Li Fang is also welcome. He stared at the sword for a long time.

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However, a move surprised Ji Tianci.
Seeing Li Fang kneeling with his hands folded in front of the sword, he mused, "I, Li Fang, have forty years to devote myself to serving the motherland and rejuvenating the country. There are so many strong people in Jiuyou Naitian that I feel overwhelmed. Today, if Mo Xie’s predecessors wish me to fight side by side, I will make Mo Xie’s predecessors generous and glorious."
After Li Fang finished this ritual prayer, he also learned to drop a drop of blood like Li Fanzhi. The sword artifact is very important for the extraordinary. Some people say that the extraordinary can be divided into two kinds: "with the artifact extraordinary" and "without the artifact extraordinary", which can make the extraordinary quickly increase its combat power, while some strange artifacts are even more unpredictable.
Blood dripping sword, but this sword shakes like just now, and then shakes the blood out.
Li Fang wry smile one room three people look at JiTianCi again.
Ji Tianci also finds this drop of blood interesting, but he can’t control the blood dripping out of the body like the Li family.
He picked up the sword and prepared to cut his finger with the tip of the sword. However, he picked up the sword and it was another whisper in a flash.
Everyone was a little nervous when Li Fanzhi asked, "Was it a sword before you were given a gift?"
Ji Tianci thought for a while and then shook his head. "I played peach wooden sword as a child …"
"That … you’d better try it first."
Ji Tianci held the sword in his right hand and stroked the blade in his left hand. He wanted to feel the grain of the blade, but when his left hand first put it on, he felt a sharp sword cut through his palm and blood began to flow in the grain of the blade.
JiTianCi a surprised and withdrew his hand.
Li Fanzhi looked serious and hurriedly shouted, "Don’t let go and hold the blade."
After Ji Tianci slowed down, according to Li Fanzhi, his left hand held the whole blade, which was slender like holding a ruler.
See the lines of the blade like the same channel. Ji Tianci’s blood flows into the "channel"
Soon the whole sword turned red.
Suddenly, the sword seemed to be lit and gave off red light. Four people in the room felt a burst of heat like a fire.
The blade really ignited a flame, but Ji Tianci didn’t feel burned. He thought the fire was "warm"
With the blood pouring into the blade, the flame is getting stronger and stronger.
"Hoo" a flame flew out of the sword and condensed into a fuzzy humanoid, and the whole sword has turned red at this time. The grain of the sword body is like a beating flame.
Judging from the figure, "fire man" should be a famous woman, and wearing an ancient long skirt, this woman can’t see clearly, and the flame is getting weaker and weaker. It seems that it won’t be long before it will be extinguished.
They have been dumbfounded in situ motionless.
It was this "flame girl" who first spoke a crisp voice to "visit the ancestors!"
The flame woman bowed to JiTianCi in the floating.
Everyone is surprised, including Ji Tianci, who is the "ancestor" of Flame Woman?
Ye Xiangdong was very excited. He pointed to Ji Tianci and asked the flame woman directly, "You said he was your ancestor?"
Flame woman nodded her head.
Ji Tianci was shocked. "I just turned 17. How can I be your ancestor? Are you a predecessor of Mo Xie?"
The flame woman nodded again. "Ancestor, I am the descendant of the fire family, Mo Xie. Your blood is the oldest blood of the fire family. All the ancestors I have seen before are not as pure as your blood. You must be from ancient times. You are my ancestor of the fire family."
Ji Tianci is still not white. This means that Professor Ye said thoughtfully to Ji Tianci, "Mo Xie’s predecessors should say that your seniority is higher than her."
"But Mo Xie’s predecessors should be more than 2,000 years old. Can I be taller than her?"
Mo Xie, the flame woman, spoke again. "Who are the ancestors’ parents?"
Ji Tianci shook his head. "I was picked up by my adoptive father. My adoptive father said I was an orphan of the Yellow Emperor."
Mo Xie paused for a moment. "Your blood really seems to come from the period of the Yellow Emperor, but the Yellow Emperor is the leader of the Tu nationality. Your blood tells me that you are the ancestor of my fire family."
Professor Ye then interjected and asked Mo Xie, "Maybe his mother is an ancient fire family. He also said that he is the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor has four wives. Should there be a fire family among his wives?"
Mo Xie replied, "I didn’t know that the Yellow Emperor was also an ancient man to us. He said that we also learned from history that my ancestors said that the first generation leader of the fire clan, Nong Huang, and the blood of this little ancestor made me feel that he was the direct blood of Nong Huang and was also the direct blood of three generations."
Professor Ye "trembled" and asked, "Do you mean Shennong?"
Mo Xie nodded his head.
Li Fanzhi and Li Fang gasped at the same time. If Ji Tianci is a grandson of Shennong, what is this generation? I’m afraid people in Jiuyou will call him the ancestor, right?
Thought of here, they all turned their attention to Ji Tianci, and Li Fanzhi thought that it was reasonable for the prophet to find Ji Tianci. This "child" was really unusual
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Lieutenant clues
Mo Xie continued, "Please ask my ancestors to help me find my husband. My husband and I have been separated for 60 or 70 years."
Ji Tianci quickly asked, "Is your husband an expert?"
"But we have always been together, both of us are’ sleeping’. My husband is the soul of heaven. After the sacrifice of the flesh is refined into a sword, there is a trace of soul, but the sword is still broken, but I have no consciousness. I am the soul of the flesh, and the soul of heaven is the blood of my ancestors, which makes me take shape.
My husband, the Jin people, we were hidden in the city while the iron was hot and the sword was cast. After being born, the king of Chu found him. When he saw that his husband was an ancient scholar, he coerced him to sacrifice his body and refine it into a sword. He fought in all directions.
However, my husband was forced to jump into the melting pot because he didn’t practice the Dharma, and all the iron was jointly cast into a’ semi-artifact’.
I was bent on revenge, but I was not as sad as my husband. I remembered that the ancient forbidden art began to practice the spirit of the earth, and I took back my husband after the achievement, but the strength of the king of Chu was really high, and I had too many. I was afraid I was looking for revenge.
When my son grows up, he knows that his father was killed by the king of Chu, and he is bent on killing the king of Chu. I can’t persuade him to jump into the furnace and make a sword while he is not paying attention to it, so as to help my son.
My son finally found the king of Chu again. The king of Chu has reached the limit of this world, and everyone can rely on artifacts to improve their strength again.
The king of Chu fought with the sword of a lieutenant, but he didn’t know that looking for him was a lieutenant. My husband was not controlled by the king of Chu, but was also controlled by my son.
But even so, our family of three still can’t defeat the King of Chu. My son’s blood killed two swords, and the blood led my husband to merge into a red thunder wound sword. I felt my husband’s anger, and the aura of heaven and earth were crazy. This sword was more powerful than ordinary artifacts.
Our family of three killed the king of Chu together, and my son later lived in seclusion in the mountains and treated him for a hundred years. After that, my husband separated into two swords and kept them by our descendants.
It was not until 60 or 70 years ago that my descendants separated. I knew from my perception of my husband that he went to an island in the southeast of Jiuyou, and then he went further. The west was already nine miles away, and now I clearly feel him in the southwest of Jiuyou.
If the ancestors can find his ancestors’ blood and lead me, I will be able to integrate him into a powerful artifact again. "
Room four people after hearing Mo Xie words is a powerful artifact of the heart beat faster? How powerful will it be?

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