Li Chu got up and shook hands with each other. "Hello, Comrade Wang, please sit down. Did you say my sister introduced you?"

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Wang Chongan paused and explained, "Oh, it’s the steel mill owner Li."
"Oh, you’re here …?" Li Chu looked at the man’s face and didn’t look like he was sick.
"Uh …" He looked at Ding Qiunan and said nothing.
Ding Qiunan looked at it and said, "Dr. Li, please go to the reading room first and change." Then he went out and took the door behind him.
Li Chu knew at a glance what he wanted to see, put the pulse pillow in front of him and said directly, "Comrade Wang, I’ll take your pulse first if you extend your left hand."
Let him lie down on a bed in the corner of the office and pull the curtain after taking the pulse. This bed is for patients who need needles when they come to see a doctor.
Chapter 20 Agreement
Let him lie down and have a needle puncture for half an hour, and then give him a prescription. "You take the prescription to the Chinese pharmacy to get medicine and drink it for three days, twice a day after meals. You can’t eat spicy things and stay in the same room for three days."
"Dr. Li, I want to ask how much this medicine can increase at that time?" Wang Chongan is a little embarrassed.
"Everyone’s physique is different, and it’s different when it increases. It’s specific to you. According to my pulse just now, it should be able to increase it to 2 minutes."
Wang Chong ‘an immediately became happy when he heard that "Dr. Li, I’m in Jianguomen’s post office. You can come to see me there if you have something to do." Then he took out 5 yuan money from his pocket and put it on the table. "This is to treat you well. I’ll go first." Then he walked to the door.
Li Chu didn’t mention it and said, "Come to me at any time if you have any questions after Comrade Wang."
"Okay, you stay" and opened the door and left.
Li Chu put the table money in his pocket and earned money by his own craft.
The man just left and Ding Qiunan came back soon. He didn’t say much. He continued to come and ask questions. Li Chu also taught her a lot.
After work, Li Chu also went to the canteen to eat some rice before going back.
As soon as I entered the hospital, I saw Uncle San sitting in front of his house. "Uncle San, have you eaten?"
"Hey, Dr. Li, your class is over!" After that, he went to the front of the novel and said, "Dr. Li, when I came back from my absence last night, I heard that why did you have a conflict with silly column?"
"Hey, a little misunderstanding is nothing."
Yan port expensive ha ha smiled and said, "I heard that you threw the silly column into the yard with one hand, but I didn’t see it. You look quite thin and energetic."
"It’s nothing. I didn’t dare to go out to practice medicine with my master two years ago!"
"That’s that’s …"
They talked for a while and heard someone coming in at the door. Looking back, it was the rich boss coming. "Comrade Li, I’m coming."
"Who’s this?" Yan port expensive asked.
"My house is a little out of order. Ask this comrade to come and tidy it up for me. He will come and discuss a specific situation with me tonight."
"Oh, I heard your aunt get up today."
"Third Uncle, please sit first and let’s go in first" and said to the rich boss, "Let’s go into the house and say" Comrade Zou Fu "
Rich boss nodded to Yan port and followed Li Chu into the room.
Yan Port sat there with your eyes going round and round wondering if you could take advantage of something.
After the two entered the room, Li Chu asked the rich boss to sit first. He poured a glass of water and sat down at the table.
Rich boss didn’t hesitate to take out his own drawing and explained it to Li Chu.
It’s very detailed, and the picture is also in line with Li Chu’s expectations
Finally, the rich boss told Li Chu, "When you build the second floor, you need to dig a little bit of the building, that is, face the hall in situ. If you don’t dig here, it’s mainly because the ground is so high that you can not dig. Either your building is low or people with low floors can’t dig much when they stay inside. Just dig four or five inches."
Li Chu thought for a moment, "OK, as you say, but this waterproof and moistureproof must be done well. There are also two skylights to be opened in the building, and this water leakage should be done well."
"Well, don’t worry, we are very experienced in doing this to ensure your satisfaction. By the way, Comrade Li, what are you going to do with this ground?"
"I want to cement the ground. What do you think?"
"Yeah, but I can’t get cement. We can get other sand, bricks and wood."
"Cement, I’ll find a way to get other materials. You can work out how much cement you need for me."
The rich boss got up and turned the room twice and told Li Chu the number.
Li Chu nodded. "I’ll pull the cement back later and give you all the remaining materials. How much do you think it will cost? How long will it take to get it ready? "
Rich boss Na Mo calculated for a while and asked, "Don’t we make Comrade Li’s furniture?"
"Furniture No" Li Chu doesn’t intend to make furniture. He wants to go to the trust store and buy some good materials. Although the furniture is old, it can only be painted once.
"If you don’t have furniture, you can just give it to 3 yuan here. You can give it to us at your discretion."
Li Chu shook his hand. "Don’t still say the number."
The rich boss hesitated, "I’ll call our second and third children and find two more friends. It’s almost half a month’s work. You can move in in two days at most. You can give us a 5 yuan, but you have to take care of our meal at noon. What do you think?"
It’s normal to find someone to work and manage a meal at noon, but Li Chu has no choice but to do it. He thought for a moment, "How about I give you 45 lunches for the materials and wages and the lunch at noon?"
The rich boss is so happy to hear that lunch will be sent to his wife’s home when the time comes, so that he can earn a lot of money for this single job and rush to promise to come.
Li Chu added, "I can give a lot of money to live. You must do it for me! Don’t give me lack of work and materials. "
The rich boss is busy waving his hand. "You can’t live. Don’t worry, I’ll make it beautiful for you. Just look at it." This single living rich boss didn’t intend to cheat and play tricks. Don’t just hold him to death by Li Chu’s sister, the deputy director of the neighborhood office. If you offend people, you don’t want to take up the job.
Li Chu took out a stack of big black cards from his pocket and counted three cards and gave them to the rich boss. "This is three for you to give after you finish your work."
The rich boss took the money and put it in his pocket. "It should be. When do you think we should start, Comrade Li?"
"It’s noon. Come and start after lunch."
"Well, we’ll come over at noon, so I’ll go first."
Li Chu sent him to the door and came back to start packing what he needed to take away.
Chapter 21 Instant-boiled mutton

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