Hanging from the top of my head, the lotus-born tactic, Luo Changfeng, sighed at the bottom of my heart, and suddenly retired and rested with one hand. I saw a lotus flower with the word Buddha, like a bead curtain, blocking the front.

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The female blade of Yin and Yang intertwined with each other with a long light tail.
The blade of the sword touches the lotus curtain as thin as cicada’s wings.
In an instant, the petals of the Buddha’s word collapse, and countless purple cracks appear. Those cracks are shocking, and the power of Lagerstroemia indica is like thunder and lightning.
Luo Changfeng was horrified.
However, in front of the instant, the petals of the curtain with purple stripes and mottled Buddha characters will burn quietly, and the purple fireworks will fly away in an instant.
So the female blade of Yin and Yang deceives the body again.
Close call broke away from the talons, Chongyang rose to the sky, and tore off the black robe behind him, throwing it and falling. The black robe soared rapidly, and the lotus dust flew away in a flash, and then it was long after the wind and shelter.
Not surprisingly, the black robe was first covered with purple cracks, and then a strange purple fire burned from the cracks and turned into flying dust.
There are two silver lights in the flying dust, and the pupil is enlarged.
Yuan Tiangang saw that the blade of Yin and Yang was unstoppable and threw a warning bell from the sky to cover Luo Changfeng.
The dreary bells in the wilderness echoed, and the 94th Jingshizhong ranked in the list of magic soldiers was fragmented.
It’s a pity that I can’t feel it at all
On the flying ash Buddha lotus or Chongyang’s black robe, or the disparity between the enemy and the enemy of the magic weapon Jing Shizhong, the three men of Luo Changfeng can make up for the speed gap in this way.
Just saving Chongyang is exactly the case.
Stop Luo Changfeng one after another and finally get a good opportunity.
So Jing Shizhong broke the butcher knife and cut it out.
Chapter 20 Wan Li sent a sword to Xue Ji to punish Sha Weng.
A gust of wind swept through the street and lifted the yellow sand like fog.
This is Longmen Town in Tianxi.
The girl in purple dress rashly broke into the inn and bumped into the arms of a bruiser. The girl rubbed her head in pain and stole the other person’s purse and ran into the backyard before the bruiser got angry.
I didn’t notice that the scattered wealth bruiser was clamoring for no matter whose children were.
Inn Xiaoer saw a skilful hand carrying a pot of wine and smiling, saying that it was the shopkeeper’s only daughter who was naughty and coaxed at an early age, and then sent the good wine as an apology. That big fellow was only able to leave.
A young girl is naturally Ye Ziyi.
After the waist door of the purse, I carefully arranged the dress, and the hair corners converged. On weekdays, I hung my little face and smiled and changed my appearance. Ye Ziyi respectfully walked behind the white-haired bamboo chair and looked up to heaven like a good family.
Bai Zhiqiu said, "Stop it and wash the tablet."
Ye Ziyi, a thug who was not punished for being late, narrowly escaped and cleverly replied and turned and walked towards the house.
A moment later, there was a basin of clean water with a clean towel in it.
For her, it is as simple as eating and drinking water to wash the tablet every day for ten years, even though the Longmen town has been windy and dusty for years.
Roll up your sleeves and wring the towel handkerchief dry. Ye Ziyi is busy.

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