Although these monster beasts are the weakest and can’t spell, they can only roar and shake their minds, which is countless.

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The monster beast jumps, leaps and dives from all sides, and it takes less than ten minutes to make his hands and feet numb, and his heart is awe-inspiring and he feels breathless.
While Wu Chen is full of disgust. Seeing these monsters reminds me of those beasts who are entrenched in Wu Chen. They keep waving their hands to print out the minimum mana and attack it reasonably to protect the mana.
"Big brother, take care of me. I’ll make a big move!" Yi some itching to wuchen said
"Well, good brother, although Shi" Wuchen said, "Jump to the front of Yi and suddenly roar and rush to the monster beast, which seems to be swept away by the strong wind."
Wu Chen’s hands are buckled by forming two black balls of light and throwing them to the ground in a blink of an eye, which turns into a light black gas cover covering them.
The monster beast seems to be crazy, but it is blocked by the gas mask. After five seconds, it is dark outside, and the face of the ugly beast is invisible.
"Friends how did they stop? Let these monsters haunt you, either dead or injured! " The speaker is a middle-aged man, worried and nervous.
"Let’s look at it first. If things are not right, we will go to rescue the horse." Wan Xiaosheng was also a little nervous. He stood on tiptoe with his fist in his hands and looked at the clouds of beast waves in the distance.
A proud young man disdained saying something that made Wan Xiaosheng unhappy. He looked back at him and his name was crossed in his heart.
"Ah, look …"
Everyone saw that Fiona Fang Wuli was red all day, and purple clouds gathered together, and the animals’ reiki gathered crazily, and a singing tone and chanting sound vaguely entered the eardrum of everyone.
But in half a minute, the sound is much clearer, with a desolate and ethereal artistic conception.
Although they recognized that it was an easy sound, they didn’t know what it was. When a power spread, they couldn’t help but look up and look at it. I don’t know where the purple clouds floated, which made people breathless.
But everyone felt that the blood circulation speed began to accelerate, and a feeling of anxiety arose end to end. I don’t know why, as if I had committed a scourge to Du Jie.
"No, this is a wide range of spells. I’m afraid I will be affected by the wave if I don’t go." Wan Xiaosheng’s face changed greatly, and as soon as he lifted his foot, he ran to one side and everyone followed closely, even the arrogant young man didn’t stop until he ran out of Ziyun’s coverage.
At this time, Ziyun in Wuli, Fiona Fang, Yi Center suddenly shrank and rolled up directly. A red light changed from weak to strong and directly rose to Ziyun through the animals.
A wave spread in all directions, followed by a slight tremor on the ground, and several stars rose into the sky.
"drink! Meteor fire rain … "
In an instant, the burning fireballs in the sky were the size of heads, and they began to fall in bits and pieces for a while. Purple clouds were like giant dragons and spit beads, and they fell madly to the fireballs, and they directly hit the animals with great strength.
Suddenly, the animals wailed and whined all over the place. The fireball with several heads falling from it was extremely hot and hard, and the monster beast body was smashed directly through the body after a pause.
And the monster beast was caught in a fire, and the horse died, but in this way, the beasts launched a crazy charge to the black gas mask like they were ordered, not afraid of life and death.
One by one, the roar of dying animals resounded through the heavens and the earth, and fireballs kept crashing and rumbling
For a while, the number of light spots fluttered in the purple clouds, and soon it became hot and polar, and the Fiona Fang Sanli was shrouded in waves of heat waves.
"Roar …" An earth-shattering beast roars far away from Wan Xiaosheng and others, and people all feel a quiver to see the monster beast rushing out of the mountain pass in the distance. It is bigger and goes straight to Yi with thunder and thunder.
In this short time, he was killed and burned to death as a child, and thousands of monster beasts, Fiona Fang Sanli, became a sea of fire and spread in all directions, and the land cracked.
Rumbling, rustling, animal roar, overwhelming the sky, not to mention Wan Xiaosheng and others with a full face of shock, but to say that outsiders are aware of this earth-shattering potential for dozens of miles.
A middle-aged man just entered the enchantment and was surprised to see that the red light in the south was particularly conspicuous. He quickly grabbed the friar beside him and said, "Don’t go in yet. Don’t be in a hurry. Third brother, look at what’s going on over there. It’s so red that it’s burning."
"Such a vision may have something big happen, eldest brother. Let’s go and have a look." The third brother was more anxious and excited than the eldest brother, dragging the eldest brother to the south.
"Look, the north is on fire."
"Such a large range may be the flame honour person out of this position, which is generally the place where we enter the right way. If the old devil is happy, take a look and join in the fun."
"* * * Maybe another monster ran out and walked around to see if it was a good chance to kill Dan and make a fortune."
