"Laughing to death for ten minutes was pushed away. One blood tower ad performed well."

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Compared with the live broadcast of the struggling players, the audience seems to be more angry, and everyone is better than a madman. It doesn’t matter that they like the players to recruit black.
It is also possible that the cross-dressing black powder deliberately speaks to ruin their dislike of the players LPL team and the players’ fans, which is comparable to mission impossible in the disc.
Sometimes you don’t know who a person really is unless you pick him up. What’s worse, you just post some comments on the Internet.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Water cups
The second little dragon will be refreshed soon after Ashui Ephelius successfully took a blood tower. This time IG did not let ES take the lead.
The advantage of the right line of the road is very helpful for controlling Xiaolong in the wild. Before IG was able to control Xiaolong and Ashui Road so easily, it also showed great performance.
Although Ah Shui plays hard against the line, he is a very team player and is willing to contribute to the team. For example, he has never fallen behind in supporting Xiaolong.
In 12 minutes, the second hose refreshed IG and took the lead in living in Xiaolongkeng. However, ES did not choose to fight with IG this time.
A series of defeats in Xiaolongkeng made ES people understand one thing. It was very unwise for them to fight with IG in the early stage.
This is confirmed by successive failures, so when they get the first dragon and successfully slow down the rhythm of IG dragon control, the second dragon can be released.
In the early stage, it was acceptable for both sides to have a little dragon ES. Even if IG took over the little dragon and firmly controlled it, it would take nearly 30 minutes to play the rhythm of the dragon soul.
This price ES can bear, so ES can rest assured to develop a wave while taking advantage of two ways in IG to support Xiao Le Yan Da Long.
Yes, Lu 369 was once again killed by Yasota. Although the anti-Yasota was finally replaced successfully, this wave was regarded as one for one, but with this wave of single killing IG, the momentum has risen and ES morale has continued to decrease.
The successive defeats of the team battle and the single-handedness of the line have cast a shadow on the hearts of ES people, and they have little confidence in the next victory.
"Well, the third dragon has appeared, which indicates that this game is the dragon soul, which is the highest winning rate at present, and it is very important for both sides."
"At present, IG and ES have each got a little dragon, and it is possible for both sides to get the dragon soul. However, ES has a big disadvantage at present, so they must first regain their disadvantage before plotting the dragon and the dragon soul."
Doll appreciated the way ES released this little dragon, which gave ES another five minutes to develop. For the disadvantaged team, every minute of development is very critical.
"But it is very difficult for ES to make a comeback. They don’t have many turnaround points. At present, ES Road is particularly disadvantaged."
"Jess and policewoman are far behind Yasuo and Euripides in counterpoint development. If the ES team wants to win the battle, they can’t fight unless the left-handed Zoe team sleeps in one before the war and then lets the IG team reduce its staff during the war."
"That is to say, IG must give it a chance. If IG doesn’t make mistakes, ES has no turning point."
Miller is not very optimistic that ES can complete the comeback. It is not difficult to see from the players’ actions that ES has been scared by IG. This time, it is a performance to choose to let Xiaolong go.
ES is not confident to win the team battle with IG, so it is forced to give up the second little dragon. However, if there is one, there will be two. The more you dare not fight ES, the greater the disadvantage will be.
After all, ES is not a team that is good at the steady development of the operation team, and it is not their tactical style to end the game after a wave of team battles.
ES is also a pre-fight team, but when it comes to suppressing IG in the early stage IG, ES finds that its three axes are ineffective.
The talent gap between the inferior players of the three lines makes ES people feel that IG is like their nemesis, and he will be suppressed by IG no matter how he plays.
This feeling is very uncomfortable, especially after being killed by 369 in succession, he lost his confidence in the line with heshy, and the ES road defense tower was declared lost shortly after being killed by the tower.
The long-handed Jess was pushed off a blood tower by Yasuo in melee. Even if he could pull this situation again, he could not argue.
Fourteen minutes later, while Tapi disappeared, Casa and his left hand discussed a plan to forcibly catch a wave of water to ease an embarrassing situation.
In this case, they can come out. This wave of Gank left his hand to give up a large wave of soldiers in the middle of the road and returned to the city, and then directly followed Casa to the road.
Gank, who put all his eggs in one basket in ES Nakano, successfully fooled Rkie and Ashui, so Rkie didn’t report to iss because he saw Zoita return to the city with his own eyes.
It was too late to wake up Ah Shui when the Rkie line found out that it was wrong. The blind monk and Zoe had already finished double-teaming Ah Shui.
The position of Ephesus is very high, and it has been pressed to the front of the second tower of ES. This position is easily Gank, but it is very unscrupulous to get the advantage.
At this time, there are no resources on the map, and it gives Ah Shui a false sense of security.
He won’t catch the game of ES. After all, the rhythm of the policewoman pushing the tower has collapsed. When the ES is over, there is no need for road waves. Anyway, the policewoman on the second tower can develop as well.
However, Ah Shui underestimated ES’s obsession with him. The left hand and Casa are very determined. The water faction does not target Ah Shui, and they feel uncomfortable all over.
Just after the wave of soldiers cleared by Ephelius was ready to fuck the tower policewoman, a hypnotic bubble suddenly flew out of the partition wall and hit Ephelius accurately.
Ah Shui frowned slightly and felt that something was wrong. Sapphire was quickly given the magic shield, but there was no way to avoid the control of hypnotic bubbles and resist the coming harm. Euripides was still fainted.
