The dragon is a burning dragon!

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The light blue dragon and dragon knife are integrated. Its dragon head is the tip of the knife, the dragon body is the blade, and the dragon tail is the handle. Who dares to underestimate it?
Anyone who dares to take the knife of Xiao Wu must have it, but it is definitely not the Golden Shield Twelve, even if it is equivalent to the level of the fairy.
Shield twelve mess to duck dragon sword with unparalleled strength and momentum cut on the deck of the yellow, boom, a loud noise, and the whole deck trembled for a moment!
Xiao Wu’s toughness makes the Golden Shield Twelve seem to have returned to looking at Xiao Wu 10,000 years ago, and its eyes reveal a sense of color for the first time, which is the respect and worship of one strong person for another absolute strong person.
Golden shield 12 changed its strategy to fight Xiao Wu, a pervert. If we use the method of strength to fight, it is undoubtedly a death. It will use spells to attack.
The envoy of the Golden Shield XII is the most common but most direct and effective flying knife technique of prehistoric metal goblins. The flying knife technique is so simple that you don’t need to recite any spells. As long as the mind of the metal goblin moves the next moment, it can produce the most violent attack. Therefore, when the attack idea of Golden Shield Twelve comes into being, its broadsword is immediately broken down into hundreds of flying knives with finger thickness and swept away to Xiao Wu.
When the idea of the spell attack of the Golden Shield 12 was produced, the power grid and dragon scales on Xiao Wu also reacted at the same time, and they flashed and covered Xiao Wu’s whole body.
However, it seems that it is still too late for a power grid and dragon scales to form a complete protective net. Five of the flying knives of the Golden Shield 12 have been swept over the left and right shoulders of Xiao Wu, and the rest of the flying knives have been bounced off by the power grid, but they were not so lucky when they came into contact with Long Lin’s flying knives. They were caught by Long Lin and soon absorbed.
This is only an experimental battle against Golden Shield Twelve, and it doesn’t mean to hurt Xiao Wu, but it didn’t expect Xiao Wu’s power to be so strong, but his spell was so bad that he couldn’t believe it. Perhaps it should be accurately said that Xiao Wu, its owner, should not be regarded as a practitioner at all, but should belong to the category of a warrior.
"Master, can’t you spell attack?" A hurt to shaw hardware shield twelve some trepidation back a few steps that was bounced off the deck by the power grid, and the golden flying knives flocked to its hands. Suddenly, the shape of the broadsword was restored, and only a part of it was swallowed up by Long Lin. At this time, the broadsword was obviously smaller than before.
But Xiao Wu didn’t seem to hear what Shield Twelve was saying. He looked at the two wounds on the left shoulder with some callousness, which were obviously different from the three wounds on his right shoulder. The wound on the right shoulder was rolled over, and it was clear that blood was surging inside, but it just didn’t flow out. The wound on the left shoulder showed a mark of metal being scratched instead of rolled over.
It’s really a strange feeling like metal. On the wound of his left shoulder, Xiao Wu couldn’t feel the pain at all, but it was a hard and cold feeling. He even suspected that his left shoulder was a steel part instead of flesh and blood!
Xiao Wu suddenly remembered the magical Guanghua substance absorbed from the metal sphere in Tang Lan’s brain, which was the unknown mystery he was searching hard for. Under the coincidence of this battle, he cracked the substance absorbed from Tang Lan, which can obviously strengthen his defense ability in times of crisis, and its way is that this instant metallization is strong against strong.
The power originated from Tang Lan is roughly the same. Naturally, there are more fans waiting for Xiao Wu to crack it. But Xiao Wu now wants to know more about the characteristics of the power absorbed from Xu Qingqing and Qin Keer.
Of course, what Xiao Wu wants to know most is what he can get from what he has absorbed from his sycophantic son. After all, that thing is secreted from that place, which is very yellow and dirty, but it is more mysterious and unknown than the three proprietress.
Golden Shield Twelve obviously doesn’t understand the inner activities of its master at this time. It is still the same doubt in its heart. "Master, you, you really can’t attack with spells?" This is no good. The higher the enemy, the more horrible his spell attack is. You must strengthen your spell practice. "
"Who said I wouldn’t?" Shaw five return to absolute being, he still pulled out a crumpled lightning symbol from the storage bracelet.
"What’s that?" Shield twelve curious to ask.
"Lightning symbol." Shaw five will hand flat up.
The depressed mood of Golden Shield Twelve at this time is even worse than that of the lightning power that was defeated by Xiao Wu. It is even worse to think that it is a golden demon equivalent to the fairy level, and its worshiped and loyal master can only make lightning operators! This is a disgrace to the name of Qinglong, the patron saint of the East. If you don’t say it, it’s a disgrace!
"Golden Shield Twelve, do you want to try its power?" Xiao Wu asked.
The Golden Shield stands motionless. If Xiao Wu really wants to deal with it with lightning charms, it intends not to make any resistance.
"That’s it. Be careful." Shaw five hey hey smile his laughter and he and Tang Lan they sleep in the same bed as lewd.
Golden Shield Twelve didn’t blink an eye. It thought it was too funny to use a spell like lightning operator to deal with it, but it had to be careful. But when a bucket of lightning came out of Xiao Wu’s hand and went straight for it, it realized how wrong it was.
Lightning also has the shape of a dragon, with a dragon head, a dragon body, a dragon tail and even scales and limbs clearly visible.
Under such a dragon-shaped lightning, the Golden Shield 12 was simply thrown into the sky, and then smashed on a fighter plane parked on the deck after crossing hundreds of meters.
The cockpit of the fighter plane was rotten into a pair of waste residue shields, and twelve of them were thrown into the sea by the rebound force.
Xiao Wu looked at the burning fighter and immediately disappeared on the deck with a sprint of 100 meters. At present, the cost of the fifth generation fighters in the world is tens of millions of dollars, but it is unknown what the price of the eighth generation fighters of the fox family is. If Fox Dashan turns against him and wants him to pay for it, he can’t even afford to sell blood and sperm.
Xiao Wuyi flashed in the blazing fire, and the fox mountain showed its original shape from mid-air. It was not until Xiao Wu’s two sturdy ass eggs disappeared from his sight that he said a word during the recovery. "Boy, even my father-in-law dared to lie to me and not dig out your secret, so my baby granddaughter let you play in vain!"

Chapter ninety-seven
As soon as the confinement power in the absolute field of Longyuan is removed, the actions of the Yellow and two frigates are completely unrestricted. At the behest of Fox Mountain, the three ships, Yellow, Fang and Coffin, sailed to the island and blocked it in three directions.
Only Fox Mountain and several of his heavyweight relatives, Xiao Wu, were able to land on the island, and his four women, Fox Yang, Fox Moon and Fox Show, all of whom added up to only fifteen people.
Xiao Wu knew what Fox Mountain wanted to do. He simply took Fox Mountain to the prototype canyon in the center of the island.
"This is it." Xiao Wu pointed to the misty bottomless canyon and said to Fox Mountain.

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