"At the end of this big contest, you and other living people will be able to practice for ten years at the first peak except for deciding the reward according to the ranking."

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The gray old man was a immediately all eyes are red, excited ecstasy color crawling even ChuFeng Leng Yan three people are also so.
Every Jiu Feng is full of aura, but there are also differences. The aura of the Jiu Feng and the first peak is definitely different.
Everyone is not qualified to enter the first peak of cultivation, but at this time, the words in the mouth of the gray old man have made everyone’s hearts fantasy come true. No one doubts that the old man’s words because everyone knows that this gray old man is the former fuzzy figure, that is, a baby bodhi old zu.
Yuanying bodhi old zu can’t go wrong.
Everyone in the valley is very happy, but for a moment, the old man in gray speaks again like a pot of cold water to make everyone feel cold.
"But you have to remember that in the past ten years, none of you can leave the first peak, and you can’t leak the results of this big ratio, otherwise … the traitors in the third peak will be your future."
Including Wu abandoned hearing the words of the old man in gray, my heart suddenly became cold, and a murderous look lingered. Koyanaka came from the old man in gray with a murderous look. Although the murderous look emitted by the strong Yuan Ying bodhi old zu level is if there is, it is enough to make everyone here look terrible, pale and low-headed, and dare not say more.
"Ten years later, three cases are bigger than me, and ten thousand cases must win. Who dares to leak a little news and let the other two cases be on guard?"
The faint words of the old man in gray came to everyone’s ears, but it was like a bolt from the blue. However, no one was stupid. Listening to the words of the old man, I remembered that there were only three or four third brothers left in Koyanaka except Chu Feng and Leng Yan.
In addition to the third peak of Chu Feng, there are still seven younger brothers in the early stage of Jiedan. Although it is dangerous, it is not enough to bury several early masters of Jiedan.
All kinds of guesses appear in people’s minds, although they think differently, but they generally know the reason why Zongmen will attach importance to fear. It’s also Chu Feng’s three people. The rest of them, such as the third peak and the fourth peak, are foil, and they must be promoted to the realm of Jiedan if they want to live. Some people simply want to get rid of traitors by Zongmen.
Three cases are bigger than the three overlords of the Soul-Breaking Mountains. The outcome of the grand event is definitely not the clan status. There must be a huge division of interests. Otherwise, the clan will not secretly plan many things, even the ambush will be so grand.
The thoughts in my heart rolled back and Wu abandoned his eyebrows, and a bit of doubt dissipated at this time, but it emerged with a gloomy color for a moment.
Turned to look at the nearby Tuoba Ye a guess formed in the heart that Tuoba Ye seems to have sensed Wu abandoned eyes turned and Wu abandoned glances made no secret of sen cold murderous look in his eyes.
Feel the fierce smell coming from Tuoba Ye’s body. Wu abandoned his head and closed his eyes at once. I don’t know what to think.
"Take your own jade slips, which record that you will get a reward for your big score this time, and you will not go back to the third peak or the fourth peak. Go directly to the first peak, whether it is closed dive practice or practicing supernatural powers. After ten years, you will all participate in three big scores, and if you can win a good place for Zongmen, you will be rewarded."
As soon as the old man in gray said that, he waved his hand and a large cloud enveloped them, then rose and turned into a white light and threw it into the distant sky.
A dozen people were sitting in the corner with a jade slip in their hands.
A wisp of spirit slowly overflowed to explore the jade slips in the middle. After a while, I don’t know what I saw. A faint smile appeared in Wu’s mouth.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Penance
In a large cloud, more than a dozen people are sitting around except Wu. Everyone’s face is hard to hide. Even Sun Gan and Xu Feng are so calm.
Jiu Feng, the first peak gate, is full of aura, and he can practice for ten years. It is not for everyone not to be so excited.
After all, if normal people want to enter the first peak, the condition is to practice to the peak state of Jiedan, and to have the potential to break through to the level of Yuan Ying becoming the bodhi old zu at any time to qualify for the first peak practice.
