However, when Lin Feng saw the scattered bones in the mountain peaks, he was surprised. It seems that he needs to be careful.

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Chapter sixty-five Understand the complex wave
Double tind is the core area of the death mountain range in the Far East Prairie. It can be said that it is because of some double tind that the death mountain range is produced in the Far East Prairie.
Maybe the death mountain, Yulan mainland, is not very famous, but the death mountain is the most terrible in the hearts of people in the Far East Prairie, because they don’t feel so scared when they can see the danger, but the most terrible thing is that those who can’t see or touch the danger can find a way to defend themselves from it.
And now? Windson has been slowly growing up. Why will Windson slowly grow up? That’s because Windson originally wanted to fly directly to the summit, but he hasn’t waited until Windson flew to the summit. Windson suddenly felt dirty and a pain, and Windson’s soul seemed to have been attacked. Windson even managed to control his flight and fell directly from it. However, fortunately, Windson’s physical strength is not what it used to be, and Windson has not suffered any injuries.
But these are enough for Lin Feng to pay attention to it. You know, when this attack comes, Lin Feng doesn’t even notice it.
Windson carefully looked at the double tind. You know just now, windson hasn’t flown to the summit yet. Windson can’t imagine if this attack suddenly strikes when he reaches the summit. Will this attack be more powerful?
Windson some lucky touched his head frowned, don’t know how to solve this problem, but windson also know that this kind of attack can help you understand the wave complex, but now windson feels so how to understand it?
Windson has a headache. Is it wrong for him to come here? Lin Feng doesn’t believe that Lin Feng can determine the situation of double tind, which can really help him understand the wave complex, but the question is whether he should understand it.
Forget it. Don’t think about it. Windson’s faith in my heart has become firm.
Nothing can be achieved for nothing. If Lin Feng wants to understand Bo Xuan, how can he understand Bo Xuan so quickly if he doesn’t experience it himself? The truth is the same 2.
Windson bite a tooth slowly toward the double tind.
Although the pace of windson is slow, it is firm. This is windson’s own choice, and he will not regret it and will not retreat.
Small body steps are very small and slow, but it keeps climbing and practicing. Just like this, it is possible to finally reach the top of the strong.
With the advance of windson, waves of attacks followed. Although windson tried his best to defend, windson found that his defense was really small.
Windson felt dirty and kept fluctuating, and his soul seemed to be shaken. In my mind, there appeared one unreal wave after another, which kept rushing towards the depths of my mind.
This feeling is extremely painful, but Lin Feng can’t back down. This is an indispensable persistence in becoming a strong person.
Since the method of defense, windson simply stopped defending. Windson doesn’t believe that he will die here today. Besides, he is still attacked halfway up the mountain, and it is not very strong.
Suddenly, one mouthful blood spit out from the tuyere of the forest. Even though Lin Fengzao was prepared, he still managed to avoid being injured.
Windson touched his head and corners of his mouth with an evil smile, and set off for the top of the mountain again. This time, I must understand Bo Xuan.
Every step forward, Lin Feng’s body vibrates, and Lin Feng keeps swallowing the blood that is about to pour out, but Lin Feng never stops but keeps walking firmly.
With the advance of windson, windson’s eyes closed, as if windson had realized the complex of waves now.
So did Lin Feng understand Bo Xuanao? It can be seen from the blood in the corners of Lin Feng’s mouth that Lin Feng has not yet understood the wave of metaphysics.
Suddenly, Lin Feng stopped, his body stopped shaking, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help showing a smile. Finally, Lin Feng realized that he realized the wave of metaphysics. Lin Feng finally got started with it.
Windson glanced at the double-angle summit and walked forward again. He wanted to continue to understand that he wanted to find three kinds of complex fusion points with the help of double tind. Although it was a difficult thing, if Windson didn’t try it himself, how could he know that he couldn’t understand it?
However, it may be because Lin Feng has realized the wave of complex reasons that Lin Feng found himself able to find the wave that attacked him.
Windson was curious to observe these waves and found that these waves did not last, but occasionally appeared. Windson wanted to find the place where these waves appeared, but nothing happened to Windson. Perhaps it was not enough because of the mysterious understanding of the forest storm.
Lin Feng was immersed in the understanding of waves, and Lin Feng accelerated his understanding speed, forcibly gathered all these waves and then controlled them to rush into his body.
There seems to be a ripple in the air, that is, it is condensed. Wave windson looks at the wave coming towards him, and his eyebrows are wrinkly. I can’t help but worry that I can really bear it.
But windson didn’t escape, but directly in situ waiting for the wave attack.
Windson felt a strong attack on his dirtiness directly through his body, and his soul lost consciousness instantly. Windson directly fell into a coma, but his vitality was still strong.
I don’t know how long it took for Lin Feng to wake up. Lin Feng touched his pain and shook his head. Then he carefully looked at his appearance and observed his situation.
Windson found himself dirty and full of scars, but there was a cyan energy to protect himself dirty and slowly recover.
Lin Fengsong breathed a sigh of relief, and then Lin Fengyou observed that his soul became weak, and now Lin Fengzhen found that he could no longer mobilize his soul force, and he had to cultivate slowly.
However, it is gratifying that Lin Feng found that his wave of metaphysical understanding has been strengthened. Unfortunately, Lin Feng did not find three kinds of metaphysical fusion points.
Windson arranged his own clothes and then left the double tind. Although Windson wanted to move on, he knew that he couldn’t. If he moved on, his body could bear it, but his soul could not bear it.
However, now that I have understood Bo Xuanao, I have achieved my goal and it is time to leave.
Before he left, Lin Feng looked back again, and tind secretly vowed that he would come back one day.
Chapter sixty-six Spirit God level
Now that windson has realized the wave of complex, the most important thing now is to find the fusion point of three kinds of complex. This doubt is a long-term thing, but windson has been forced to go to hell without becoming a god as soon as possible
Windson thought of here was ready to return to Finland, the city figure also couldn’t help YiHuan finally stopped.

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