Chapter 94 Rebuilding the Ghost

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Xiao Fan and Malaria in the underworld walked out of that door one after another.
The door closed slowly.
Xiao Fan turned and looked at the door thoughtfully for half a day before raising my hand and hitting several banned doors to firmly seal the whole door.
"Uh, what are you doing?" Malaria puzzled asked.
"It’s too dangerous to hide things here. Although no one can break into it, it’s better to seal it forever for safety!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "Let’s wait until I have the ability to solve this mystery!"
"Besides, it is not a good idea to exile souls here forever. Since those souls are guilty and evil, they should be punished differently!"
"Ah, you sealed this place, so isn’t this underworld in name only?" Malaria couldn’t help laughing
"Not so. Why don’t you and I just transform the underworld here?" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick suddenly arms vibration violent force suddenly erupted out of his hands with crashing around!
"I depend on you crazy? With such a powerful force here, you are not transforming but destroying! " Malaria exclaimed.
"How can we rebuild without destroying it first?" Xiao Fan said that his hands kept hitting several fairy methods, which made the whole underworld wrapped up by his terrorist forces.
Feeling such destructive power, all the ghost soldiers and zerg soldiers in the underworld are frightened and scurry.
The foundation of the Six Realms was violently shaken with Xiao Fan’s hands.
Everything in the underworld also directly affects his situation in several realms
In an instant, the blood spring in the hell world rolls and the magma shakes violently against the current; Yin qi in the yin world shakes the mountains in confusion; People, monsters, three realms, aurora and volcano spewing all over the sky …
Everyone immediately panicked, but they didn’t know what had happened. The old guys who were going to the first batch of celestial bodies also ran out of the retreat and looked at the vision of heaven and earth, dumbfounded.
"Oh, Xiao Fan, I’m afraid your big move is going to scare the six sentient beings to death!" Malaria shook his head a way
"Ha ha!" Xiao Fan’s mouth was picked up, and his words were thundered out layer by layer, which immediately filled the whole six realms of heaven.
"You don’t have to panic. This vision is that Xiao is exiled from the underworld and it is not suitable for Xiao to start rebuilding the underworld. It is normal to disturb you. Please forgive me!" Xiao Fan’s words are not arrogant but full of sincerity.
"Turned out to be Xiao Fan transform the underworld? Boy, how terrible is he? Can you do such a thing? " Everyone is more shocked.
"Not to mention his feat of transforming the underworld, it’s enough to sigh at this six-tone hand. It’s really enviable that the top player in the celestial world is now!" Many people pay more attention to this point, and it is even more tempting for them to acquire such power.
Knowing that this is Xiao Fan’s place, they are no longer worried about returning to the practice place to continue to break through themselves.
The brand-new underworld Xiao Fan waved his hands and slowly revealed it.
According to Xiao Fan’s reference to the underworld, the new underworld is divided into nine layers, each of which has purification and test effects for the souls who can be forgiven for being sent here.
But the central environment is more terrifying than cruelty and hell!
However, if the soul sent here has experienced nine layers of hardships, it will wake up and repent of the evil things it has done one by one, and he will be sent back to reincarnation, and the reincarnated person will not have to bear the eternal exile.
But if the soul is stubborn and still guilty, it will be crushed by virtual force in the ninth floor and disappear forever!
This makes it more reasonable.
After starting to transform the underworld, Xiao Fan called a few zerg soldiers and ghost soldiers to explain the nine layers of nether world to them, and then they trampled on it with malaria and came to the outside world in an instant!
"Come on, let’s see what secrets are hidden in this world!" Xiao Fan scattered his knowledge again and carefully searched every corner of the outside world.
Small world that are already unbound slowly float in that void.
Virtual merger power fluctuation
And if this is the graveyard of immortals, it is reasonable to say that the immortals’ bodies should not be damaged and left into a small world, but their bodies are not visible.
After observing for half a day, Xiao Fan closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.
The outside world is so palm-sized, and he didn’t find anything unusual at all.
"Something’s wrong … Nothing unusual has been found?" Xiao Fan slowly shook his head and explored back and forth in this world with malaria.
For dozens of days, Xiao Fan’s footprints have traveled all over the world, but they are still found.
"ah! Is it because we are too concerned that there is nothing we can’t do here? " Xiao Fan doubt scratched his head a way
"if there is nothing strange, it’s a little unreasonable here!" Malaria also shook his head and pondered.
Suddenly, Xiao Fan’s eyes suddenly shrank, and he seemed to think of something. Generally, he quickly looked at those small and medium-sized suspended worlds. "How long has malaria been here in your opinion?"
"How long has it been? Why do you ask this? " Malaria puzzled and picked his eyebrows and immediately pointed to several small worlds. "If it is calculated according to the celestial time, it should be hundreds of thousands of years. That is at least more than twenty thousand years …"
"That is to say, these small worlds have not been here for a long time, right? According to the six worlds, it is only a few million years or ten million years! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way
"Well, it can be said that this small world is indeed that era, but the outer circle is older. It is estimated that it will be calculated to the celestial world millions of years ago!" Malaria pointed to some small worlds that had already been destroyed on the edge of the world and said, "What do you think?"
"Well, according to these small world years, it can be divided into several periods!" Xiao Fan nodded. "But I just inquired about the oldest rocks here, and I can probably follow them to the celestial world hundreds of millions of years ago!"
"According to this fixed law, a part of the small world will appear here every one million years, and it will be arranged in circles, and the oldest will die out in millions of years at most!"

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