Teller Wang was afraid that Jishu didn’t understand and raised his voice again. "Do you think this only earned ten thousand yuan in almost a month? What if it fell again after two months?" You are a big customer in our sales department. I am worried! "

5 minutes, 5 seconds Read

"Wang Ge takes a long view. Just now, the investors in the building are right. It is not impossible for foreign countries to double the stock market for many years."
Ji Shu’s tone is light, like he doesn’t care.
Teller Wang’s forehead is sweating. "Of course, it’s up to Comrade Ji to decide for yourself. I’m worried that it’s not bad if the market repeatedly fails to confirm the income on your side;" One thousand fell to 86 yuan … "
"I definitely won’t sell it, and I’ll buy it if I have it recently."
Ji Shu said firmly.
Teller Wang’s eyes stare like two big two bells. I can’t believe my ears.
He heard from the commercial bank that Comrade Ji is very wealthy and has a large monthly income in business at home.
But she still wants to buy stocks? One hundred thousand dollars is not enough!
Play, play so big!
"Are you sure?" Teller Wang paused and said, "But it’s really on the rise recently. We don’t have any stocks to sell to you."
Jishu got up and digested happily.
"Wang Ge Wang Ge, you think about the market, no one is willing to sell it. This is called reluctance to sell this stock price. If it will fall? In fact, the people in your sales department are the best judges of trends. I suggest you look at this aspect more. "
Of course, you may not make money after reading it, but it’s better than seeing it in the dark.
The stock market is unpredictable, and Ji Shu’s generation has suffered a lot.
In this life, hey, hey, she wants to be accurate and high-pitched!
You have something to say.
By September, 1999, the price was almost 5 yuan, which fluctuated in the middle. The price in this article is not necessarily accurate. If you are born again, remember to buy it. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 5163:4:1~5173:56:51 ~
Thank you for throwing a mine, angel watermelon and red wine;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 183 Chapter 183
Speaking of buying a brain, Ji Shu is really a little worried.
This brain thing was really strange in the early 1990s, but Wang Peiwen immediately agreed to Ji Shu’s application with no budget.
At that time, she even shot a approving look from behind her tortoise-shell glasses.
Miss Ji, you have a good eye. Now big companies in Singapore are all equipped with personal brains. I believe that mastering brain technology is excellent for you personally and our company.
Wang Peiwen is like this, with a cold face and a warm heart. It is unprecedented for him to say such praise.
Ji Shu smiled and replied, "Don’t worry, Jye, I found a foreign aid to help me purchase, so let’s buy one, together."
Wang Peiwen bowed his head and sorted out the files in his hand, which contained her work notes.
She didn’t look up. "I don’t want to share one with you. It’s a new era, and Miss Jihai is so open. I think you can be bolder."
Ji Shu thought for a while and seemed to understand Wang Peiwen’s meaning.
Mo Kuangfeng and Ji Shu met in an overpass in Xujiahui.
It was not until 1995 that the brain city of Fuzhou Road Science and Technology Store began to take shape, and it was not until 1998 that Xujiahui Bainaohui opened.
At this time, there are only a few dealers to buy brains, and there is no large brain city.
"How do you think of buying a brain?"
MoKuangFeng took JiShu hand, eyes very gentle.
Ji Shu thinks that when it comes to computers, Mo Kuangfeng is happier than usual, especially when talking to Ji Shu about computers.
Ji Shu probably said his own idea, "I think not only the unit should be equipped with brains, but also individuals should be equipped with brains. If you can fuck your brain, you will definitely get a raise. What else can you play games to see?"
She vaguely remembers that it will become a trend to learn "five strokes typing" in the training class in the future.
"We Ji Shu have a good eye."
After they met, they walked along the street for a distance of about one kilometer.
It’s really comfortable to walk in the beautiful sunshine in spring and smell the flowers in the roadside flower beds.
"This is a friend of mine who runs a brain shop. He knows a lot about hardware and is an enthusiast. He has been playing with assembling brains since four or five years ago."
In fact, Ji Shu knows that Mo Kuangfeng is mainly engaged in software, not hardware.
It’s like computer graduates may not be able to repair their brains, but Mo Kuangfeng seems confident and knows a lot about hardware.
No JiShu think more about two people stay at the door of a small appearance room.
The facade is about miles wide and not deep, and the total area will not exceed tens of square meters.
In frontispiece, there is a signboard in black and white on a big white background, Koko Brain Distribution Department.
Mo Kuang-feng winked at the facade. "Here it is."
Ji Shu was busy walking inside, and when his eyes got used to the light inside, he found that there were dozens of computers inside.
In Jishu’s view, it’s an antique brain to be exact.
The display screen is like a prominent big head with a rectangular bottom, and the keyboard lines are stiff. The whole screen is clumsy and doesn’t look very bright.
After the latest brain JiShu … Silent.
Just be a typewriter! It’s much better than an old typewriter
There have been two or three men in the shop, one in a crisp suit and the other in a shirt with a sweater over it. They are always decent people.

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