But it’s better to have white gloves to help you cook the pot, and create opportunities for others to do it.

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Seeing this man, Liana, they didn’t even dare to turn up the volume when they got close, and he didn’t mean to force it again.
Suddenly, I have deceived the ghost Guanyin, and the golden substance around my body swept through the crowd.
Tang Chuan early alert with conjoined body and others are scattered in all directions, but the strange thing is that the continuous gold thread is like predicting the trend of all people, and most of them just intercept the scattered route.
Being a good leader, Tang Chuan spared no effort to make the United body and others change their positions and escape the gold attack
But he himself was wrapped around the steel right leg by a small ray of gold wire. Although there was no pain, his nerves remained highly connected with his right leg, and he still felt clearly.
The structure of the right leg made of steel was removed layer by layer, and the leg was quickly and thoroughly disassembled into extremely fine pieces and exploded around.
Poof ~
The illusion properties of the instantaneous color smoke of those small pieces that were blown out were scattered by Tang Chuan, and then they were immediately reorganized. The fried color smoke was quickly reassembled, and the right leg of steel was reassembled back to Tang Chuan’s right thigh like upside down.
Tang Chuan, they are still so difficult to resist, and the abandonment of Liana, who is as close as them, is even more tragic
He may have known when these golden attack methods were entangled and immediately cut off half of his body to find a way out.
You can see that the wrapped half body was invaded by gold wire in the blink of an eye, and that part of the body was dissected, and pieces of tiny minced meat were also blown out and miserable.
Liana and others have arrived at this moment. They didn’t hear what Tang Chuan and others said just now, and they didn’t know that Tang Chuan was really considering killing him here.
Everyone was extremely vigilant and surrounded the ghost Guanyin. Liana quickly said, "The entrance should have disappeared when you came in. If you want to leave here, we seem to be able to kill this monster and we can’t study how to get out."
As soon as his voice fell to the ground, the ghost Guanyin made a dense knot of limbs and sprayed all kinds of energy rays in all directions. It should be that the original owner’s attack mode of those knots attracted everyone to disperse quickly.
But these attacks, like those gold wires just now, have completely predicted which direction they are going to hide, and even the folding state has caused the movement deviation to be calculated by him strangely.
It seems that he is a fish in the water and understands that these constantly changing stacks are like luck, while everyone is a dry duck and can’t adapt to the situation here at the moment.
Fish in the water won’t harm their living environment. His attacks hit the four walls strangely and eliminated the potential energy without causing any damage to the surrounding environment.
Liana and others are already prepared, and many people have been beaten by their own non-critical hard work.
Tang Chuan came to protect the United Nations. They met these attacks hard, and a solid defensive wall formed in front of him.
Can come straight to his chest and attack, but unpredictable deviation leads to a sudden attack on his head when he is near the other door.
It happens to be a place with weak defense. After all, the ghost Guanyin is very high and has more than ten meters to attack Tang Chuan’s chest. How can it suddenly change direction?
Knock! !
Tang Chuan is abruptly ate a blow had a narrow squeak narrowly blocked the attack to protect the conjoined body and others behind him.
But he was still dizzy by this, and he also noticed the strangeness. He quickly asked the conjoined people and others to evacuate to the farthest place, and Nockton, with an eternal gun, tried to help, but he also rejected it.
Holding the eternal gun, Nokton is aggressive enough, but his strength is not enough. It is easy to be dismantled into pieces by Ghost Guanyin.
Ghost Guanyin beat others seven times behind, and the main attention was still put on Tang Chuan’s body, and the speed was still not fast, but here he was like a duck to water, and there was no retreat, so he might run and return to his front.
Liana and others also know that if we don’t solve the consequences of this guy, we can rely on it. I don’t know where to kill him, and it’s awesome enough to measure the Buddha.
Someone quickly woke up and said, "This thing can know exactly what we are going to do next. It can avoid attacks, but it can perfectly defend against our attacks. Is there any way?"
Whoa, whoa!
Tang Chuan didn’t respond immediately, but directly fought against the ghost Guanyin who deceived him.
Then his actual actions perfectly interpreted the man’s warning that this thing really knew what it was going to do next, as if most of its own attacks were completely avoided, and a few of them hit the side branches without causing any harm.
And the ghost Guanyin attack made Tang Chuan miserable. Those silk-reeling gold wires almost didn’t peel off Tang Chuan’s skin, and after several contacts with the body, it was riddled with holes.
Want to know this Tang Chuan seems to be impossible.
The reason is simple: if the ghost Guanyin can invade other people’s minds and know what they are going to do next, he still believes it, but it is impossible to let himself go.
So he can also come to the conclusion that this strange monster can not read other people’s minds and react quickly, but can predict what will happen with high probability in the coming period.
That dense gold wire and limb knot is the wrong rate to cover almost all the possibilities, which is really unavoidable.
But it doesn’t seem to be a solution.
Because Tang Chuan paid some physical injuries, his strong fighting consciousness was keen and vaguely captured the poor cover of the ghost Guanyin attack on his minimal probability moving direction.
That is to say, if there are enough possibilities in the future, this guy can no longer accurately predict himself.
Tang Chuan struggled out of the attack range of Ghost Guanyin and recovered quickly from his physical injury.
He looked at the man who woke himself up and nodded seriously. "I have a way, but I have no way. No way is my way."
Chapter 437 I’m crazy
The audience was at a loss about what it meant to measure the Buddha.
However, the ghost Guanyin has been killed again and came to Tang Chuan. This time, he did not choose confrontation, but hid far away and let Liana and others be his shield.
Predictably, people’s hearts are uneven and they are at an absolute disadvantage in strength. These people are immediately knocked down, and some people are instantly crushed by that strange gold wire skinning cramp.
They didn’t expect this to be the way to measure the Buddha, but there was really no way for them to take the fall guy and hide far away by themselves.
But it seems that it’s not over. It’s so strange to measure the Buddha’s deeds, which makes people confused.
He ran to the farthest place and bowed his head and played with the ground debris.
In the end, it seems that it has entered a certain state, and the moving trajectory has become completely unpredictable, just like a mental illness, regardless of whether it is a fight or a death, it is fun to play by yourself.
"Buddha, are you crazy? !”

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