Have a fun sneak attack to see your grandfather. My magic later flashed across Sha Shaozhi’s wind blade and half-released a series of fireballs. One fireball followed one Sha Shaozhi’s strong wind and another followed. It is impossible to blow it all at once. Sha Shaozhi’s spirit also consumes a lot. He knows how to put a wind shield to block those fireballs and then use wind magic to fly to the back to read the wind element. My friend, please follow my instructions and turn the strong wind into everything in front of you.

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Damn Sha Shaozhi, you’re not a good thing. Later, if you quit, you won’t be hit by the strong wind and hit a big tree. You scold me severely.
Sha Shaozhi landed proudly and said, "You, the intermediate wizard, also want to challenge me. I don’t think highly of Sha Shaozhi, do you?"
Fuck your ancestors. Ten generations of intermediate magicians show you one, one, and six levels of magic. Later, I read that it is full of fire elements in heaven and earth. You show your fiery side. Super inferno poof-Fiona Fang Sanli is a deep blue fire burning and shining. Later, I read it again in the inferno. It is full of fire elements in Tianzhi. You follow my instructions and make an enchantment to cover the enemy in front of you. A fiery red enchantment falls to cover the three-mile Fiona Fang inferno.
Sha Shaozhi is not to be outdone. It’s full of fire elements in heaven and earth. You follow my instructions to turn a tornado to blow the immediate fire. At one time, the fire in the enchantment was blown by a tornado, but the blue fire didn’t disappear when the tornado was blowing, but it grew bigger and bigger. What’s the matter with Sha Shaozhi’s secret passage? Did I lose my tornado? I can’t be long under such a high temperature and strong fire.
Later, I saw Sha Shaozhi fall into the enchantment and design a flying enchantment to rest outside. When Sha Shaozhi saw it, he wanted to fly, but when he touched the enchantment, he bounced back. What the fuck is this enchantment? I can’t let Sha Shaozhi scold him.
Night maple nodded when they saw Sha Shaozhi trapped in the enchantment, but turned around and said a few words to Twelve Music Seven. Seven didn’t respond, but Twelve Music turned pale at once, but after Night Maple said a few words, they all nodded and dispersed into the forest.
Later, I got up and flew to cuhk again and said, look at my oversized fireball. I raised my hands to the sky and held a fireball with a diameter of three meters.
Sha Shaozhi andao, you really think I’m a fool. I was hit by your fireball and died for a moment. Sha Shaozhi’s figure didn’t disappear in the enchantment. Later, I couldn’t see Sha Shaozhi’s figure in the andao. It’s strange where he went.
Ah, I was really punched in the back and kicked like a broken kite. It doesn’t matter if I fall to the ground. He just led the fireball to fall later and didn’t have the strength to hold it. He also fell back and then he opened his eyes and saw the fireball fall to himself and cried, Don’t, but the fireball actually fell back.
Later, I got up from the ground with difficulty, vomited blood, patted myself on the dust and said, fortunately, this fireball was attracted by me. If someone else attracted me, I was afraid I would have died.
You’re not dead yet. It seems that your life is very hard. Sha Shaozhi teleported to the front and said later that he was startled. A few meters away, he said that frightening people would frighten people to death. Now my heart will stop beating in front of me like this.
Really? Sha Shaozhi teleported to the front later. Later, he didn’t speak this time. He had already prepared an energy sword from behind and inserted it into the sand. Sha Shaozhi couldn’t believe that this young man could actually use an energy sword.
In fact, after eating a loss, I thought that although he teleported, teleporting took a lot of energy, then I couldn’t sense his energy and knew that he was somewhere else. Later, I thought that I would do it when Sha Shaozhi teleported to the front for the first time, and then I felt it later. Later, I dared Sha Shaozhi to teleport again and asked him to teleport to himself again. I had already inserted the hidden energy sword into his body. Unexpectedly, it was really successful.
