Su Li didn’t speak. Suddenly, he stepped into the sky, and the dragon gas released by the green dragon approached him.

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"Huh?" Green dragon look a slight change suddenly feel dragon gas released by a physical force to all the shock back to follow from Su Li body release a stronger coercion, in turn, oppress yourself.
"Interesting!" Qingtianlong’s eyes lit up and he felt something.
In the sight of this young human strength is not weak.
The faces of Guli Titan and Di Guo all look relaxed at the theatre.
Emperor Chi glanced at him disdainfully, and Asa saw that he was a little timid and didn’t dare to be with his opponent, so he put away the Chiyou blade he had just taken out.
"This world is really interesting …" The emperor Fu muttered.
A shadow of blue dragon appeared around his body. He launched the direct field of dragon field to suppress Su Li.
Su Li shook his head slightly and knew that this green dragon didn’t look at himself and didn’t move its real strength.
"Bear" appeared on the immortal furnace above his head and crashed into the sky dragon, which just appeared in the sky dragon field. The blue sky dragon virtual shadow was immediately shattered, and the immortal furnace was violently crushed with extremely horrible divine power.
If the other party is not strong enough to cut off the roots and is not qualified to start work, when Su Li doesn’t want to wave
Green dragon felt a shock in my heart, and the dragon field was vulnerable to collapse. This was taken aback, and the door of Shura was offered immediately.
"Boom" loud noise The Immortal Furnace hits the Shura Gate, and the Shura Gate vibrates, giving off a "squeak" crunchy sound, which can’t resist the shattering. What’s even more striking is that the Immortal Furnace contains a powerful divine force, which is beyond the current dimension and directly passes through the Shura Gate, depending on all defenses, and it actually hits Qingtianlong.
"Wow" to a green dragon mouth mouth blood kuangpen.
A cliff-facing blue dragon was injured, and his face was smiling at the theatre. The faces of Gu Li Titan and Di Qi changed.
Qing Tianlong is the strongest genius of the five families of his contemporaries. How can he be injured instantly? Even underestimating your carelessness should not be the case.
They were surprised that Zhongqing Tianlong issued a Lixiao second talent, Gu Longli, and immediately broke out. A blue dragon shook the heavens and the earth, and the blue African claws leaned out to catch the immortal furnace and catch the rear Su Li.
This blue dragon has a terrible flame in its eyes.
Qingtianlong was completely angered.
He looked down on geniuses from all walks of life and didn’t look at Su Li, but now he was actually injured.
In anger, this time, the power of Gu Long’s power broke out, which was simply earth-shattering.
This ancient dragon force has already possessed the ancient weather, and his strength has surpassed the limit of level 30. God’s attack on this blue dragon is faintly carrying an ancient mysterious force.
Behind Su Li, a pair of immortal bone swords appeared to meet the blue dragon, a double dragon claw and the immortal furnace hit again.
Although the immortal bone sword was blocked by the blue dragon’s claw, the sacred force broke out in the bone sword and penetrated the blue dragon’s power into its body. At once, two blood-penetrating holes appeared on the surface of the blue dragon’s body and were penetrated by the sacred force.
The furnace that crashed into the immortal god was swept away by the blue dragon’s tail, but the sacred force exploded in the furnace to blow the blue dragon’s tail to pieces.
On the one hand, Gu Li Titan and Di Guo simply looked blindsided. If Qing Tianlong was just injured, it was careless to underestimate his enemy. How can he now exert his strength to show the blue Tianlong body and still suffer heavy losses?
The young human seems relaxed, as if he hasn’t moved his real strength yet.
The two greatest contemporary geniuses of the five ethnic groups looked at each other.
You dharma gods, the sacred people of all ethnic groups who appear from afar one after another, also feel strange watching this scene.
It seems that any one of these five geniuses can rival Chineydy, and the result is so fragile?
The beaten tail was blown off, and there were two bloody holes in the body. The blue dragon’s body was falling, and Asa’s brow from the light family frowned tightly and looked at Su Li.
Of course, he won’t be as sacred as usual. This blue dragon has a hollow reputation in practice.
