Adam, the "master", put on his stereo and walked over with a bowl of steaming ginger soup in his hand. "Chi Yao told me to make it and please drink it while it’s hot."

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"What about her?"
"Chi Yao has fallen asleep."
Jingmuyun smiled, and suddenly there was an impulse in his heart. He walked softly to the front of Chi Yao’s door and gently twisted her door. Chi Yao lay in a big head with beautiful curly hair on the pillow, which made her more petite and lovely.
His warm forefinger and fingertips gently touched Chiyao’s little face and felt her face’s satiny touch as if disturbed. Chiyao turned over and turned his side face to him. Because of the degree of body inclination, the beauty of Chiyao’s nightgown neckline was looming. Seeing Jingmuyun’s eyes dim, he leaned over her side face and kissed it gently, which was enough to quit her room.
"Is there anything left in Chiyao today? If the play is early, I’ll treat you to something to eat." The game took advantage of filming to come to Chiyao and burst into light.
"No, we’re even, aren’t we?" Chi Yao didn’t want to have too many off-stage contacts with the game. If the reporter pushed the door directly yesterday, she wouldn’t know if she had a hundred mouths.
The game is obviously not satisfied with the date at all. God knows how hard it takes him to find a free time to go out and date a girl he really likes. He has to finish the work in the next few days before he can make time, but damn it, that damn diary house didn’t interview early or late that day, but he chose to date when he was dating. "That day doesn’t count."
Chi Yao primly looked at him. "How can you not count the day you visited the Emperor? A man has to speak a letter." She said in a slightly nifty tone, which won’t make the words feel too blunt but firm.
As soon as the game is in a mood, it becomes irritable.
"You Emperor, it’s time for you to play." Chi Yao called him because the director had already made a trumpet call.
The game took a look at Chi Yao and then left the theater. This scene is her opposite to Lian Xinyan. Lian Xinyan is worthy of being a red star, which is especially suitable for costume drama.
Chi Yao changed clothes and slipped away from the backcourt. The game toured the studio before filming. I didn’t see Chi Yao’s shadow, but I don’t know what fire it was.
When acting, I don’t like anything. Even Xinyan is stunned by his inexplicable anger. Every time I look at the game, I will be forgotten by the anger.
"Stop" game saw that she didn’t pick up the lines and immediately shouted a stop. "Even the word Xin Yan has been right several times. Why is it still right?"
Even Xin Yan was said by the game in public that she was thin-skinned, and she immediately became red and said, "I forgot for a while." They only checked the lines twice in total, and all that was left was acting.
The game sneered at "The lines are so blunt. Do you think it’s a memorial service? Even if it’s a memorial service, you should cry for help." When the game comes out, you can say anything. "Why can’t you learn from Chi Yao and play opposite her? I’m never worried."
Xin Lian grind eyes a red is said in public is not as good as a newcomer, how can her self-esteem allow ChiYao ChiYao everything is ChiYao?
☆, Chapter 17 All-around.
After the arrival of the prime minister of R country, the whole city seems to be busy, but more people want to see the commander’s face
"Beware of the reporters taking ugly pictures of you." Those reporters are inhuman. If the news comes, they will rush to squeeze in, no matter what the people will become. Their instructors have taught them to stay outside because they don’t know where the paparazzi will come from, so they should always smile or the mirror will be ugly.
"I won’t make a fool of myself," Jing Muyun said firmly. He didn’t want to live in a camera house. If he already had one, he wouldn’t be needed. Besides, how could he give Chi Yao a safe place after he died?
"It’s impossible for this meeting to be news." Chi Yao obviously doesn’t believe in such a big thing. How can there be no reporters?
"that person who want to meet with me is not the prime minister but the school." Jing Muyun fondly touched her head and like to see this puzzled little picture of her. "We will meet in the military area command." But the military area command is forbidden to reporters.
Chi Yao realized that it was like this. "I heard that R people are very cunning. Don’t be fooled by them."
"So heart I" JingMuYun close to her near the pool away as if can hear JingMuYun breathing.
Chi Yao pulled up the corners of his mouth. "You think too much. I just don’t like R people."
"Oh," he chuckled. "Well, that’s it then."
"What do you mean, just do it?"
Jing Muyun looked at her seriously and felt that this was the age of seventeen. She should be active. "If it’s hopeless in recent days, just go home directly, you know?"
"What’s the matter?" Chi Yao seems to have some abnormalities in his tone.
"The meeting place of R people is set in the city, and they will not find some", and after that, they will either take R country or be killed. After all, men are easy to get out of control.
Chi Yao heard a flash of disgust in her brow, and she said that she hated R people. It was really disgusting. "Yeah, I know."
During the meeting, the city was strictly guarded for three days. After all, it is hard to guarantee that there will be no excesses or some terrorists to attack them
Soldiers wearing green army can be seen everywhere in the street, including Z country and R country. Ye Liang, the first school in R country, wears a straight green army shoulder and wears a medal of honor not only on his shoulder but also on his chest.
Before Ye Liang met Jing Muyun for the first time, he heard that he had a good mind. All strategic planning had to go through his hands, so that people should have more medals than him. "Commander, with all due respect, you don’t seem to get any honor, do you?" Ye Liang’s eyes lit up and stood up. Show Jing Muyun the row of shining medals on his chest.
The translator just wanted to speak, but Jing Muyun reached out and stopped him. He absolutely looked down at the wild light, and then the standard R Mandarin replied, "Anyone who keeps an eye on the wild school should find that the whole Z army is either green, blue or reddish, and I am white."
The translator looked at Jing Muyun in surprise. I didn’t expect the supreme commander to be proficient in his Ming family’s prophecy and his pronunciation was very standard. Ye Liang was also one leng, and some didn’t get Bai Jingmuyun’s meaning. He stood up and said, "What are you trying to express? We are discussing the issue of honor."
Jing Muyun was surprised that "the wild school must not have heard that I was really talking to you about honor". Is the subtext that you are deaf?
Wild bright frown deeper "what do you mean"
"Then I’ll put it bluntly. If you were a soldier, you could get your medal, right? But my white army is replaced by people." Jing Muyun, the white army, rummaged through Z country and couldn’t find the second one. "Which honor do you think is greater?"
Ye Liang was surprised for three minutes before he digested Jing Muyun’s words. He clapped his hands gently and said, "The commander is eloquent."
I’m flattered.
Ye Liang slightly bowed his head and put on his gloves to hide his embarrassment, because he felt like a fool and even asked Jing Muyun for so long, "Well, today we are here to watch the military region so that our soldiers can gain knowledge."
Jing Muyun just thought, "We agreed to watch the northern part of the military region because the east is our secret base, and the same soldiers understand it."
The wild bright spot nodded and his eyes suddenly lit up. The eastern part is a secret base, so it’s wrong to say it. With Jing Muyun’s just "speech", he should not say so easily that the eastern part where the secret base is located must not be a secret base
Ye Liang struggled with his reaction, but his reaction was all in Jingmuyun’s eyes. He gently coughed "Let’s go."
"Oh, good"
When Ye Liang returned to the hotel, the Prime Minister couldn’t wait to ask "how to find out what"
Ye Liang frustrated and shook, "The soldiers in the military area command are particularly energetic and that position is so beautiful." A look is the result of daily training.
"Really," the Prime Minister frowned. "Then you should pay more attention."
Ye Liang nodded firmly, "Yes, I will", and learned more about the commander’s method, so that their country R can become more severe in the future.
"Maybe this is their unique secret, but not necessarily," murmured the Prime Minister gently.

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