Later, I stabbed Sha Shaozhi with the energy sword, and he was so cold that he was bleeding. As the energy sword dripped to the ground, I said later, do you want to know how I found out that Sha Shaozhi couldn’t figure out where the flaw was, so I nodded. Later, I said, aren’t you a care provider? You want to finish and want to stab again.
Ye Feng said later, don’t kill him for the time being. Keep him and get along with the boss.
Treat him or he will die, said Ye Feng.
Later, Li Jian said that you are a big dog and you can live a few more days. Sha Shaozhi was blue in the face when he pulled out his sword. Later, he saw that he was going to die and gave him a fire treatment magic.
Later, the force fell, and he was hit by Sha Shaozhi and suffered minor injuries.
Then Yaqi came back from outside the forest and said, Boss, you are right. The real guards surrounded us.
Later, I said, Yaqi, you just sensed the energy fluctuation outside now. I have already sensed it.
Ye Feng turned his head and looked at Da Le coldly and said, "Who am I, Ye Feng? Let’s talk about it when I help you."
Da Le couldn’t understand what this sentence meant, and he was embarrassed to ask Ye Feng to nod with a red dot on his face.
Boss, why don’t you promise me such a good condition? You know, I’m still single. Later, I complained that Ye Feng looked back and looked at Ye Feng coldly.
The duke war a man knelt down to report to Sha Shaozhi, the duke of the catnap sand.
Well, is it true that Sha Shaozhi, a twelve-girl band of the Thieves’ Guild, didn’t open his eyes and said
I dare not look inside, Lord. You have seen the yellow cover war and handed it to Sha Shaozhi. Sha Shaozhi said, No, I have seen it. You have called to have a look.
People fight inside the challenge, but the duke said that the female band 12 said that the duke’s battle was a thief’s guild, and the female band 12 said that it would be decided in the forest outside the city at noon the day after tomorrow.
Sha Shaozhi muttered, "Yes, I can’t believe that I fell into the trap, except that you don’t listen to your master and don’t put your tail on the dog." Sha Shaozhi told people that you called General Mu to see me, and then he retreated.
General Wood came to the hall and asked the duke what he would command in the future.
Sha Shaozhi pointed to the letter of general Zhanmu, picked it up and read an article saying, Lord, didn’t you want to get rid of this twelve-girl band long ago? This is a good opportunity.
General Mu, the day after tomorrow morning, you bring 20,000 people to surround the forest for me. Remember not to show the cloven foot.
This matter will not be assured to the duke, but I hope the duke can promise a small request.
Is it necessary to capture the twelve female Sha Shaozhi alive, squinted at General Mu and said, Doesn’t the tiger know what the wolf thinks?
The duke should not put this idea.
Yes, those twelve women are so beautiful. Let’s split the difference.
You have not been rewarded by Lord Xie to prepare, and you have not been prepared.
At eleven o’clock in the morning, Feng Da Le came to the forest outside the city as soon as they came. Later, before leaving, he quietly said to Ye Feng, Boss, I sensed several energy fluctuations around the forest, and the strength was great. Ye Feng listened to it and secretly nodded and said, Yes, not a few people, but about 20,000 people. Later, he got a fright and said, 20,000 people, then we are not surrounded. Yes, if you want to live, you must defeat Sha Lord, and we will deal with the 20,000 people. Boss,
Sha Shaozhi had been waiting for Twelve Music in the forest for a long time. When Sha Shaozhi saw Twelve Music and a few people he didn’t know came into the forest, he decided that those people had more than a dozen magic crystal coins. Sha Shaozhi thought to himself that I was worried that I couldn’t find these people. It was because of Twelve Music that I had to grab their magic crystal coins today and even grab the Twelve Music. I thought that Sha Shaozhi felt happy and thought that today I could kill two birds with one stone in World War I.
The twelve beauties of the Thieves’ Guild don’t know why they are challenging me? Sha Shaozhi asked. Of course, even if a duke is arrogant, it is impossible to show the naked threat in the eyes of Kwai Kwai.

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