Moreover, the momentum of the three human warrior is getting bigger and bigger, and the artistic conception is getting bigger and bigger.

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Then maybe they will die if they don’t even have a chance to struggle.
"Duke Duo has a great pressure on our strength here. We have to leave here or we will all die." The two blood-clan middle-class dukes communicated quickly.
Because they should think of a way to break this law as soon as possible.
But do they have this ability?
Naturally, there is no
Chapter seven hundred and forty-one Erase was
Heaven, earth, man and three talents array comes from the ancient array of China, but it’s not enough for them to be able to understand and understand that this array is powerful.
In addition, strength is all about strength, so the so-called array method is not a problem
Can be broken by force.
Duke Keduo, they are at the same level as blade master, the knife god, and they don’t know the so-called array. It is normal to be trapped like that.
At this time, the famous werewolf duke was also a little panicked.
He knew that the thing that besieged them threatened them even more, and he even noticed that death was ready to seduce them.
So he was able to cooperate with the duke of his blood clan and shouted, "His duke please come and help us out as soon as possible or we will all die."
But his idea is good, but his duke is not stupid.
Duke Duo tried to save them when they were trapped, but where is such a good thing? Their martial arts opponents stopped them and two blood wolves died before.
Let their combat effectiveness be greatly reduced
Not only that, Mo Tianqi, they also let his warrior attack his duke quickly. Just keep it in check. If we have to get rid of these two middle-class dukes, then this battle is half the battle.
Because this array has the ability to kill the same level of combat effectiveness, then the duke of his blood clan is not afraid
Can be said to be half the battle?
That’s because Yang Guang has a more powerful threat over there. Three blood clans and other dukes have to deploy one, so they can be seriously injured and this so-called fighting circle will collapse.
In addition, it is worth noting that the combat effectiveness gap between senior and intermediate Wushu saints is quite obvious.
Otherwise, when those two blazing angels rose to the same level because of their faith, they would not have nearly killed two intermediate guanyu.
The situation is similar today.
There is no chance to give the two middle dukes a reaction. The three middle-level Wushengli Sancai array directly reached the senior Wusheng combat effectiveness and issued a fatal attack.
This three-talent array of heaven, earth and man formed a corner, which made the fighting capacity limit and then formed a millstone of heaven, earth and man, which directly attacked two middle-class blood dukes.
This magnificent Tianwei general offensive was limited by its own strength. The Duke of Werewolf, another medium-sized duke, could not resist the first round of offensive at all.
Not only for their great energy, but also for their ecstasy.
There was a big problem in the first place.
Then the spirit was damaged and the external body energy was limited. Naturally, their defense also fell below a big level. At this moment, the defense of the two blood clan middle dukes did not even reach the earl level defense.
What can this take to resist the attack of the three talents?
At the first time, the two dukes were stronger than the average blood clan.
They were directly wiped out by the law grinding disc, and their bodies were fascinated.
Duke Duo!
Jump on the street!
Another duke threw himself into the street!
And the death of the two middle-class dukes proved the powerful lethality of Sancai array.
At the same time, it is also a powerful blow to the arrogance of the blood clan, and more importantly, it is also true for their combat effectiveness.
"Give us an arm!" Easy to get two intermediate duke three intermediate guanyu hurriedly said to him to contain the duke human guanyu
Of course, it’s easy and superficial. After all, it’s not hurt.
But in fact, the consumption of these three talent arrays is very large. Fortunately, it is an intermediate warrior
But also Mo Tianqi to preside over the law.
But these consumptions are worth killing two middle-ranking dukes!
"No, that’s a big problem."
The other side
These three dukes of blood clan noticed the death of their companions at the first moment, and before the great crisis, they also noticed that it was equivalent to waiting for the death of their companions, but it was two so-called dukes of blood wolves who didn’t care too much.
After all, they are the Duke of Werewolf and the Duke of Vampire.
The blood wolf clan still has no good treatment in their eyes.
But now?
The two middle-class dukes who died were all werewolves and vampires, and even they knew that their companions were asking for help. So far, they have been defeated like a mountain.
If we can’t help him, his blood clan duke will face disaster.

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