More than a dozen people have their own ideas, such as ChuFeng, and then they returned to normal after three people were delighted, and turned to look at the reward in the jade slips like Wu Abandoned.
While his younger brother mostly thinks about the first peak, closing the dive for ten years, and making the repair soar into the country. After ten years, three cases shine brilliantly.
But there are exceptions, such as Tang Shen. At this time, he is also sitting in the corner and staring at Wu Abandon. He is like a lurking snake staring at his prey. Now his thought is to think about the first peak to curry favor with a big shot and find a way to kill Wu Abandon.
The hatred between the two men has reached the point where it can be resolved by law. Tang Shen knows what he has done to Wu Abandon. It is impossible for Wu Abandon to let his roots go. He simply refuses to ask for mercy, but his hatred for Wu Abandon is rich to an unimaginable extent.
"This is good"
In the fog, like an independent old man in gray, he cruised with empty eyes and finally landed in a place to penetrate the fog. It seemed that Wu abandoned his figure and plain words were spit out from the old man’s mouth.
Wu abandoned at this time is still immersed in the jade slips, and he didn’t know that he had got a praise from the bodhi old zu Yuan Ying, but even if Wu abandoned it, he wouldn’t be at ease. After Wu abandoned his vision, he had already put it in a wider place. Yuan Ying, the bodhi old zu, was destined to go beyond the realm for him, and he wouldn’t be like a praise.
After a long time, Wu abandoned his mind and withdrew from the jade slips. It seemed like a decision to put away his jade slips and was about to continue to close his eyes, but at this time a sound box wrapped in clouds.
"The first peak has arrived."
It’s a gray old man’s dull tone. Wu abandoned more than a dozen people and so on are already familiar with it
Before the crowd reacted, they saw the clouds quickly disperse around them, and the crowd fell to the ground one after another.
"Boom" and "Hoo …"
Fall to the ground at the moment they felt a roar in their ears, and then thick pure vitality surged toward them like the tide.
When a few people can’t bear to take a big breath, it’s breathing, but those people turn red in a moment as if they had been suppressed by a strong aura for a long time before they recovered.
It would be a shame to be suppressed by the aura of heaven and earth, but those people were not interested at all. If they were not afraid of the people around them, they would immediately practice sitting around.
"Don’t worry, when you have ten years in charge, take them! Find a place to live and remember that neither Qianxiu nor he can leave the first peak or else … "
The old man in gray seems to have deliberately commanded those stewards, and when he left, he gave them a light look at the crowd. That kind of method resisted the feeling of climbing everyone’s heart again, and everyone could not help but shudder at Chufeng’s heart.
It’s terrible. Even a look at the strong Yuan Ying bodhi old zu level is enough to make them unable to resist.
As soon as the old man in gray spoke, the whole person disappeared again, and that large cloud floated up again and disappeared in a blink of an eye.
"Come with us, everyone!"
Next to those stewards, when they saw that the old man in gray had left, they came forward and said to them.
Half an hour later, in the most quiet refining room in the first peak, a delicate yard, Wu abandoned the plate and sat around the futon, surrounded by sandalwood. Everything was as simple as going to practice.
"This first peak is not different except that the aura is much stronger than that of the fourth peak."
Wu abandoned his hands on the futon, toying with a jade slip, and his mouth was light. Before his mouth, Wu abandoned more than a dozen people. As those stewards walked on the first peak, they chose their respective residences. Wu abandoned and went to the same place, and the layout of their residences was as simple as going to the same place.
"But the steward showed us a small area and we were not qualified to see the real essence of the first peak."
"It is said that the first peak has three peerless geniuses, who are the real geniuses. Even if they want to suppress, they can suppress the light of these three people. The three people have already entered the peak state of Jiedan and may be promoted to the level of Yuanying and become bodhi old zu at any time."

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