The cloud over Montessori’s head completely vanished. Here, Montessori cleaned the battlefield and treated the wounded, while Chu Yi and others had been greeted by Meng Tianzun in the large manor of Montessori’s ancestors.

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Although the first world war was extremely tragic, when Chu Yi and others appeared, Montessori was miserable, but his ancestral land was not too big. Looking at the manor full of years, we can see that Montessori has a long history.
In the large living room, Meng Tianzun’s first dozen Meng clans have a solemn face, while Zhu Houzong’s first Yue Fei assisted everyone.
Chu Yi didn’t have a field, but Meng Tianzun and others didn’t mind at all, but took it for granted.
At the moment, Zhu Houzong solemnly gave a wedding service that had already been prepared.
And Meng Tianzun also got up in person than solemnly took that marriage, which was completely settled by Zhu Ji Meng Re’s precious marriage.
On whether Zhu Houzong or Meng Tianzun exchanged views after marriage, they all secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Zhu Houzong relaxed because he had finished himself, while Meng Tianzun breathed a sigh of relief, but it was mixed with many emotions.
One is glad that my daughter has a home, and the other is that Meng Tianzun himself is a little embarrassed, that is, he is completely at ease to have such a strong in-laws. Are they worried about running away and being ten thousand Buddha and ten thousand Buddha?
Don’t look at Wanhua Buddha and Wanhe Buddha running away, but no matter what, it’s also two Buddha strong people. If there is no big support, Wanhe Buddha and they will come to Montessori to find trouble.
Now that the two sides are in-laws, Montessori is truly emboldened to rely on.
In the room, Chu Yi is looking through the classics collected by the Montessori family for so many years, most of which are based on some local conditions and customs in this world.
Although it is said that the Great God Dynasty is strong, it is based on a short time after all, unlike Montessori and Tianya Zong, which have been based on this side of the world for hundreds of millions of years, many secrets have been said that nature has not received.
A burst of footsteps came. Chu Yi looked up and looked at the door with a smile on his mouth. "Taoist friends don’t come in since I’m here."
The newcomer was none other than Meng Tianzun, the Lord of Montessori.
Entering the room, Meng Tianzun’s eyes swept through the classics in Chu Yi’s hands and smiled slightly. "Meng Mou took the liberty to disturb the friends’ spirits."
Chu Yi smiled and put a look at the classics in his hand. "Taoist friends must have something to do."
Meng Tianzun took a deep breath and his face was somewhat sighed. He looked at Chu Yi and said slowly, "I don’t know what my friends think of me?"
Chu Yi’s eyebrows pick a way: "Montessori has a long history of pure family style, and the younger generation will be more and more prosperous in the future."
Meng Tianzun shook his head slightly with a wry smile and suddenly looked at Chu Yikou and said, "If I am a friend of Meng’s to the minister?"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-one I’m afraid!
To tell the truth, Chu Yi was really stunned by Meng Tianzun’s words. Obviously, he didn’t expect Meng Tianzun to say such a thing.
To know Meng Tianzun’s identity, since he has spoken, he is not joking, that is to say, Montessori really has a big idea of attachment
Although it is powerful, it has not reached the point of being able to regard a statue of Buddha as a strong man. It is absolutely deceptive to say that Chu Yi is not tempted to face a statue of Buddha.
It’s Chu Yi, who is not sure about Bai Meng Tianzun. What the hell is this? Why do you want to be a minister if you don’t do it well?
After all, once Montessori joins the big talk, it means that Montessori’s head will have one more constraint, that is, Meng Tianzun, such a strong man, will give great freedom, but whether in name or in other ways, Meng Tianzun will not be able to keep his word like Montessori, and more or less he will be bound by big rules.
This is what Chu Yi can’t understand. After all, few strong people will find a spell for their heads.
Chu Yi doesn’t know that Meng Tianzun will give birth to such an idea, which is very great with Meng Re’s pity.
When the Montessori family passed the doom, it was very likely that the farewell was farewell. After Meng Tianzun and Meng Rexi spent the doom, they naturally had a lot to say.
Meng Tianzun and Meng Rexi in the ancestral temple of Meng asked about her experience in this period of time.
And Meng Rexi also gave Meng Tianzun a detailed account of his experience in this period of time, especially when Chu Yi was involved. Meng Rexi was generous in praising Chu Yi.

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