There is one reason why this overwhelming scene will appear in front of us, not that Qingtianlong is too weak, but that Su Li is too strong.
"Yes, Su Li only visited the twentieth floor of the sacred tower this month. How did he get out of the sacred tower?"
Asa suddenly thought that he had also got the news before. Suli climbed to the top of the 19th floor of the Sacred Tower instead of Wang Yao. Now it should be the 20th floor of the Sacred Tower.
"Don’t …" His face suddenly changed dramatically, and he thought that he had listened to the King of Light and mastered the power of the true God before he could freely enter and leave the sacred tower without being bound by the rules of the sacred tower.
"This Su Li … has mastered the true power of God?"
Asa was horrified.
Now there is a constant reminder of Su Li’s climbing the sacred tower at the beginning of the month. It is very surprising that he will appear here. It is even more incredible to see him easily hit Qingtianlong, which is somewhat different from the strongest genius of the five families imagined by everyone.
They were all confused at the moment, not knowing whether Qingtianlong was too weak or Su Li was too strong.
"Damn-"falling to the green dragon suddenly gave a roar.
"This is what you forced me to do. I don’t want to kill you, but this power can’t even control myself. You are dead … and don’t blame me-"
The blue dragon suddenly roared, and the visible speed of the body of the blue dragon, which had been hit hard, resumed, followed by a blue rainbow light that broke out from its body and soared into the sky.
This force is so powerful that it faintly shakes the whole human world, and all the races in the human world feel trembling, as if something terrible is going to happen.
"The progenitor cells appeared …" Gu Li Titan’s face became dignified and slowly retreated.
"Let’s stay away. Once this guy moves, this force will go crazy, and even we will be affected by the wave."
The emperor also retreated.
"It is said that this is from the fact that the Zulong cell is so powerful that it has surpassed this time that the dimension of God can fully bear and master the power. Once launched, Qingtianlong will run away, but the sequelae will be very serious." Gu Li Titan’s face showed a dignified look
Emperor Chi slowly said, "Green Dragon is also tied with this progenitor cell …"
Su Li felt a familiar breath of energy when the blue rainbow was soaring. He had entered the transcendental world behind the giant gate of the sacred tower before, where he felt exhausted energy. At this moment, he felt the same energy in the blue rainbow.
When the energy root in this blue rainbow light does not belong to this one, it is a super-dimensional power.
Is this blue dragon finally going to move its real power?
Su Liyuan’s calm look finally showed a little excitement. Only in this way can he be worthy of being his opponent, which can make him excited and help his Shinto. If he just fought like that, he could easily defeat his opponent with a little sacred power and two immortal bone swords, which would not help his Shinto perfection.
This blue dragon in the blue rainbow light that transcends the dimension keeps expanding, and the original injury soon recovers. The body expands to several thousand meters, and a pair of double dragon claws stretch out as big as the sky and a pair of double dragon eyes turn into blood red.
Qingtianlong has stimulated the progenitor cells, and he will never stop killing until his ancestral cell strength is exhausted. That’s why he will never move the progenitor cell strength at will.
When the heaven and earth shook, the dragon roar sounded a terrible murder, and all the dharma gods, the sacred families and Asa were evacuated. All the sacred people felt a sense of terror, which was too close and vulnerable to waves.
Su Li first sacrificed the immortal furnace to test the strength of this ancestral cell, and two bone swords were suspended and ready to start.
"Boom", the immortal furnace with sacred power was instantly submerged by the blue rainbow. This dragon, which expanded from blue dragon to thousands of meters, had a faint idea. The mouth of Taikoo Zulongying’s blood basin was broken by a blue rainbow, and both speed and strength reached a shocking level.
The immortal furnace disappeared in the blink of an eye. If Su Li’s heart was hit hard, his face immediately changed color. The immortal furnace contained sacred power and was also submerged by this blue rainbow light.
Both sides are beyond this time dimension power. This blue rainbow light contains the Zulong power, which is even more terrible and powerful, crushing and crushing, and shattered the sacred power, which will collapse this emptiness.

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