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Burning fireworks, the dragon sword immediately cut out Xuanyang’s understatement, as if telling Hua that all resistance was in vain.
Even if it is immortal, Xuanyang, who is not dead, will be beheaded with a sword
Then I saw that the burning flame did not burn the dead body and quickly ignited the whole body along the neck wound
Even if the head is beheaded, even if the body burns …
No, the dead body is still like a leading soldier, desperate to hit his fist at Xuanyang’s head
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Obviously, I didn’t realize that it was so difficult to spend a dead body, and the situation of being beheaded could burst into such a strong momentum.
Don’t say that there must be a part of the undead body that constitutes this statue that belongs to a hundred battles.
There are also those who have fought many battles and fought many battles, and they can still attack the enemy only when they are fatally wounded.
Good Xuanyang practice for many years is not the kind of guy who has never seen the world.
"Boy, how many bodies did you sew?"
After the initial surprise, Xuanyang made a hard impression with one hand and didn’t die, while the dragon sword with the other hand conveniently cut off the other arm.
But even if the head falls off and the arm is broken.
No, the dead body still pushes back the other side with a tomahawk chop like an innocent person.
It can be seen that the dead body is not strong if it is not restrained by itself
It’s a pity that the dead body is not ordinary in meeting its opponent this time.
Xuanyang is the younger brother of authentic Taoism, and he is also good at Daoism and exorcism besides the superb skill of dragon fencing.
"Heaven and earth are naturally polluted and scattered, and the cave is so mysterious that it shakes Lang Taiyuan."
"Fang Wei God made me sue for nine days."
"The cave in Ganluoda is too mysterious to cut off evil spirits and bind thousands of people."
"Sun Yat-sen’s mantra, Yuan Yuwen, is recited once to prolong illness."
"According to the five mountains and the sea, I know that the demon king is defending my porch."
Recite the mantra of heaven and earth, and step on the seven stars …
The sword in your hand will be pure yang, fire, heaven and earth, and the golden light will be as scary as great power.
By the time the flower realized that it was wrong and wanted to order the dead body not to retreat, Xuanyang had already stepped forward again and penetrated the other body like a streamer.
"Fierce filth dissipates! Tao Chang! "
The golden streamer flashes in an instant, and the dead body passes by in the wrong place. Xuanyang is the last to recite a spell, which is almost immortal and is directly divided into two halves from the body.
-net heaven and earth curse!
This is where a Taoist practitioner who has inherited Taoism is really tough.
In terms of performance alone, they may not be as weird as those who are eccentric and are not good at that kind of bullying.
However, Taoist practitioners have their own ways to deal with this kind of enemy and how to deal with it strangely.
Facing evil spirits, you can exorcise evil spirits, facing monsters, wielding swords, facing monsters, and descending …
Limited to being a true hexagonal warrior.
This is an almost talented Taoist practitioner in Xuanyang.
"How … maybe …"
This is not the first time for Hua to face the right path practitioner, but it is definitely the one that impressed her the most.
It never occurred to a wandering practitioner that the gap between his practitioners in the right path was so great.
I’m proud that I’m not dead. Xuanyang’s hand hasn’t passed a cliff.

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