Kirin said, "Is the Buddha hiding?"

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King Kong is not bad for Buddhism and Taoism. "I am King Kong. Is there a cover?" Hearing this, all the people in the Western Heaven looked at each other for fear that their companions around them would be like the indestructible Buddha, and it might not be the day when they turned into the Buddha.
Kirin said, "Since you come out, you naturally want to fight."
King Kong is not bad for Buddhism. "If I win, I will return the Buddha to you, and then I will hand over the two villains who killed the country indiscriminately."
Dapeng was annoyed and shouted, "Thieves are bald and will plant things!" He and Niu Mowang have been gambled once, and they don’t want to do it again today.
Kirin said, "How can you come and go freely if you offend me?"
"If I lose, you will deal with it!" King Kong is not bad. Buddha interrupts Kirin Road
"good!" Kirin’s fighting spirit is stronger. Pick it up immediately.
King Kong is not bad. The Buddha looked at it and said, "This place is not right."
Kirin said, "Then fight!"
It is extremely difficult to see such an opportunity when the two of them are in tandem, such as leaving the arrow and heading straight for Jiuxiaowu and Dapeng, who will miss it?
The two of them went straight until the Gangfeng was cold and the prescription was drawn, and Dapeng struggled into the Gangfeng zone, and then looked at the ability of Ajugaye and a monk in gray in Buddhism.
The third volume The road is long Chapter 336 Nature
Wu was a little surprised that Ajo Gaya had also entered the realm of mixed elements.
Seeing that Kirin is in the Gangfeng, her clothes are motionless and her hair is not floating. Zhou Zhang Xu Fiona Fang seems to have become a virtual zone. The expression of the Buddha is extremely dignified. He puts a rosary in his hand and puts a French seal on his hands to drink a "Duh!"
Buddhist handprints are unique, full of special wishes, and have incalculable magical powers. There are very few handprints in since the enlightenment. Although there are many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the door, several people can create their own handprints. Most handprints must be guided by others to avoid entering the road of stupidity.
King Kong’s Immortal Buddha can knot King Kong’s Immortal Seal his handprint, but it’s pure since the enlightenment, and there is no one else’s participation. According to the secluded cave of King Kong’s Immortal Buddha, Sophora flavescens’s Diamond Sutra has been sitting still for years, and I don’t know how many years he has been sitting until he understands the scriptures and leaves a mark on the back wall of the cave.
This handprint is realized from the Diamond Sutra, which means that all the legal meanings contained in the Diamond Sutra can be traced from this handprint. What’s more strange is that this handprint is different every time it is issued, and the handprint seems to change with it.
Seeing that the fingers of the Buddha of King Kong are twisted and formed, the fingerprints sent from France and India to Kirin retreat and roll back, and Kirin hits a punch every other time, and a purple pillar hits to meet this fingerprint.
The handprint was almost transparent, and it was naturally Kirin’s move that took the wind, but when the handprint pillar collided, I realized that the earth-shattering power did not appear, but there was no sound at all
Look at the handprint carefully, and it will be like a virtual shadow. Kirin is a little surprised to pass through this pillar of fire. When the handprint comes to the front, Kirin rushes to punch to meet the handprint, like a phantom of the opera, and disappears directly into Kirin’s body!
Kirin was shocked at first, and then he showed a painful expression behind him. His hands hung down and his eyes closed. As the old monk sat in his mouth, he said, "What is this?" Dapeng scolded, "His grandmother, how do I know that Uncle Kirin can’t lose!"
The purple pillar of inflammation is like a javelin, which goes straight to the indestructible Buddha. The immortal Buddha’s eyes are wide open, but he turns a blind eye to the pillar of inflammation and is struck by it.
At that moment, the golden light of the Buddha’s body was like a golden body. "How dare he fight hard?" Wu also thinks that King Kong is not bad, and the Buddha didn’t hide because of the big Kirin’s blow.
King Kong is not a bad Buddha, but he doesn’t know that Kirin is powerful, but his handprint is mysterious. Most of his energy is still on the command of handprint, and he wants to play with one blow and fight for both sides rather than fight with Kirin for a long time.
The pillar of inflammation hits the Buddha’s chest like fireworks. If the flowing magma touches the golden body of the Buddha, it will pour. Dapeng exclaimed, "If it is broken, he can really stop it!" Enlightenment "He was injured, too."
Seeing that the pillar of inflammation dissipated, a tiny crack appeared on the Buddha’s chest to slowly flow out the golden liquid from this crack. Dapeng laughed, "The blood of the Buddha is not red, but the blood of this monster is golden!"
