But after this, the parliament is still staring at this matter. He can’t disobey orders, can he?

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"Make an attack immediately after ten minutes!" Gustav grind way
Ten minutes later, the solar wormhole defense line
"The wormhole radiation index fluctuates and the enemy is coming!" As soon as the monitoring personnel warned that the wormhole vortex appeared, a round aircraft emerged.
I haven’t seen the appearance of the aircraft. It’s already in a state of war. Nearly one-third of the two "sea warships" defensive fortresses immediately volley their weapons.
This is a three-stage shooting to ensure the fire density and continuity.
Dozens of lasers with different strengths hit the spherical aircraft with no shield after about 5 seconds.
Or ….. The other root is not going to a shield!
However, in this short 5s, this spherical aircraft did not take up a lot of energy circuits to immediately open the shield, but did three things quickly to benefit from this precious 5 s.
The first piece of power starts all kinds of detection equipment to scan all the information in the nearby star domain!
The second thing is to return all the information in real time!
The third thing is that several tiny lasers burst out in the shooting holes all over the body, dense as a glowing hedgehog, which consumed almost all its energy at one time and almost swept away the nearby 100 thousand kilometers of dark mines!
"Boom!" A sudden explosion of fire filled everyone’s sight!
After completing these three pieces, this spherical aircraft was directly destroyed by the oncoming massive attack, which directly destroyed one of the many explosion flames!
"What’s that? !”
After the explosion flame subsided slightly, someone saw a cable connecting the wormhole and the spherical aircraft wreckage from the enlarged monitoring screen …
And they don’t know that this cable is connected to a warship in proxima centauri at the moment!
Double star actually solved the communication problem of wormhole method by this wired communication method and sent the solar defense information back to proxima centauri in real time!
Chapter three hundred and forty-one The eagle catches the chicken
"Report’ first’ has been destroyed wormhole export minefield cleaning finished! The number of enemy attack sources detected is 3, the attack energy density is 34, and the defense distance is 150,000 kilometers! "
The adjutant quickly reported the results of obtaining information.
Because of the disturbance of the force field in the process of wormhole crossing, crossing the wormhole with the force field shield is equivalent to "seeking self-explosion", so all spacecraft need to close the force field shield before crossing the wormhole.
However, at present, the shield technology of double stars usually takes about 5s to restart the force field shield, which means that the 5s double star warship will be in a "bare metal" protection state after crossing the wormhole.
In order to seize this weakness and ensure the attack hit rate and lethality, the defense line on the earth side is about 150 thousand kilometers away from the wormhole, and the speed of light attack just gets stuck at the level of 5s from launch to hit.
"Number of attack sources 3? What’s the matter? " Gustav leng one.
Not to say that there are two sea warships opposite? And the attack energy density seems to be higher than he expected.
"Two of them have completed the identification of the model of our frigate, but the third source of attack … I’m sorry that the commander cabinet opened the optical stealth method to detect the specific image data of the other party.
But according to the target gravity data, it should be an asteroid with a diameter of about 5~15 kilometers! It is speculated that the other side should set it as a fire point during this period, but it is impossible to determine the number of surface weapons and the level of defense!
In addition, our radar also observed that there are about three large asteroids with a diameter of one kilometer near the battlefield, which should be deliberately towed by the other side to the bunker, and the possibility of ambush cannot be ruled out! "
"hmm? New fire point? Where did the other party get so many construction materials and weapons? " Gustav frowned.

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