If you can refine Tianfu’s true character level, you can get a fairy-level helper. "

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Some don’t believe it, Shi Qiu asked, "Can the inside information of this symbol support the real symbol of Tianfu?
Do you know how rare Tianfu is?
Lingbao is common but the real character is hard to find. "
"Things are always a thought." Lingqing laughed.
What he is most proficient in is the degree of preciousness of the natural fu during the day.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t give up scribbling, but chose to refine Lingbao a lot to verify his own Tao.
You know, the magic weapon is constantly sacrificed to refine the spiritual treasure, and then it turns into chaos and creates the world.
Although it is difficult, there is a basis for the evolution of the world due to factors such as Lingbao material and prohibition.
And I want the rune to do this.
One side of the world can be realized only if the practice of Tao is completed in the highest realm.
Otherwise, we can constantly raise the talisman to such a state as practicing.
But those who want to symbolize the world must have already reached the corresponding realm, which is even higher
Like brother wan
But for them, this symbol is not much.
You can be a treasure if you don’t give it to others, and you can’t verify your own path.
And if you want to warm up a precious charm, don’t mention whether you have this energy.
Even if there is, it is not good to do this thankless thing.
When you have the warmth to raise a true charm, you can warm up several Lingbao with your energy.
Shi Qiu listened to Lingqing’s words and felt anxious, but he still put away the big rock snake charm. After all, he kept it warm slowly.
It is not a problem that the great rock snake has the ability to keep his body in line with the Tao and cultivate wonderland with little warmth.
Generally speaking, where does an ordinary fairy have a fairyland mount?
The ox king thanked Lingqing and put away Tauros’s charms.
Only Mr. Huang Hugong thought thoughtfully about playing with the deer-blowing device.
He didn’t find or doubt what means were hidden in Lingqing, but wanted to go deeper.
Just now, when Shi Qiu doubted whether this charm had a rich and true charm, there was no negative meaning in Lingqing dialect, which meant "dealing with people"
Does that mean that if the mind is warm, this charm can really turn into a rich charm?
Huang Hugong is a casual practitioner, and he has nothing to rely on to make repairs on his own time.
At this time, he also met a dilemma like King Jinxia.
Not only that, but he is not good at refining a device with a crutch and a yellow gourd.
Or by chance, I got a spirit root and slowly warmed it up.
Now, if this fu Zhen has the inside information of Tianfu Zhen Fu, it will be an extra opportunity for him.
Of course, he didn’t say much. He thanked Lingqing sincerely.
He added, "Let’s hurry up. It’s not good for us to go out with the army because it’s too far away from the army."
Lingqing and others nodded and accelerated the chase.
The army is mighty, but the speed is naturally not as fast as everyone.
After a while, I chased it.
Has been followed by the army cold light fairy saw four people chasing to glanced at, not to mention slowly compose the army.
All the way, I saw the army passing by, and someone from the mountain star followed.
There is a Tao, a Buddha, a witch, a demon and a ghost …
A mixture of good and evil people can be described as bringing together all the spiritual practices in the world.
Let Lingqing see the characteristics of Beiju Luzhou.
Soon came to the North Sea.
Chapter nine hundred and eleven Six Heavenly Kings
Not far ahead, a magic flame rises one after another, and there are thousands of demons hidden in the dark clouds of Wan Li.
At the beginning, there are six clouds of black gas and black clouds circling constantly.
It is the Six-Day Demon Lord of Beiju Luzhou.
On one side, there are several demons of different sizes in the evil wind and cloud.
The first two lich kings have a camel’s head with two beards and a long neck with Miki Sayaka’s head nine feet tall.
A face like indigo, hair like cinnabar, fine eyes like gold, and Lei Gong’s mouth is about Zhang Li with wings.
The two are Jiao Devil and Peng Devil.
The two sides are facing each other
Swing the magic army array cloud before the army sank Zhongjun moved forward Zhao Gongtou wearing an iron crown, holding iron whip to push hip Hei Hu slowly out of the array.
Two fingers pointing at each other like swords and halberds pointed at both sides and shouted, "Are you not honest in practicing Buddhism?"

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