Oh, it’s an army. Uncle Li is on the ground. He looks at two people coming and asks the army, do you think the stock is not good now?

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Yeah, it’s going to plummet, Zhang Jun said
What can we do? It’s all trapped. Hey, that uncle Zhang is sighing. There is really no better language for two people to look at them. Finally, Zhang Jun was cruel and said, let’s leave. Maybe it’s a high point in the future.
Watching the two old people go away, the two people feel uncomfortable. Let’s go. Yang Jiahui took him home. It was already very cold and aggravated outside, but it was warm. After dinner, the family sat in the living room and chatted. When asked about the stock market, both of them shook their heads and sighed. Yang Jiahui said that the stock market is probably falling more than expected now, because the mortgage crisis in the United States is going to wave the world.
Oh, can it be that bad? asked the mother
Father also asked our company that it was good that many people’s stocks had been trapped and I didn’t know what to do.
Value companies will be better after they can survive, but most of them are hard to say.
After listening to Yang Jiahui’s words, the two elders looked at each other. They really don’t understand what the future can endure, but they can’t endure it in the future, so they don’t talk about stocks. Jiahui, if stocks are not good, what are you going to do in the future? Mother asked.
Zhang Jun chimed in at this moment and said that Lao Hou was going to let us go today, and we also wanted to go and have a look.
Well, you’re all big kids. You should make up your own mind.
Because it was very cold outside, Zhang Jun gave his bed to Yang Jiahui, and he slept on the sofa all night. Fortunately, the heating at home was good, and he didn’t feel cold when he slept in the room.
It’s another easy day and a tangled market. Several people sit in the big room and watch and chat about the market lazily. Everyone can’t stand the spirit. Among the four people, Rong Zhang made a net profit of more than ten points, and the rest of them were all defeated. Faced with such a market, it’s almost human to the extreme.
Still playing? Lao Cao asked everyone
Zhang Jun shook his head and said, what’s the ratio? It’s against the trend.
Rong Zhang laughed aside and told everyone that she had earned more than 8 yuan these days, which was really unexpected.
A few people can’t stop dumb. This is also unexpected.
A few people were sitting in the room chatting, and suddenly they felt that it was suddenly dark in the room. When they came to Zhang Jun, they looked back at the window and said that it was going to change, so since it was not easy, why don’t we just take the money clean? What do you think?
all right
When it was lunchtime again, several people discussed leaving them, talking and laughing. Yi suddenly heard people selling hot dumplings with three fresh fillings outside the door. Who would buy dumplings with three fresh fillings?
When I heard that two women were selling, they both sipped their mouths and smiled and quickly left Zhang Jun. When I suddenly remembered something, I chased Jiahui and asked if you wanted to eat dumplings with three fresh stuffing.
I’m not hungry today. Yang Jiahui finished talking and walked in front without looking back. Zhang Jun gave a hand at Lao Cao Zhang Rong and hurried back to the past. Hey, what’s wrong with walking so fast?
Nothing. Let’s eat kebabs. Yang Jiahui took him straight to the Mongolian barbecue shop diagonally across the road.
Big brother and big sister are here.
Beautiful Wulan Tuoya smiled and gave them a seat by the window. Zhang Jun casually asked for two bowls of hot noodles and a few kebabs, and then looked at the other side. Yang Jiahui saw her hands leaning on her jaws, but her eyes were looking at the door of Yi Hall. Zhang Jun couldn’t understand it. Looking down at her eyes, she found that everything was old and there was nothing unusual, which made her even more puzzled. What was Jiahui looking at?
Nothing to eat.
Yang Jiahui smiled strangely and bowed his head and stopped talking. Zhang Jun didn’t have the heart to ask questions, so he ate his own hot noodles. At this time, a few people came in from the outside. They shouted and cursed as they walked. What is this? I lost all my money in the broken stock market. It’s fucking bad luck.
This is a man with a strong Shandong accent. Everyone is shouting and cursing. The two of them looked up and saw that he was five big and three thick, and his black skin was more angry. He sat directly in a chair and several other people sat around him. The Shandong accent Han went on to say that he didn’t want to enter the stock market when he was old. This is great. After losing so much money in one year, how can he treat his wife with sorrow?
The other one, with a strong Shandong accent, said, Brother Wu, don’t you still want to make money? What’s the noise?

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