The masked man looked at the five-star animal for two weeks and summoned it so easily, but he was still obedient to the five-star animal. He thought of the little animal around GongSunQi and thought, Is that also a five-star animal?

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"Winged shark, you can fight with this masked man. You don’t need to show mercy. You just aim at that body and play a few powerful functions."
Gong Sunqi’s voice just fell and he didn’t give the masked man a chance. The shark flew straight at him. The masked man bumped into the masked man and flew out. This bump was ruthless. The five-star animal power broke out completely. It was impossible for the masked man to resist the S-class power root and fly out a long distance.
Masked gongsunqi smiled and saw the masked man beaten. He smiled and deserved it. You were so cruel to me before, and now I hit you unprepared. You were seriously injured and hospitalized, and your family didn’t recognize you.
Chapter 253 risks
The silver narwhal dragged the body into the sea, which is also an order of Sun Qi. After all, the body has been dead for more than ten days. If the organization finds the body, it will definitely find out that the only way is to drag it into the sea and then enter Sun Qi’s backpack, so that a dead witness can be obtained.
In that masked man, where is he now? He has been tortured by winged sharks, and even the mask has fallen off half, and the whole bar is exposed.
The masked man reluctantly got up and shouted, "Stop it, but if I go again, I’ll really die."
Sitting on the head of the silver horn whale, Sun Qi waved his hand and untied the shark’s psychic. After that, Sun Qi barely felt better and untied the silver horn whale’s psychic. Sun Qi slowly approached the masked man from the sea.
"It hurts them to trust? How many more seats? "
Hearing that GongSunQi wants to make moves in person has scared GongSunQi to be a big boss, the masked man waved his hand and refused to "no". The guilty man thinks that he can control the strength of five-star animals, so it must reach the U-level level.
"Give the bloodstone to the seat" GongSunQi stretched out his hand to the mask man begging for the mask man with a face of Meng. He shook his head and said, "What did the elder say?"
Gong Sunqi said, "It’s the stone that was taken from the mutant animal body. It’s called blood essence stone. Bring it to the seat."
The mask man also wants to study one, but now GongSunQi wants him to give it to GongSunQi, who has turned it into a U-class strong mask man and honestly handed the bloodstone to GongSunQi.
Gong Sunqi smiled at this thing when he saw the bloody stone the size of his thumb. He still got the name from Tong. He tried to sell the bloody stone the size of his fingernail, and then he knew the name of the bloody stone. Gong Sunqi didn’t know it.
However, judging from the unified recycling price, the fingernail-sized bloodstone is worth a small partner ball in Kimimaro. You can imagine how precious the thumb-sized bloodstone is and how much it is worth. Just think about Gong Sunqi.
"After that, there will be a blood stone seat for you to make a deal." He said, taking out a bag of star stones, which are both good and profitable. He didn’t need to take out two smooth and smooth star stones from the inside and throw them to the masked man. "This is the price of blood stone, or if you need to change it, you can have the star stone."
"No, no, no," the man who saw two complete star stones masks was excited, and he felt that he had made a profit by exchanging a stone for two complete star stones.
It’s important for Gong Sunqi to run away with the blood stone before the masked man reacts.
A few days later, Gong Sunqi’s face was still full of excitement. Looking at his appearance, passers-by were crazy and stayed away from Gong Sunqi for fear of being dyed.
"I don’t know what happened to them even if I went to Xiang’s house."
When Gong Sunqi thinks about it, he feels that he owes them a feeling that "everything is still because of that organization called the ruling organization, and so are my friends."
Because the organization now Sun Qi doesn’t even have a friend who is suspicious, and he suspects that he is surrounded by undercover and is trying to kill him.
I came to Xianggu Gongsunqi’s door and didn’t realize that something was wrong, thinking that they should take out the old lady’s key, open the door and enter the room.
After entering the room, Gong Sunqi’s eyes were furious and sharingan looked ferocious and horrible at the moment.
There is no place in the room that is intact, and there are traces of violent fighting. There are also dried blood on the walls and floors around, and there are one or two walls with mannequins printed on them.
Squatting down, picking up the floor and breaking it into two crutches, Gong Sunqi is familiar with the crutches of his grandmother, and the hands holding the crutches are shaking and tears can’t help falling. "It’s me. It’s me who hurt you. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have encountered this."
Gong Sunqi gasped at his remorse. He remembered that it was Yunxi High School. He found him and called everyone with Gong Sunqi to ask, "Yunxi High School is a good Yunxi High School. If anything happens to my grandmother, I will not only ruin you, but also remove you from history."
Put away the broken crutch, and Gong Sunqi continued to search around the room, trying to find some clues, and it is best to prove that they are still alive.
"No, no, no,no." He searched the whole suite inside and out, even the pure room of a poem went in and searched it again.
