Chi Yao successfully played the role of a silly elder sister, as if she had never seen anything in the city. She looked here and there, touched her mouth and kept muttering, "What a big reservoir there is never such a thing in my house." Then somehow she suddenly slapped her arm and said, "Why are there mosquitoes in this warehouse?"

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Yang Feng Tao Tao ears "line don’t wordy son will take you to find elder brother"
Chi Yao smiled "Good Brother"
Focus on eavesdropping on Lin Ya’s lost headphones and immediately install "the old warehouse next to the Northern Suburb Reservoir will take people out quickly"
"Wait, the captain has something for you." A policewoman stopped him.
"Who’s fucking talking at this time?" Lin Ya took it. "Who’s busy?"
"Jing Muyun" opposite to a deep voice.
"Commander, you said," Lin Ya immediately respected.
"Where is the prisoner?"
"In the old warehouse of Beijiao Reservoir"
Then the words were cut off. Linya paused for a moment. Commander, this means personally.
"Is the captain still coming?"
Lin Ya return to absolute being "go"
At eleven o’clock, the warehouse door was kicked. Lin Ya took five people to kick the door and broke into his hand and aimed at the two men inside. "Don’t move your hands."
"How did I get here?" The bald head quickly grabbed one side with a low curse and a backhand. Chi Yao stood in front of her and put a small knife rest on her neck. "I’ll kill her if you come here."
Linya looked at Chiyao, who smiled back at him, so Linya slowly retreated with his bald head and walked out of the warehouse slowly with a tall Chiyao.
"What if there’s another one inside?" Yang Feng asked.
"Life-saving matters"
Chi Yao looked cool and followed their pace, looking for a suitable opportunity to break free.
Bare head didn’t walk a few steps when he heard the sound of "step by step". In front of the dim light, a group of soldiers dressed in gray were domineering and surrounded the warehouse. Among them, a tall man dressed in white had a facial expression opposite Chiyao.
Bald, I have never seen this appearance, that white man’s body, that strong aura is terrible, and Linya never thought it would be like this. I feel that I am weak with this team.
"You, you don’t care if the hostages live or die."
Jing Muyun’s eyes swept away and Chi Yao was "reflexive"
Bald is talking to him, but in a second, his hand holding the knife rest is suddenly reversed by a clever effort, and the pain hits inertia and makes him let go.
"lie down"
Bang bang bang.
In the pool away from lying around for a moment, the bald head and Yang Feng were mixed with pain, and they became living targets, but they didn’t hit the key. They hurt their hands and feet and lost their ability to act.
Jingmuyun pulled Chi Yao up and his face was ugly. "Who told you to come?"
""What is he angry about?
Jingmuyun stared at her biting her lips and stubbornly compromised "wait for a while to send you back to school"
When they successfully rescued Sun Man and handcuffed the suspect, Lin Ya gave a military salute to Jing Muyun, "thanking the commander for his great assistance."
Me? Me? My name is Linya.
"Go back and write a 5,000-word review and punish the army," said Jing Muyun suddenly.
"Hey, what me?"
"Letting female college students be bait should not be punished"
Lin Ya was wronged and said, "But she took the initiative and she said she had studied martial arts." So he didn’t worry about letting her seduce the enemy. Look at her skill just now. The reaction speed is very fast.

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