Li Guanghan showed disdain.

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Jishu shook his head and looked dignified.
"The problem is that there is a lot of information, which is actually the accounting material of Guanhua Primary School. I can prove many problems by reading this material overnight, such as purchasing substandard and inferior cement and so on."
Guanhua Primary School is the tofu dregs project that Feng Guangyao built to kill the old janitor.
Guang-han li surprised expression immediately face gloomy again.
"JiFen really can get such materials? Can Feng Guangyao be stupid enough to let Ji Fen find these materials easily? "
Li Guanghan asked
Ji Shu nodded and Li Guanghan proved to be Mo Kuangfeng’s choice of people to see at a glance.
How can such materials be found by ordinary people by old fox Feng Guangyao?
"The material is too good to be true. I suspect that Feng Guangyao deliberately leaked it to Jifen. My cousin either helped Feng Guangyao lie to me and misled me or was cheated by Feng Guangyao."
Li Guanghan nodded.
He’s been in society for so many years, and it’s the first time he’s seen Ji Shu and Feng Guangyao fighting like this.
Both of them are clever, but Feng Guangyao is more terrible than Ji Shu because he is also vicious.
At first, he thought that talent like Ji Shu would not lose to Feng Guangyao.
But now he’s a little unsure
"Boss Ji, let’s be careful. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, Xiao Mo won’t let me go!"
Just said a stereo, "You know I won’t let you go?"
Ji Shu turned to look at Mo Kuangfeng coming from the beautiful spring flowers at the gate of the community with a smile on his face.
He is tall and wears a short jacket, which makes spring look worse.
Ji Shuxin suddenly relaxed a lot.
"I told you not to come. Why?"
Words are all surprises.
You have something to say.
Return! Return! It’s a little late to update!
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
JiShu unconsciously walked towards MoKuangFeng.
They just hugged each other at the edge of the Spring Festival flowers, and Li Guanghan looked sour.
He has been alone for years because he has to take care of his mother and be a double-faced person for Mo spruce. Now he turns his head to see passers-by
Pedestrians laughed when they saw a young man and a young woman embracing each other in spring.
"How to worry about me? Doubt my ability? "
Knowing that Mo Kuangfeng didn’t mean it, Ji Shu couldn’t help but talk with a little hook.
Mo Kuangfeng knew this was Ji Shu’s coquetry, so she chimed in, "How dare I miss Juck Zhang? Come to see him and see how things are going with you?"
JiShu poof yi smile arm in arm with MoKuangFeng.
Ji Shu turned to Li Guanghan and said, "Brother Li, let’s take a walk. Why don’t you go to the company first?"
Now Li Guanghan’s name is Jianyi Construction Wushi Branch, and the employees are actually Ji Shu’s secret and private bodyguards.
"Okay! Xiao Mo has come in person. I have nothing to worry about! "
Li Guanghan pursed his lips and borrowed Santana to drive away.
Ji Shu told Mo Kuangfeng everything that happened these days.
"Is the information your cousin gave you so valuable this time?"
"Feng Guangyao is insidious. This may be that Feng Guangyao deliberately gave information."
Jishu thought and said with his head down
"By the way, how do you know that there is something wrong with the primary school? You haven’t returned to Takeshi for so long, can you still have these news? "
Mo Kuangfeng’s seemingly casual question made Ji Shu shudder.
"As I said, we are a company engaged in engineering. In this industry, workers flow with each other, and everyone knows that Feng Guangyao is so bad to the workers. Of course, some people are not satisfied with him."
Ji Shu spoke confidently. Mo Kuangfeng stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms. "Okay, okay."
Ji Shu was in a hurry to change the subject and said, "I have entrusted Feng Guang to do something for me. This thing is the real killer. First, Feng Guangyao gave me the materials, and he estimated that he had already thought about the countermeasures. These materials just paralyzed me and I had an idea."
MoKuangFeng listened to JiShu plan nodded.
Feng Guang is on tenterhooks these days.
My brother got out of prison so soon!
And as soon as he came out, he kept himself at home and never let her go out again.
Fortunately, my brother seems to be very busy these days and didn’t talk to her.
Feng Guangzheng was lying in bed thinking that the door was pushed open.
Feng Guangyao looked cold at the door.
"Brother, brother"
Feng Guang’s teeth chattered.
"Did you and Ji Shu unite to hurt me?"
Feng Guang knew there was no point in denying it at this time.
Now that my brother has come out, it is only a matter of time before I find Minister Liu.
Besides, she felt that her brother still had feelings for herself before, and her eyes were already cold when she came out to see her this time.
This made Feng Guang afraid to lie.
"Yes, yes, I just don’t want to marry that old man!"

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