Well, Morgana’s shield is thicker, which absorbs a lot of damage. Ashui Ephelius ate a long-distance flying star and still kept most of his blood.
However, the situation was not optimistic at all. When the hypnotic bubble was controlled, both the blind monk and the policewoman had followed and were ready to output at any time.
At this time, the weapons of Ephesus are Tongbi and Folding Mirror, and Tongbi is also 77. After releasing a skill, it will soon switch to the red knife to break the spirit.
Ah Shui knew that he still had a chance to fuck, so he decisively released a big move, Qing Hui Ye Ning hit the preparation to support the policewoman and Karma.
Then, when the blind monk was preparing for the roundhouse kick, Ah Shui handed over the flash first, which changed the direction of the blind monk’s big move. Instead of kicking back Ephelius, Ah Shui was given a ride.
Casa can’t choose the second Q to follow him well. He is very proficient in blind monks, and there is no fatal mistake in RQQ kicking.
But before the blind monk, there were three people left in ES who couldn’t follow him, which gave Ah Shui a chance to fuck.
First, the white knife even points the policewoman and Karma to stack the folding mirror flywheel, and then decisively switch the red knife to break the spirit and release the Q skill to quickly attack the blind monks around them.
There are more and more flywheels around Ephelius, which corresponds to the rapid drop in the blood volume of blind monks, which makes the dolls on the commentary platform startled.
"wow! Ah Shui hurt Gao Erfei Ryukyu and directly maimed the blind monk. This hero is simply outrageous. "
It will be unbelievable when a commentator sees with his own eyes that the blind monk will be maimed by the Q skill of the red and white knife near the residual blood of Ephelius, and his blood volume will continue to rise.
"There is no problem with the classic red and white knife water exercise. The blind monk is a little overwhelmed. Ephelius has hurt him, but he has no exercise."
"Beautiful water successfully completed the kill! Kasa’s blind monk actually took the lead in killing Ashui. "
Miller’s eyes flashed with excitement when he saw that Ah Shui had successfully killed Casa. He really didn’t expect that Ah Shui could take the lead in completing the killing in the situation of two strikes and four strikes.
"Damn it, it can be killed by the water brother."
"Pizza is for the blind monk. It kicks like shit."
"That’s it, Brother Shui. Kill it."
"Kill kill! Then please witness JakeyLve’s killing moment again. "
"Ah Shui is either filling a cup or filling a cup."
The live audience was also very excited because of Ah Shui’s just exercise. When they saw that ES Nakano finished the double-teaming, Ah Shui, Euripides, was doomed. I didn’t expect Ah Shui to show up.
However, Ah Shui was not happy for a long time. As soon as Ephesus sucked the blood, he was beaten by the policewoman’s big move, and Ephesus became half-blood again.
However, the water crisis has temporarily relieved the ES damage ability, and the attack has been completed, and it is at a standstill. Then it is the turn of water to fight back.
After eating Zoe and the blind monk’s skills, the blood volume of Ephelius is still healthy, and the red and white knife bloodsucking and the Morgana magic shield can help Ah Shui get back a life.
After losing these injuries, ES became very powerful. It became very difficult for them to kill Ephesus, just like a turn-based game. After they finished their move, they didn’t kill Ah Shui, so it was Ah Shui’s turn to move.
When Ah Shui was beaten, Baolan Morgana helped Ah Shui clear the gap successfully. Q skill hit the policewoman. Baolan didn’t have the courage to control the policewoman before.
If it’s Rkie Morgana Q, the policewoman will definitely choose to release a big move before hitting all the injury departments, even if it will put herself in danger.
But in this way, teammates can also create the same output, and the same heroes will make different choices because of different players’ personalities.
Morgana missed the key opportunity to fight back, but it didn’t stop Ah Shui from fighting back at all. After the blind monk was killed, the remaining three people in ES all seemed hesitant and didn’t know whether to pursue it.
But how dare you be so arrogant when you see water rushing back and forth with one and a half blood? You know, they are three people, and there are two people on IG Road.
Yes, it’s tolerable. Ah Shui successfully aroused the anger in the hearts of ES three people and planned to retreat. ES three people Karma RE accelerated and went straight for half-blood.
O water, of course, is not afraid of success. After the physical group, O water commands Baolan to rush to sell and enjoy the output.
Ephelius first released his feet for a month to attract an opponent’s attention, and then looked for opportunities to close the distance with the policewoman.
The range of Ophiuchus is still a little different from that of the policewoman. Even if the weapon is Tongbi Ophiuchus, there is no way to match the range of the policewoman.
If you want to export policewoman A Shui, you must seek wealth and risk, but whether it is the moon in the spirit or has already rushed into the crowd, Morgana has not been able to attract the attention of ES three people, and they still choose fire, Ephesus.
At this time, Aphrodite Q was still cooling, and the blood volume of Ashui dropped very quickly, even after Ashui handed over the treatment, it didn’t relieve the pressure at all.
Although the policewoman and Zoe are not well developed, there is still no problem in hurting a brittle Euripides, who soon became a remnant of blood.
Ah Shui has no choice but to gamble on his life. He switches his weapon to a red knife, hoping that the broken Q skill will improve. Maybe Ah Shui is the destiny.
When he made the final pull, Q was actually cooled down, leaving less than one hundred blood. Ephesus raised his cold face and his eyes gave off red light.

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