After saying this for a day, I solemnly asked Juhui.

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"Do you have any wishes?"
Ju Huilai wanted to be polite and refused the gift from heaven, but as soon as she heard the wish from heaven, her horse choked her refusal.
Heaven is not an ordinary person, but a dark ruler. In the end, the evil spirit can hardly refuse the reward from heaven even if it is reserved.
After all, there are too many days to give.
"Can I have any wish?"
Juhui confirmed it once.
"Don’t go too far and don’t make it difficult for me," Tian said with a smile.
Chapter 24 Elf Monsters Narrow Light Gun
If there is no such thing as heaven, Juhui really wants to say a wish at will, such as world peace or let heaven not destroy the world.
But now that you say so, Juhui won’t make it difficult.
Juhui thought for a while and said to Heaven, "My God, can you catch this monster in the amusement park and give it to me?"
As far as Juhui knows, there is a black hand behind the scenes calling on monsters to launch a surprise attack on the earth.
There is a monster in the amusement park, and the man behind it will naturally not give up.
Juhui decided to use the power of heaven to get the first hand.
Take other people’s road and let others go.
Moreover, Juhui suspects that the sky is behind the scenes, and it is also a temptation for her to show this desire.
Don’t even think about it, just answer
Although he has the idea of calling five monsters, these five monsters are not specific five monsters.
Just like Machina, Gadidi’s eyes are both profitable and unprofitable.
An excellent behind-the-scenes player is always short of chess.
It’s also called giving up a chess game for Juhuixin.
God promised Juhui that the dark forces would condense, and then those forces would converge and become an elf ball.
"This is?"
Juhui looked at the celestial hand elf ball and was surprised.
There is also a fire cartoon "Pokémon" in the world of Dictya. A woman with a childhood is no stranger to this cartoon.
The day actually reappeared the props in the cartoon, and Juhui was very shocked.
"The amusement park monster is a barrier monster, Gadi. You can treat it as your elf after I receive it in this elf ball."
The sky said to Juhui
"Just throw the elf ball when you want, but it must be done in a wide field."
It also woke up specially.
"Oh, my God, I know."
Juhui respectfully way
"Here you are!"
Hand Juhui the elf ball.
Juhui was surprised to take over the celestial elf ball and asked, "Nagadi?"
She saw that the sky turned out to be an elf ball, but she had never seen the monster creak on the ground.
"It’s already here." The sky is light
"You can find a venue to put it out for a try."
"good!" Juhui was excited and clutched the elf ball in his hand.
Although she can transform, the monster power is always Farley for human beings.
If she is really powerful, it will be a big step in human history.
After all, the elf ball is a real thing. If it is a real thing, it is possible to crack it.
After Juhui got Gadi, he was forced to leave and try Gadi power.
God, it’s not hard to see Juhui like this. She just let her go.
It is not difficult for Juhui, the captain of the victory team, to find a spacious place.
She soon found a place, and various PC researchers witnessed and studied various data in Gadi.
Humans can control monsters, and the whole human hierarchy vibrates.
It’s an elf ball that can’t be cracked by the roots of human science and technology.
After the barrier monster creaked, two monsters appeared, namely the alien evolution monster Evolu and the deep-sea monster Reylos.
God is not interested in these two monsters and tells Ksenya Goryachova Camilla and others to take them.
Got these two monsters, plus the pre-collected FuShan Lei Qiu Lan Xing alien Giranbo Tianshou already has five monsters.
When the time is right, five monsters will be sent to attack the earth.
It’s five monsters against the earth, and four super soldiers are not a complete headwind for the earth.
All day also hesitate to call a few monsters.
Let Dagu and them know that the world is dangerous.
On this night, when I was wandering in Tianjie and waiting for Juhui class, I suddenly heard someone calling for help from the street not far away.
When the day went by, I saw a crow man narrowing the light and catching a human being.

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