The indestructible Buddha stopped this inflammatory pillar and disappeared in a flash, but a huge palm fell from the head of Kirin and the indestructible Buddha drank it!
It’s sobering to get the palm of your hand. Although the palm speed is slow, Kirin doesn’t know what’s wrong at this time, but he still closes his eyes and realizes that this palm is very powerful even though he is far away. It seems that there are Buddhist scriptures singing in his heart, and it is conceivable that Kirin is under equal pressure in the center of his huge palm.
Then when the palm is still three feet away from the top of Kirin’s head, Kirin’s eyes are wide open, and the anger is clearer than the anger. The Buddha’s palm has enveloped the surrounding hundred feet. Is it not only to hide from Kirin, but also to avoid this palm? But is it Kirin wind?
Kirin suddenly bounced out with a slight bow to meet this palm and looked at Dapeng. "You are crazy!" Dapeng is startled
Listening to the sky, the giant palm disappeared, and there was a large amount of golden blood falling from it. The Buddha was like a wounded person but didn’t see it clearly
When the unicorn settled, he realized that the unicorn head had a unicorn horn. This horn was covered with gold liquid. As expected, the palm of the Buddha was not bad. It should have been pierced by the unicorn horn. Dapeng laughed and said, "My uncle is yin enough."
Although Kirin hurt the King Kong Immortal Buddha, he was also hit on the top of his head. He rubbed his head and exhaled a bad breath. He sprayed fireworks from his nose and mouth. It’s been years since he met such a difficult opponent that he can’t even remember himself.
What is even more astounding is that King Kong is not bad for the Buddha. His "King Kong is not bad for the seal" and "his palm" are complementary to each other. In that handprint, the mind is integrated and powerful.
Kirin’s gushing inflammatory column is connected with the Buddha’s thought in the "force" in the handprint. When Kirin is absent, it prevents him from entering the Kirin body. Once the "Diamond Sutra" is read, it will be a mess in the mind of the majestic Kirin. At this time, the King Kong is not bad, and then the Buddha will hit the palm. If it hits the ancient beast Kirin, I am afraid I will change to Buddhism.
In this handprint, a "force" and a "thought" Kirin was also caught off guard, but he read the Diamond Sutra with a little luck, and Kirin had long since woken up. He knew that the immortal Buddha would have to recruit later before he pretended to lure the immortal Buddha to attack. This round of confrontation did not hurt the Buddha’s chest and palm. Obviously, Kirin took advantage.
Kirin knew that King Kong was not a bad Buddha, so he climbed up on his head and went after him. Wu and Dapeng hurried after the head, and the gangfeng became more and more fierce. After a while, they laughed bitterly and didn’t know where Kirin had gone, but it was beyond the reach of two people.
Wu heart depressed Qi Tianling is facing the war at this time, but it happened that he couldn’t help much. Although he was a mixed yuan Jin Xian, he didn’t know how far he was from mixed yuan Sheng. At this moment, Wu ear suddenly sounded the old gentleman’s voice "Wu I have nature for you"
Wu Zheng immediately rejoiced, saying that the nature of the old gentleman was unusual and incomparable, but he couldn’t leave immediately, so he told Dapeng to tell him a few words carefully before he could display his posture and travel to the palace. On the way, he suddenly felt that he was black at the moment and unconsciously entered the gourd of the old gentleman.
Wu was angry and said, "Sanqing also makes tricks bully people!"
The old gentleman laughed. "You monkey, I can give up this old face. You still blame me!"
Enlightenment "What did Laojun say?"
Seeing that the old gentleman took out a jade box from his arms, he smelled the aroma before he realized it. He knew what was in the jade box immediately after a shock.
※ ※ ※
Dapeng resigned and went back to Qitianling Western Heaven. Everyone did not know where to go. The Zhike Buddha was still tied up and ventilated. When he met Dapeng, he said, "Kirin’s predecessors may win?"
Dapeng Road "can win!"
Ventilation duct "Where did Zhuan Xu go?"
Dapeng said, "I don’t know if he told me to tell you something important."
Ventilation duct "into the hole"
When they entered the cave, Dapeng said, "Enlighten you to find liu er and tell him a word, which one is liu er? Why don’t I know it?"
Ventilation way "sooner or later, you will recognize that it’s all a family. What did Wu ask me to tell liu er?"
Dapeng called the ventilation ear and whispered, "I have to be so cautious when I have a law in my cave?"
Dapeng laughed. "Only in this way can I be reliable."

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