Kneeling with his head in his hands, Sun Qi felt so weak that his mother was killed and he couldn’t get revenge. Who tampered with his memory? He didn’t know that he was now driven by the ruling organization to lose his friends and be suspicious of everyone. He finally got a family and was in danger because of him.
Gong Sunqi roared wildly. Now he is eager to gain strength, become the strongest, avenge his parents, and protect everything he wants to protect.
That kind of feeling of losing the most important person, Gong Sunqi, has happened once. He doesn’t want a second time. He wants to gain absolute power and become the strongest, even if the form of Sangouyu sharingan is the highest. He also doesn’t want to lose his guardian anymore.
In a hurry, Sun Qi thought of the mysterious blood stone blue star stone method, which brought him absolute power for a short time. The orange star stone was to resurrect Shukaku, but he had eaten so many orange star stones, and Shukaku was still missing.
"I don’t care what ghost you are. If you really have such a high value, then show your value. Let me see if I sign a contract with the devil."
GongSunQi right hand clenched that a fingernail-sized blood essence stone. The corners of the blood essence stone face plunged into the palm. The palm oozed blood to wrap the blood essence stone. GongSunQi’s blood irrigation appeared a little strange.
The bloodstone absorbed the blood flowing out of GongSunQi’s palm crazily, but it was too late to release the palm after noticing that the bloodstone in the palm was abnormal.
Chapter 254 Memories emerge
The fingernail-sized bloodstone keeps absorbing the blood flowing from the palm of Sun Qi’s hand in the floating half, and it looks as if it doesn’t stop absorbing the blood of Sun Qi.
"Not bad"
Gong Sunqi hurriedly chakra sealed the wound, but the bloodstone seemed to have strange power, which drove chakra to form that film and collapsed, and the palm blood continued to flow out.
"chakra doesn’t believe this without me. Not yet."
Sun Qili’s water magic opens the fairy mode. Lina’s water magic covers the wound and blocks the mysterious power of the blood stone. When the wound is blocked, the blood stone keeps rotating in the middle and gives off a strange power. The water magic collides with each other. Water magic is nature, and water power is the purest force of nature.
Sun Qi, the purest natural force, was surprised to find that the magic power of water was not in phase with the power emitted by the blood stone. This amazing discovery made Sun Qi sweat behind him. "Fortunately, I didn’t take out that big blood stone, otherwise I would really be sucked into an adult."
Bang! ! !’
Gong Sunqi hasn’t reacted yet. The fingernail-sized bloodstone should burst, and the energy inside is scattered and haunting the whole room.
The magic power of water seems to be better than the power of blood stone, and then it is like gaining war profits by absorbing the power of blood stone floating around it.
The strength of Fang Xuejing stone poured into Sun Qi’s body, which was like ten thousand needles piercing pain. Sun Qi fell to the ground and curled up with his hands around him.
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
Sun Qiyuan closed his eyes and suddenly opened his eyes, and he saw a series of pictures, all of which were memories in his mind, memories of poverty, traces of broken glass in front of the power of bloodstone, and memories of fragmentation.
"No, no, no ~ ~"
Gong Sunqi didn’t know which were his real memories and which were his tampered memories, but now all the memories in his mind were completely scattered and fragmented by the power of bloodstone.
"Don’t ~ ~ ~"
Even if it’s false, it’s his memory. Even if it’s false, it’s also a memory with Sun, a memory with his father and a memory of his family. This moment disappears in an instant.
All the former memories in my mind have vanished. Gongsun Qi has forgotten what Gongsun looks like, his former place of life and lifestyle. Gongsun Qi has tears in his eyes. He hates the blood stone for bringing him.
"Give me back my memory, give me back my memory, give me back my memory." Gong Sunqi cried, so sad and heartbroken is far more than physical pain.
Bang ~ ~’
A buzz in my mind was like being blown up by a bomb. Gong Sunqi lost consciousness with his eyes black.
When I came to my senses, there appeared a couple, a loving couple, a little baby in her arms, and a man holding a small toy to make the little baby laugh.
Gong Sunqi looked at the couple and vaguely felt familiar with them. He felt that he was someone, but he couldn’t remember who it was, and he didn’t know that this place would appear.
"They, who are they? They make me feel familiar with them ~ ~"
Gongsunqi desperately remembers and is eager to know who they really are, which will give Gongsunqi a very warm and safe feeling.
As soon as the picture turns, a two-year-old child stumbles on the grass, and a man behind the child follows closely behind him, and he is eager to write his face.
A woman behind the man smiled and quipped, "You have children and no wife."
As soon as the man picked up the child and gently poked a child’s face with his finger, he said with amusement, "Ma Ma is jealous, mom is jealous, Xiao Qi, look at Ma Ma is jealous."
Xiao Qi, a familiar and unfamiliar word, stimulated Gong Sunqi, who was absolutely sure that he must have heard these two words somewhere, but he couldn’t remember them.

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