Its four arms are two thick, two thin, two long and two short muscles, and there are strip crystals with dark green lines connecting them. These lines are gorgeous and mysterious all over the body.

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The giant’s body is covered with thick scales. Only the belly is covered with scales, but there is a big mouth. From time to time, a thick and wide tongue spits out, and the tongue is full of barbs, and the eyes are very scary.
After the four-armed scale giant, a figure came out of the fog. When the fog still lingered around it, it was a woman.
After all, whether it’s the pretty peak or the slender waist or the two slender jade legs, it doesn’t show the feminine characteristics.
Plus, the feminine rhythm when walking makes people dream more.
But when it broke through the fog, people found that the so-called’ female’ had an eagle-like head, claws on both hands and feet, white feathers on her body and a pair of plump wings behind her.
What’s more, it has a thick tail with a thin front and a thick back. The tail end is bright red like a flame.
Following the appearance of this eagle girl, there is a third shadow coming out of the fog. At first glance, it is the fisherman who met before, but if you look closely, you will find that there are still many differences between this and the fisherman who met before.
Although the head is still like a crucian carp, it has an exposed bone and a crown-like shape. Behind the crown, there is a tuft of blue whiskers flying as if it were the fish man’s hair.
The fishman’s skin is indigo and his body has golden lines. His figure is slender and his chest bulges with a deep blue spar body, and those golden lines are radiated by this spar.
It’s wearing a robe, but it’s not practical clothing, but it’s made of streamer condensation. The fisherman is still carrying a walking stick in his hand, which seems to be made of coral. At the top of the walking stick, those corals are wrapped around a fist-sized pearl, which emits misty white light and makes the water around the fisherman rich.
The last figure is also a humanoid life, which is very similar to those of the sphinx. It is a humanoid body and a lion’s head. Its facial features are more majestic. Its mane is actually built by the condensation of flames. Its body is also equipped with dark red armor. Its arms and legs are covered with big sparks from time to time, which makes every step leave a black footprint of rising smoke.
Tianyang slightly squinted and woke up. "All the people brought by Yi Huan are high-class black people and should be elite at that level."
The aura of these four high-ranking black people is stronger and more imposing than the last time he dealt with the lizard man, especially the fishman with strong moisture and the lion man with this last appearance. Just by looking at the appearance, you can know that they are extraordinary.
When there are still hundreds of meters away from the bronze carving, the appearance is delicate like a small white flower, and the four high-class black people behind them stop gently raising their hands.
Yi Huan looked at the eagle girl with a female face, and the eagle girl covered with white feathers came out, moving with great charm and stretching out an eagle claw for Yi Huan to catch gently.
Yi Huan seemed to be led by her mother, and the girl stopped 50 meters ahead.
First, she looked at Tianyang and scanned others, and then she said, "Who do you represent?"
Liang Sen smiled in the first two steps and tried his best to reach the friendly message "Huan Xiao … Miss"
He wanted to be called "little sister", but on second thought, she was young in appearance and her real age, but maybe she was changed to "miss" by her great-great-great-great-grandmother.
Yi Huan shook his head. "Just call me by name."
Liang Sen gently headed the sidewalk. "My name is Liang Sen and I’m their captain. Our commander entrusted me to represent you. If you have any conditions, just let me know."
Yi Huan gently’ hmm’ the sidewalk from his nose. "Tianyang has told me that you want to explore the city without disturbing my mother and me."
Liang Sen nodded vigorously. "Yes, although we had a conflict before, both sides lost some people, but we don’t want to explore the city by force if possible."
Yi Huan gently nodded his head and said, "I hope so, too. Then I can promise you that I can lift the fog in the city and lift the constraint of the random delivery mechanism, so that our people can explore the city freely."
"But I have conditions."
"First, you must not destroy the city. Before that, I allow you to take away some things you are interested in."
"Second, you must not take the initiative to hurt our people, catch them for no reason, or hurt them in any way. In contrast, I will restrain them from doing the same thing to you."
"Third, you can explore this city for ten days. When the sun rises, you must leave when the tenth morning comes."
Liang Sen was quite surprised and delighted that the conditions were not harsh at all, but rather relaxed. He nodded, "There is no question whether the third condition can be relaxed a little more and how to give us five days in return. We can give you some living things here."
I can assure you that those things are very convenient and can improve your living environment.
Yi Huan shook his head and said, "I’m not interested in your things for twelve days. This is my bottom line."
Twelve days? Ok, one more day is one more day, and the situation is two more days.
Liang Sen’s dry cough is about to be promised. Suddenly, there is no trace of aura, and dark light and shadow are blocked from the sky, and Yi Huan and Eagle Girl are surrounded.
The eagle girl immediately let out a clear breath and spread her wings behind her, and flew to get out of the blockade, but then the gap on the top of her head suddenly became dark and the blockade was completed.
This sudden change made the three high-class black people behind Liang Sen several people have no reaction at the moment, but Huan and Yingnv have been trapped in the dark cuboid falling from the sky.
Like a long cabinet, the surface of a black cuboid emerges with blue lines like board lines. When they rise, this thing immediately has a sealed and stable taste.
So from the inside, there was a constant rumbling and impact, but this black cuboid was not shaken at all.
At this time, the three high-order black people finally reacted.
The four-armed giant roared, and when one or two thick long arms were caught on the ground, he dug up a huge stone and slammed it at Chaoyang and others.
But at this moment, a silver light broke and hit the boulder. The stone with a width of tens of meters seemed to be hit by a shell and crashed into tens of thousands of pieces. It crashed like a rainstorm.

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