Looking at Qin Gang, I just looked at myself like frost and the corners of my mouth were slightly raised, and then my hand gently touched the teapot full of tea and said softly.

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"No, this tea is the best tea that Qin can drink since his birthday."
Such as frost ask is interrupted Qin Gang thinking simply he will follow each other’s words slow response.
"Ha ha, that’s good. I don’t think the duke has been worried about whether the duke doesn’t like my tea for a long time. The duke, your cup is cold. I’ll pour you another warm one."
Before Qin Gang stepped in to stop it from flashing like frost, he poured the cup of warm tea in front of him into the sea of tea, and then the flowing water generally filled the teacup with new tea for him.
"Just now, Li’s adult told Nu Jia that this time he would head twenty thousand Jinzhou navy divisions around Yanhu. When the duke is stationed, you need to pay more attention."
As frost said, she took out a silk from her arms and presented her seemingly gentle hands to Qin Gang.
"This is a gift from my family to the duke. I hope the duke will not refuse."
If Frost finished, she waited for Qin Gang to take away what was in her hand.
"This is?"
Qin Gang’s heart is very confused at this time. He is not white, and his eyes are frosty. Is it true that the two of them will give themselves gifts after meeting for the first time? At the very least, he doesn’t believe it himself. He doesn’t believe it. Just by his own doggerel just now, he can make Rushuang’s attitude towards himself. Since she is not attracted by her own literary talent, there is a possibility that this seemingly weak woman in front of her has long known that she will come to this fragrant building with Li Quanwen. Just wait for herself, but then again, he asks himself, I have never seen such a frosty side before, so will it wait for me? If Frost and Li Quanwen know each other, how can they call each other by their first names if they don’t know each other? He is quite sure that Li Quanwen knows the true identity of Frost, and only in this way can he explain that it is common for Frost to invite two people to be guests in the curtain, but he wants to entertain himself with Li Quanwen. Is this Li Quanwen’s meaning or is this an independent piece of frost? Did Li Quan smell it for herself? After all, Li Quan smelled it, but it killed Brother Rong, even if it was an imperial life, but …
Qin Gang reasoned for a long time before wondering and staring at the silk in the hand like frost.
"Thank you …"
Qin Gang was deeply shocked by this silk before his voice fell.
Silk and silks are densely recorded with different names. When you look at the past, there are more than 30 or 40 people, and among them, there are people with extraordinary power like yourself, such as frost. This gift makes Qin Gang’s heart suddenly feel pressured.
"This is …"
Qin Gang was so surprised that she stared at her eyes. The beauty was too slow to speak.
"This is the list of people who came to the island to attend the meeting in the past few days. I thought maybe I would give it to the duke conveniently."
If the frost looks at Qin Gang’s appearance at this moment, it doesn’t show too much emotion, as if Qin Gang’s appearance will naturally appear at this moment, while she gently picks up the tea lamp in front of her and blows it slightly near her mouth, then takes a sip and explains it lightly.
Jack nife sent a demon knife to cross Wu, Tianlong Pavilion Wu Qu Gu Ji and seven kills Nangong fir, Penglai Pavilion net bottle female Xin Ai, ethereal Xiaoyao San Wei Xun, Zhen Soul Zong Jueqing Jian Ning Xiucai, Hehua Painting Ghost Shan Danqing, Ji Xian Guan Qing Taoist Ping Gu, Da Yin Temple Musashi Hospital abbot Hui, Yi Jian Tang Cun Shan Shen Meng Pojun, Di Yan Zong Zi Shirt Dragon Ambassador Lan Jian and Yu Soul Ambassador Zou Liang, and even Ling Jian Zong himself.
"Qin is not white …"
Looking at such as frost at the moment so carefree Qin Gang puzzled asked.
"When you enter the world of mortals, you may as well get drunk. It’s getting late. If you don’t go back to the nu house, it’s not good for your wife to explain."
Such as frost at this time just looked up and stared at Qin Gang said
"thank you"
I don’t know if I can thank Qin Gang for his reply at this moment.
"The duke remember if you can really get what you want …"
Here, like frost, I stared at Qin Gang for a long time, then looked up and said after drinking the tea in front of me.
"I’m afraid the weather will change. It’s getting colder at night and the road is slippery. Go home early after this cup of tea."
Say such as frost got up and hit the door, and then stood beside watching Qin Gang no longer speak.
Qin Gang paused for a moment and then laughed and got up and walked outside the wing. When Qin Gang passed through the frost, he stopped, looked up at the stars and said
"This day may have changed."
Say goodbye.
But when I took a few steps, I saw Ruxian pouting and staring at myself. Qin Gang smiled inwardly and sighed that the little girl was so cute that she went over to Ruxian.
"Big black what do you want to do? Stay away from me. I’m upset to see you. "
Such as fairy see Qin Gang soon walked up to his eyes and said to Qin Gang.
"Haha, it’s also true that I think you are so cute, but I always feel that you lack a little charm."
Say from the pocket a piece of small and exquisite but very beautiful little Yu Pei that is a non-circular Yu Pei Yu Pei carved with a flying bird and the back of the bird depicts a "Qin" Qin Gang handed Yu Pei to Ruxian and then said.
"Do you like it?"
Qin Gang smiled and looked at this time like a fairy and was very distressed.
Seeing as a fairy saw Yu Pei, her eyes were shining but she was too late. The little girl saw the meeting and Yu Pei missed Qin Gang. She looked at the door of the wing and looked here like frost. Her eyes were red casually and she felt extremely wronged.
Qin Gang will look like a fairy meat doodle and put Yu Pei like a fairy hand and laugh away.
Seeing Qin Gang disappear, the corner is like frost, and I look up at the sky. There are no dark clouds, no breeze, limited stars and bright moons, but like frost, my eyes are full of vicious expression and I mutter to myself.
"Town west Hou Fu …"
But she whispers. Maybe she can hear her.
Such as fairy holding Yu Pei bouncing ran to the front of such as frost heart with a smile.
"You can keep that piece of Yu Pei. After all, the duke gave it to you."
As frost also don’t see as fairy still looking at the vast expanse of stars said softly.
"Thank you, sister. It’s so nice."
Say that finish such as fairy skipping ran to the other side of the wing.
Such as frost at this time looking at such as fairy figure can not help but shed a line of clear tears.
"My Lord"
See behind such as frost, a mysterious man dressed in armor and unable to see clearly appeared. The man knelt on one knee and bowed his head to such as frost with his hands and fuels.
"You have to leave."
Such as frost quickly wiped away the tears on his cheeks and then waved and said bluntly
Then the man behind him quickly walked to the wing and soon disappeared.
Chapter 19 reinforcements
The next day, Yan Hu Dao Ling Jian Zong Yi Shi Tang
"Are you sure about Wei Chi’s mistake?"
A very burly Chinese man in a rather solemn chamber asked Wei Chi in vain, but he was not ordinary people. His maverick bald head and half-tattooed back made people very scared just by looking at his appearance.
"Hui, at the beginning, our two families talked about how you had to change your mind temporarily?"
Wei Chi stared at the monk named Hui, saying bluntly, but at the moment, his face is extremely ugly, and the negotiation with Hui must not be very smooth.

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