"It’s the first time since we met that he showed weakness to me, but I don’t understand him."

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Wu finally understood that it is absolutely impossible for Gong Gong’s temperament to bow to Zhu Rong and apologize. They are really ordinary bickering, and there is nothing wrong with changing their clothes. This method is really good. It was not the right time at that time. Don’t say that Zhu Rong was heartless and everyone was utterly confused. Who would have thought of this?
Poor one corresponds to a sentient family, but because it is too obscure, life and death have been separated since then.
Zhu Rong went on to say, "In my dream, there will always be a figure in white. I can’t see the face clearly. I’m not afraid of your jokes. In the three realms, when you first became a fire, you became a white man. When you were born, I mistook that person for you. Later, when you became a five-line man, I realized that I was wrong. That person was still a gong gong gong. I blamed him for his heart but never forgot him."
The more Zhu Rong thinks about it, the more painful it is. After years of accumulation in her heart, she finally found an opportunity to talk to Dayu, Been and others, either knowing or not knowing that she always deliberately avoided talking about it before Zhu Rong suppressed it for a long time and realized that she had a good time.
Wu didn’t discourage Zhu Rong. First, he was helpless. Second, he also knew whether Zhu Rong’s tears were emotional catharsis or release.
Zhu Rong cried until her eyes were red and swollen, and gradually stopped crying. She turned her back to take out a small mirror and took a picture, then turned around and returned to her original appearance.
Wu asked, "Is Sister well?"
Zhu Rong said, "Don’t miss him anymore."
Enlightenment: "I don’t want to deceive myself and take care of myself. I don’t blame you for being a fool."
Zhu Rong nodded heavily. "Nature makes people? Aren’t you nature? How can you be so bad? "
She asked this question as a joke, but her heart moved. Yes, there are good and bad things in nature. When she was wishful thinking, she accidentally made good and bad things, but it was a disaster for the world.
Zhu Rong said, "Don’t take it seriously."
Enlightenment is "not serious"
Zhu Rong said, "Then go. Since you have found me, you must go to find the golden god."
Wu thought, "I wonder if it will disturb the two monks."
Zhu Rong Chen said, "Aren’t you afraid to disturb me?"
Wu Zheng muttered, "That … this is different."
Zhu Rong smiled and realized that she was very happy not to take her as an outsider.
The two of them went to call Ju Mang and Ru Shou to realize that they had some scruples, but Zhu Rong called them out regardless of a few things. Dayu heard that Caocao would re-refine the secret stick. He said to Dayu, "I’ll go with you to see if I can help." Wu Xi said, "That would be great!"
Five people left qi tianling and went to beihai together to find a qi water god, and those who can’t control the water better than qi.
On the same day, Xuan Nv of Lion Tuoling told everyone to go back to Jitianling to support Qi Fu Hai Jiao, but he liked to live in the water, so the two of them still went back to Beihai to support Qi naturally, that is, they called him to realize the North Sea without asking why.
Six people went to Jiuyouyuan again to refine the secret club. It is necessary to find a secret boundary, and Houtu is a ready-made place.
When you see it, you will see the golden light shining on your face in Jiuyou Garden. You can stop Jiuyou Garden by showing more than a dozen Buddha statues. When you look carefully, you can recognize that the three others are unfamiliar faces: the Buddha who leads to the truth, the Buddha who treasures the building, and the Buddha who watches the world.
Then he led the Buddha to the truth and said kindly, "Where is enlightenment?"
At the beginning of enlightenment, I was surprised, but I thought it was unexpected that the secret stick was so important. How could the Tathagata not know that maybe from the moment when Sanqing entered the ground, the Tathagata knew that he was going to get the five elements. Did the Lingshan people want to catch themselves or seize the secret stick or the five elements?
Wu looked at the situation. Six people on his side supported Qi Xiu, but I’m afraid one-on-one will fall. If Mato gets up, I’m afraid it won’t be good. It’s so exciting that it can’t really suppress this anger.
When I was in trouble, I heard Yi Long sing three figures. At first, an old woman realized that she was surprised and said, "Lishan mother!"
Isn’t it Lishan’s mother followed by Ziwei Zhenwu?
Wu saw Li Shan’s amazing mother, who was so mysterious that she was called a younger generation before Guanyin Bodhisattva. Buddhism and Taoism are indistinguishable but faintly lit, and Maitreya is very close to enlightenment and has good intentions. Although it has hindered several times to learn from the scriptures, it is also a personal vendetta.
Goodbye today, Ziwei and Zhenwu are as curious as two footmen behind Li Shan’s mother.
It’s beyond my wildest dreams that several of them will provoke Li Shan’s mother out, and her face will suddenly change. Don’t say Li Shan’s mother is inscrutable, so it’s really Wu Ziwei. Both of them are extraordinary figures, and there will be a fierce battle today.
Li Shan’s mother went to the array to see how to lead the Buddha to the truth. "The Buddha to the truth has turned into a robber instead of a Buddha?"

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