"second heel"
"His grandfather behind how on fire? Did some evil monster run behind us? "
"Not good! One thousand if there is a Uber blocking the attack before and after, we will be miserable and hurry back to see what’s going on. "
Monks who can see the sky vision have different emotions, but they all gather in the past and attract dozens of people’s attention in a short time.
"Peng Peng …" Black gas mask kept ringing.
Wu Chen’s face was shocked by indecision, while maintaining the gas mask to resist the monster beast rushing from all directions, he also had to resist the hot fire waves that continued to emanate from his side, but he felt as if he had been baked by a fire. How to protect himself felt that heat? I don’t know how many years I haven’t enjoyed sweating. My back and forehead were covered with fine sweat.
He didn’t think that it was easy to say that the big move was as powerful as the forbidden art. It was much more powerful than the fireballs that rushed to the monster beast like a death warrant, and it was as touching as paper.
Fireballs, fires, rain, dense drops, this lethality has never been seen before
In front of his eyes, his body is suspended like a god, and he is more than three feet off the ground. His clothes are hunting and his black hair is fluttering. His head looks up at the sky, and his red eyes shoot two red lights directly into the purple clouds without any emotion.
Easy lips trembling, like continuous chanting, weird, a pair of big hands wrapped in flames, trembling slightly, elbows slightly bent forward, and two groups of energy on both sides of palms seemed to melt iron, and ripples spread in circles to form a unique red broken mans heaven and earth connection.
Inexplicable power is easy to give off and directly impact the Wuchen. Even if he repairs extremely, he secretly complains about the thorough re-evaluation of Yi’s strength. I wonder how many secrets he still has that no one knows.
Yi Lian Qi Shen Jing Xiu can cast such a spell that Wu Chen gives birth to inexplicable thoughts in his heart.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Royal Beast Pharaohs
Cast a group attack spell-the meteor fire and rain are easy to expand the whole mind. Fiona Fang’s three-mile mind is full of micro-movements, and a complete picture is formed in the whole mind. This special situation has never been encountered.
It seems that heaven and earth are integrated, and they are particularly sensitive to every move of the outside world.
It is easy to feel that one’s magic power has greatly increased, and there is no longer a mere monk then, but it seems like a real person who has risen to the realm of alchemy and immortality
The feeling of controlling people’s life and death has never been greater than before, but even the witch officials around him are like ants on their feet.
Dozens of miles of reiki in Fiona Fang poured into Ziyun and drove the reiki outside the region to form a virtuous circle.
An endless stream of monster beast hit the protective gas hood covered by Wuchen cloth, and the number of purple burning fireballs hit the fire and the rain fell. The number of monster beast casualties lasted for a few minutes, but it was burnt into coke by hot flame.
The monster beast seems to be coming from a distance, and the monster beast has become scarce and the offensive has weakened.
"Boom …"
With a thunderous explosion, the purple clouds suddenly spread rapidly in all directions, forming a huge virtual fireball covering Fiona Fang Sanli.
The hot fire waves threatened outward, even if Wan Xiaosheng and others were watching, but they couldn’t bear such ferocity, and their faces were horrified and they all retreated, and they didn’t come to the monks later.
Another exploding giant fireball suddenly exploded, dazzling red light lit up and scattered several fists. Everything encountered by the big fireball was destroyed except rocks and rocks.
Surrounded by the audience, the friar opened his eyes and his face was stunned. The invisible monster beast was in front of him. The ground was cracked and burned with a few inches of high flames, sending out steaming heat.
Strangely, there is no smoke or gas, and there are pieces of reddish monster beast everywhere. Even a cinder has never been left, just like Shura’s hell. The resentment is hitting Wan Xiaosheng and other monks’ minds
"Roar …"
Dragon songs sounded one after another, and everyone just recovered. In my heart, I was surprised again. The huge fire dragon in the distance should be escorting to fly to the middle of the mountain with a thunderous potential, and rushed to the distant mountains to show a little outcrop. A bunch of monsters turned around and ran away in fear.
"See you after all friends" is a chilling sound far away.
Wan Xiaosheng heard the sound of one leng and immediately reacted by tearing BoYun up his strength and shouting "Take care of your friends". After shouting, his voice was itchy.
A group of monks and horses rushed over to surround Wan Xiaosheng and asked eagerly.
"Brother Wan, which real person cast spells just now?"
"That dragon being original heard that Tianlong Mansion is easy to own. Is it him?"
"Who is Wan Daoyou?"
"It must be Tianlong Fuyi!"
Wan Xiaosheng was very excited in his heart, and his expression was hard to hide, but he felt that his face had soared just now without looking at the people around him scrambling to ask himself. There are also pairs of envious eyes that are really touched by Yi Rongguang.
Then he told the story vividly, and it was a shock and a start to talk about it at the end of the day after everyone compared the tragic scene in front of him and listened to Wan Xiaosheng.
"It’s amazing. Tianlong Fuyi really deserves its name."

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