge shame and anger flooded my heart again, but he dared not rashly go to the counter-strength, and he was chased by Cao Zirui before. Now it is also uncomfortable to meet the master.
I’m still hurt like this here. Go ahead, Yuan Ye. Give Cao Zirui his coat at this time, and leave it with the hidden breath armor and the old serious sound.
It’s Cao Zirui’s gentle devotion, and the beautiful face has been completely replaced by Xin. If it weren’t for the public, he would be happy to hug Yuan Ye and kiss him. Even this is exciting and shy. The little girl hugged Yuan Ye with a red face.
Seeing this scene, Yufeng was so angry that he vomited blood. It was that he wanted to play with women, and he wanted to play with women. He even hugged another man in front of so many people, that is, the man was an old man, but Yufeng was also very possessive.
I surrendered, Cao Zirui said without hesitation, and then I took a deep look at Yuan Ye.
Surrender Cao Zirui’s words suddenly caused an uproar. The importance of this World War I is self-evident, and Cao Zirui’s entry into the family is considered as giving up. Before that, she was stubborn on the most cruel and cold edge and never surrendered. Now she did not hesitate to surrender. It is not Cao Zirui’s sudden brain problem. It is that he is very confident and very confident in this old man.
Yujia, you and I teamed up to slay Zhu Kang. At this time, we walked somberly to face ourselves. We can’t see through the master. We are ready to lay siege to this siege. There are not many rules than Dougen. All of them were born before the siege of foreign aid, and they were also allowed.
Ok, I must let him live and die. Yufeng looks cold and drinks a way.

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